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Book Review – Nick Cernis’ the Todoodlist

By Holly Reisem Hanna

I have been trying to write this book review for days, for some reason I just haven’t been inspired. I had seen the ads for the Todoodlist all over the web, I even read a bunch of rave reviews about Nick Cernis’ Todoodlist – a simple book about falling in love with paper, simplifying your life, and following your dreams.

But for some reason every time I sat down to write my review on the book, my mind went blank. I honestly can’t say that I was blown away by the book (which I thought I would be). But at the same time there wasn’t anything wrong with the book either… so what was the problem?

After some reflection, I finally figured it out – Nick and I share the same views on simplifying your life.  The reason this book did not blow me away is because I already utilize the majority of the practices he talks about in his book. You see, I am a highly organized individual, I love planning, organizing and cleaning (crazy, but I find cleaning to be therapeutic). In fact I’m still very old school, I don’t have a smart phone and I can’t live without my daily planner, which is not online, but a traditional paper and pen planner.

Nick’s book in broken down into three simple parts, part one starts out with seven short essays on simplicity, illustrating how we complicate our lives unnecessarily.  Part two of the book offers five simple solutions; this is where the real meat of the book is. Nick has come up with five unique ways to help you simplify your life and stay on track, with the Todoodlist being big one. Part three offers steps on how to put all of this knowledge into effect.

Inspired by the likes of Timothy Ferris of the 4-Hour Work Week, Leo Babauta of Zen Habits and Seth Godin, Nick’s book offers tried and true solutions for achieving simplicity and balance in your life. So if technology is getting in the way of living or if getting organized is one of your goals for 2010, do check out Nick’s book.

To go along with Nick’s Tagbook suggestion, I would also like to recommend the momAgenda all-in-one folio – this is what I use on a daily basis to keep my life in order. It has a separate folio section that allows you to store lists, goals, important numbers, and more in clear plastic page protectors. You can use the removable tabs to customize your folio so that it works for your life.

The Work at Home Woman does not participate in paid reviews. However, Nick Cernis was kind enough to give me a free copy of the Todoodlist. I did purchase the momAgenda all-in-one folio myself.

Do you have a suggestion for a book review? Leave me a comment below and let me know what books you’re interested in – thanks!

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