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Lessons From Your Old Job to Help Your New Business

Lessons From Your Old Job to Help Your New BusinessBy Lorin Martinez

You’re ready to start your new business and leave your old job behind. You should be excited for this new chapter and proud of yourself for taking the next step.

What you may not realize is that everything you learned working at your corporate job can now be used to succeed in your new business. The challenges you faced don’t have to go to waste, and you can take advantage of using them for the greater good.

Take a look at the following experiences you’ve dealt with and how to apply them to your new life as an entrepreneur.

1. Stay On Schedule

There is nothing worse than worrying about running late due to traffic or getting your child ready for daycare. Working a 9-5 job with no flexibility can be frustrating as you desire to have freedom in your schedule. You have now decided that you are going to start your own business so you can have more control over your schedule.

That’s great! However, now that you’re working towards a more flexible schedule, you will still want to discipline yourself in getting into a routine that will not only benefit you but also the needs of your business. (more…)

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5 Ways to Increase Your Home Business’ Income

5 Ways to Increase Your Home Business’ IncomeBy Dawn Berryman

If you are like most home business owners, you would like to make more money. There are many expenses involved when you are self-employed. At times, it may seem as though all of your hard work isn’t worth it because at the end of the day you really aren’t making that much money. There are ways to examine your efficiency and ensure that you are making the profit that you deserve.

Below you’ll find a few ideas to consider.

Lower Your Expenses and Overhead. 

Every business has expenses. There is no way around it. But, the more you can keep them to a minimum, the more you’ll see your profit increase. I recommend taking a good, hard look at what expenses are necessary and cut the ones that aren’t. This might be easier said than done. A phone line and wifi are necessities. But, an extra phone line to use as a fax? Probably not. Office supplies and furniture should be kept to a minimum. Use comfort as a guideline. Can you get your job done comfortably without it? Then forgo the purchase.

If you stock inventory, it may be difficult to minimize your overhead. Obviously, you need to accommodate large orders when they occur. How often is that? Be sure to research trends in your business as well as planned marketing efforts to best plan what inventory you need to have on hand. (more…)

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4 Helpful Tips for Beginning Freelance Writers

4 Helpful Tips for Beginning Freelance WritersBy Angie Nelson

Freelance writing is one of the best jobs in the world if you love to write. The freedom to make your own schedule, work in the fields you love, travel to new places, meet amazing people, and truly make a difference with the written word is one of the draws of the profession. But this freedom does not come without some hard work and sacrifice – and a lot of planning. Your first six months as a freelance writer will be trying, a little scary at times, and will teach you many lessons about what works and what doesn’t.

However, these tips can help you make the most of your first six months as a freelance writer and avoid making some of the most common mistakes that new freelancers make.

Planning is Everything.

While you don’t want to get too caught up in the analysis side of things, you do want to make sure that you are making careful plans. There are many areas where planning is essential, but these are some of the best tips to follow.

  • Have a savings account that will cover at least four months of bills if at all possible.
  • Know where you’re going to prospect for work, which venues you are going to pursue, and how you’re going to track your income.
  • Organize your desk space and have a filing system, physical or digital, to help you track projects.
  • Set up a writer’s website. You can add credentials to it as you obtain them, but at least have a one-page site that acts as a digital business card.
  • Try to develop a loose idea of how you will structure your day when it comes to prospecting, working on projects, marketing, etc. While this will change from time to time, it’s more efficient to know how you intend to run your day.
  • Set up social media sites for your writing and tell everyone you know that you’re beginning your freelance writing career. Leads and clients come from the most unlikely places.


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How to Sip Your Way to Small-Business Success

How to Sip Your Way to Small-Business SuccessBy Cathi Nelson

Do you sip your coffee in the morning or gulp it down? Do you jump out of bed ready to take on the day, or are you a slow riser, needing an hour or so in your PJs before you get dressed? Do you drive like you’re in a race or take your time, enjoying the journey? Your answers to these questions are a great indicator of the type of person you are, and they can have an impact on your success as a work-at-home entrepreneur.

When you work in an office, there is a culture that exists and most of us intuitively adapt to fit in. Your day likely starts at 8 or 9am and ends around 6 or 7pm. Depending on your job description, you have clear work objectives and a rhythm to your day. Natural breaks occur when you head to the water fountain or get a cup of coffee. Then there is the lunch break whether in a break room or at your desk.

All of these day-in and day-out experiences create rhythm and routine that can contribute to your success depending on your personality. When you leave that environment to work from home, all the rules change. You get to be in charge of your time and destiny, and there are pros and cons based on your personality styles.

Something I have learned about myself over the years is that I am a risk taker and competitive. Both are great characteristics that have helped me start a business I love. Yet those same characteristics that keep me driven and focused can be detrimental in helping me maintain my business. (more…)

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Solid Advice for Buying an Established Online Business

Solid Advice for Buying an Established Online BusinessTell us a little bit about yourself and your entrepreneurial journey?

My entrepreneurial journey began the first time when I was 26 and was laid off from my job. I started a sales consulting firm and quickly fell in love with being self-employed. Back then I didn’t have the responsibilities of kids, a husband and a dog as I do now, so it was a good time to test the waters of self-employment.

I knew I’d come back to it again someday.

Fast forward almost 20 years, and I was a national sales manager in the consumer products world, doing the corporate grind. And when you have two kids under the age of 4 and you travel several times a month, it is a grind. Ever since they were born, I would look on business-for-sale websites like and for web-based companies that I could purchase that would offer me income along with a better work/life balance.

Where did you hear about Business Among Moms and its sale?

I was subscribed to several sites that listed web-based businesses for sale, and I received the profile for Business Among Moms from Quiet Light Brokerage.

How are you making the platform your own?

When I purchased the company, it was a blog that primarily offered mom-owned businesses the opportunity to advertise on our website, Facebook page, and email list. After a year, I decided to change the business model and focus more on creating in-person communities for mom entrepreneurs. We now have 20 chapters across the country that host monthly networking events and an annual conference in the Seattle, Washington area. (more…)

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