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Make the Most Out of Your Business Facebook Page

By Allison Brenner

With more than 800 million users on Facebook, the site can be used for more than just finding old acquaintances from high school.  When marketing yourself, your blog, or your company, you want to connect with as many people as you can and with all of those people at your fingertips, Facebook is an ideal way to do that.  Because you have access to so many people solely using one site, it is easy for you to interact with others and to attract more followers to your site.

1) The best times to post have been proven

According to one article, weekdays from 2:00-5:00 p.m. and weekends are the times when users are most likely to respond to your posts.  Thursdays receive the highest number of posts and therefore, your site will have the most competition on that day.  To gain more interaction from your Facebook fan base, post on off peak times.

2) Posting frequency

You can post as many times a day as you want, as long as the content is relevant.  Statistics show the number of subscribers tends to drop if you post more than three times a day; however they tend to level off again as the number of posts per day get higher.

3) A picture is worth a thousand words

Positing photos is shown to illicit this highest amount of feedback from your Facebook fans.  Other forms of posting that generate attention are videos, music, links in that order.  Links are the most easily shared, but they don’t do as well at generating feedback because they are not immediate and therefore require your customer to follow through.

4) Fresh off the press

90% of all interaction happens within the first nine hours of a post being “live”.  With that in mind, half of all activity happens within the first hour of it going up.  Because of this, it is important to space your postings throughout the day as to offer your audience more time to acknowledge your previous posts.

5) Ask and you shall receive

Feel free to ask your audience to “like” or comment on your posts.  Inviting them to interact demonstrates that you value and appreciate their feedback and in turn, will make them more likely to post later on.

By putting in a little time and effort to your Facebook page, it can become a valuable asset to you, your blog, and your company.  Take advantage of having all of those people at your fingertips and being able to expose them to your blogs, business, and ideas.

Allison Brenner is a copywriter at the accredited Ashworth College.  For more tips like these as well as learning about our blogging school visit our website.

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6 Responses to “Make the Most Out of Your Business Facebook Page”

  1. 1

    Thanks for the easy checklist! I feel like I am constantly trying new things to see how to make the most of my facebook page!

    • 1.1
      Holly Hanna says:

      Hi Britt,

      I think each audience is a little different, so you need to play around and experiment with what works best for you and your fans. Thanks for stopping by =)

  2. 2

    Sometimes I feel a little overwhelmed, I must admit. I’m gonna set up a Facebook Page in about 6 months. I’m not giving up, just gotta list priorities and keep pushing! Thanks Holly, still recommending your site to people almost everyday!

    • 2.1
      Holly Hanna says:

      Hi Whitney, Thank for stopping by and your referrals, I appreciate it! I totally understand feeling overwhelmed and I know you have a lot on your plate! Let me know when you get your FB page up and I’ll join you over there.

  3. 3

    Thanks for these tips, Allison and Holly. I’m learning more and more about how to make Facebook work for me, both for my blog and my not-so-updated business page. (Eeep.)

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