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Back to School: 5 Tips to Help Work at Home Moms Navigate the Transition Easily

Back to School: 5 Sanity Savers for Work at Home MomsBy Holly Reisem Hanna

I can hardly believe my baby (okay, she’s 5) is starting kindergarten this year. While this is going to give me a lot more time to work and focus on my business, it also means that there are going to be some major schedule changes and adjustments that need to be made.

Earlier wake times, commutes to and from school, packing lunch, and scheduling extracurricular activities around new school hours, are just a few of the thing that we’ll be contending with.

So to ensure that we start the school year off on the right foot, I’ve been planning and organizing both my business and personal life.

Here are 5 tips to help work at home moms navigate this transition easily.

Out with the Old, In with the New:

The other day my 5 year old was complaining that her pants were too tight, and while the length seemed fine (capri length), when I looked at the tag, I was shocked to find that she was wearing pants that were a size 2T. This is when I knew it was time to go through everything: shoes, socks, panties, pants, pajamas, dresses and shirts. It took a few hours, but I was totally able to free up new closet and drawer space, making it easier to find things.

Once I finished with my daughter’s wardrobe, I decided it was time to tackle my closet too. Any item that I hadn’t worn in a year, I tried on to see if it still fit – and low and behold many items were too tight. Again I was able to clear out a good amount of space. This also gave me a chance to take a full inventory of what we had enough of and what items need to be replaced and restocked.

Need some ideas for your wardrobe? Check out these must have pieces for the work at home mom’s closet:

Morning Routine:

If your child is anything like mine, deciding what to wear can really be a challenge. So to make your morning routine less of a struggle, plan your week far in advance. Start by pre-planning outfits on Sunday evening (this means having clothes washed and ready to go by Sunday). If you’re lucky enough to have enough drawer space, you can stack outfits on top of each other with a cardboard separator between each outfit. Another great way to store your daily outfits is to purchase some of these closet dividers and have one outfit for each day of the week hanging and ready.

Now that you have what to wear out of the way – you have breakfast to contend with. My daughter is an extremely slow eater, and to allow her to sleep in as late as possible, I’m planning on making breakfast on the go. For myself, I will be programing the coffee maker the night before, so that I can wake up to freshly brewed coffee.

Here are some make ahead recipes, that are perfect for eating in the car or on the bus.

Don’t forget about lunch. I highly suggest making this the night before, so that you can just throw all of the items in their lunch box in the morning. Of course, add a new lunch box and thermos to your back to school list.

Here are some healthy and fun lunch ideas.

Integrate Your Schedule:

Whether you’re used to working around your child’s nap-time, day-care provider, or nanny, when your child starts school, you’ll have to come up with a totally new plan. Depending on your work situation, you may need to apply for after-school care or rearrange your work hours. I suggest adding all of the days that your child has off of school to your business calendar. This will allow you to plan for what days you can schedule meetings and important calls, and when you may need to take the day off. By knowing your child’s schedule in advance, it will save you the headache of rearranging your schedule at the last minute. It’s also a good time to look at alternative care options, if you know that your work schedule isn’t flexible.

Test Run:

If you’re dealing with a new kindergartner, like me, you no have no idea how the first day will play out. To be fully prepared, give yourself a couple of test run days. By doing this you’ll know exactly how long it takes you to get out of the house, how long it takes you to walk to the bus stop, or how long it takes you to drive to school. Don’t forget to do a trial run of the new night time routine too – you may be surprised at how early your child needs to go to bed, so that they are refreshed and ready to go in the early morning hours.

Reestablish Your Goals:

Fall is the perfect time to reestablish your goals, both personal and professional. Since you’ll have more hours to work and focus on your business, your past goals should be looked at and revised. It’s also a great time to further your growth and development, by attending networking events and conferences, reading a new business book or attending a master-mind group or webinar. Reestablishing your personal goals is important too – because when you feel good, you are more focused and productive in your work.

What tips do you have for making the back to school transition easy? As a work at home mom, do you find it more difficult to manage your schedule in the summer or school year?

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    YES – adding days off of school to business calendar is key!!
    I leave my clothes out at night — makes my morning easier – HA!

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