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My Open Casting Call Was Exactly The Shark Tank Experience I Imagined

My Open Casting Call Was Exactly The Shark Tank Experience I ImaginedBy Jan Pinnington

The self- employed are never far from the television when the investors are swimming in the Shark Tank. It’s become an addiction for those passionate entrepreneurs looking to take their businesses to the next level with a little help from the Sharks.

I am no exception, finding myself glued to the television imagining myself in front of the shrewd investor panel tuning my ears off to the words “I’m out”. Because it’s just not possible to believe that these Sharks don’t share my passion and vision.

But why just sit around like the countless masses dreaming about my opportunity between commercials? I have decided to throw my hat in the Shark Tank ring and take a chance on becoming the NBT (Next Big Thing)!

So my husband Greg and I loaded up the truck and drove to Tennessee! Casting calls were the next day so we thought we’d swing by and familiarize ourselves with the area the day before.

We soon came upon a line of eager Shark Tank hopefuls vying to be one of the first 500 entrepreneurs guaranteed to be seen by the Shark Tank Casting team.

The entrepreneurial spirit was manifested when a young “go-getter” offered to call us when the line got to 100 people for a mere $20. My husband promptly rejected the offer with a curt “I’m Out”!  Even though this strategy may have afforded us some much-needed sleep it really didn’t matter because we didn’t sleep a wink that Thursday night. (more…)

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Etsy vs. eBay for Reselling: How to Choose

Etsy vs. eBay for Reselling How to ChooseBy Emily Belcher

One of the most common questions that people have when they are interested in selling online is where they should set up shop to sell their items. While there are several other online platforms to choose from, most people debate whether to choose Etsy or eBay for their work at home business of reselling.

eBay is very well known for the array of unique and rare to popular items for sale on their site. If someone is looking for a deal, they are most likely going to check eBay for the item in question first.

On the other side of the ring, there is another favorable haven for sellers: Etsy. Etsy isn’t just a spot for crafters to sell their handmade items. There are plenty of Etsy shops booming in the vintage or craft supplies businesses as well.

Here are 3 things to consider when choosing where to sell your items:

1. What to Sell

The first decision is what you want to sell. Most people “test the waters” with selling items that they no longer use or need from around their home. If all goes well, you’ll run out of items and need to consider what you think you could make a profit on by reselling. (more…)

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Must-Have Tips for Amazon Seller Success

Must-Have Tips for Amazon Seller SuccessBy Angie Nelson

When eBay first came on the scene, the auction site quickly became the preferred platform for selling everything from used computers and collectible comic books to antique glassware and old photograph records. But recently eBay has begun to make changes that make the site harder to use and less valuable to the casual seller and the business owner alike. That has many online business people and marketing experts looking for a new site, and many of them have landed on Amazon.

Selling via the Amazon website can be very lucrative, but it is important to do your homework before you get started. Knowing which items sell well on the site, and which do not, can help you focus your marketing efforts more effectively. And understanding the rules governing selling on the Amazon site can help you avoid the kinds of mistakes that have tripped up other sellers and business owners.

Before you can sell anything on Amazon, you must first have a seller account. If you have an Amazon account already, you can link your seller account to that, or you can set up a totally new account. Be aware that you must enter information about your bank so that your sales can be properly credited.

Once your account is set up, it is easy to list your items for sale, especially if the items are already in the vast Amazon database. For instance, selling a book on Amazon is as simple as finding the ISBN listed on the cover, typing it in and verifying the title. (more…)

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The Secret Key to Making Money for Women Entrepreneurs

The Secret Key to Making Money for Women EntrepreneursBy Kelly Robbins

Are you frustrated because you are struggling to make money and you can’t put your finger on why?

I see this a frequently with my coaching clients. Most people assume they are not doing the right types of marketing or lack technical skills when they are not making money in their business.

In fact, these are the usual culprits …

  • Struggling with sales and not knowing it.
  • Striving to have the courage to ask people for money.
  • Not even offering their services or packages to some people because they assumed they didn’t have enough.
  • Struggling with self-confidence to start even the basic processes in their marketing systems.

These folks are losing money and not sharing their unique gifts with the world because of incorrect assumptions. Do you keep working harder and trying more, but fail to make progress?

It’s a vicious cycle. (more…)

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Four Magical Secrets of Disney That Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know

Four Magical Secrets of Disney That Every Entrepreneur Needs to KnowBy Jan Pinnington

My family just returned from a week of spring break where we spent three whimsical days submerged in Disney mania and giddy at every turn.

From the moment we were greeted and welcomed at the park entrance, to the high five good-bye with our attendant’s Mickey-gloved hand, the experience was nothing short of, well, “magical”.

We’ve been to Disney before, but each time seems to be this new and surprising experience that gives me such a deeper and greater appreciation for the small stuff – the intricate details on every sign, ride, or path to the never-ending green spaces of perfectly trimmed animated hedges that can be easily missed among the explosions of color, song, and dance.

Disney World must be doing something right if more than 17 million people visit their parks every year. In fact, they open their doors on average to 46,500 people every day with an estimated 2.2 billion dollars in profit each year. Don’t miss what I just said … That’s billion with a “B” and “profit” NOT revenue. Wow! Nothing short of spectacular when you consider that just one man started this phenomenon. (more…)

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