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Can You Really Make Money With Swagbucks?

Can You Really Make Money With Swagbucks?By Kimi Clark

It can be tough to weed through all the noise online to find actual sites that can help you make money. And since I’m guessing your time is valuable (am I right?), it’s our pleasure to do the research for you so you can move on to doing the tasks that will actually make you money.

Maybe you’ve heard of Swagbucks; maybe you haven’t. Either way, we’re going to answer the question: ‘Can you really make money with Swagbucks? And is it legit?’

To start off, Swagbucks is free to join, so you won’t be spending any money right out of the gate. (By the way, if a company ever asks you first to pay money before earning with them, beware! Chances are it’s a scam!)

The website is clear and straightforward. You’re shown exactly what you will earn (in Swagbucks) for each task you complete.

You might be thinking, ‘hey, I want to make money, not earn Swagbucks!’ Swagbucks can be redeemed for money (you get cash back straight to your PayPal account) but also for gift cards to use at your favorite stores (which is just like getting money!). Choose from more than 140 brands including Amazon, Target, and Walmart.

Here are five ways you can earn money with Swagbucks (SB for short): (more…)

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How to Generate Steady Income as a Freelance Writer

By Sarah LandrumHow to Generate Steady Income as a Freelance Writer

For those who love the written word, a career as a freelance writer may seem like a dream come true. Not only can you write from anywhere you can access a computer, but you also get to create content for others to read.

However, you might not know where to get started and how to earn a living. These tips should help.

How Much Do You Need?

First, you have to figure out how much you actually need to earn to make a living as a freelance writer. If you’ve been working outside the home, you’re already aware that you have some expenses you won’t have working from home. For example, you won’t need a costly separate wardrobe, you won’t be eating lunch out, and you’ll save money on childcare and transportation costs.

Once you’ve figured out how much your family needs for you to earn, add a percentage to cover taxes and figure in any costs you’ll have, running your business from home. Most experts recommend putting aside about 30 percent of what you make to cover the federal and state taxes you’ll have as a self-employed person. However, you’ll also get some tax breaks for purchases related to your writing.

Find Gigs With Recurring Revenue.

To create a steady stream of income, you’ll want to look for writing gigs that offer you the same assignments month after month. These clients will become the bread and butter of your business. (more…)

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Spring Clean Your Way into Extra Cash!

By Emily BelcherSpring Clean Your Way Into Extra Cash

Spring has sprung, and many of us are experiencing the need to purge our homes. It always amazes me when I do a deep clean and organization binge on our house. For someone who tries not to buy unnecessary items, we sure do always seem to collect them!

I always feel such a mental relief when I create more space in our home. Clutter is something that can create a lot of anxiety, especially when you live and work in the same place — which is at home for some of us!

You can make some decent cash on items lying around your house. From gently used or brand new clothes that you’re never going to wear again to your kids’ neglected, out-grown toys: Almost everything has a potential value to someone.

One of the most well-known ways to sell your items by yourself is through eBay. The thing I love about eBay is that anyone can sell there. If you’ve never sold on eBay before, no worries. It’s not complicated. If you were able to find this post, then you have enough skills to learn how to sell on eBay.

Some of the hottest items to sell on eBay for a decent profit are:

1. Old Stuff

Originally, I was going to headline this as “Antiques”. However, it doesn’t have to be ancient for it to be worth anything. For example: (more…)

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5 Ways To Fund Your Business Without a Credit Check

5 Ways To Fund Your Business Without a Credit CheckBy Jan Pinnington

Recently I ran into a little financial challenge with my business. It’s one of those exhausting hurdles that’s never fun but hopefully someday, when looking back, will be just another funny story of “remember when … ?”

In my case, I needed to raise an enormous amount of money (six-figures huge) to pay for a new custom software platform that would give our users the easiest and best online experience possible. This was a ten-month project at best, so timing was of the essence and getting started quickly was imperative.

I spent months and months shopping around and interviewing a bunch of programmers and people to find the right solution at the right price. What I found was a very professional and capable programming team at an incredible price, and readied myself to move forward with them.

The issue was that the new software platform, which was needed for exponential growth, cost more than our entire previous annual sales by almost 40%. When that happens, it’s tough to find money to fund your expansion – even though your current technology is the one thing that’s holding you back. Banks don’t seem to get it and think that every business owner has their “pie-in-the-sky” glasses on when walking in their door.

It’s a chicken and egg scenario. We can’t have exponential growth on our current software platform, and we can’t fund the new software platform, without huge growth. (more…)

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5 Tips for Charging What Your Time is Worth

5 Tips for Charging What Your Time Is WorthBy Patricia Ryan Thomas

Starting a home-based business is exciting and rewarding. Exactly how rewarding is up to you. When you work for an employer the costs associated with doing business are hidden. When you hang out your own shingle, it’s important to accurately account for overhead. Expenses like space, equipment, materials, and labor must be calculated.

Of all the challenges, placing a value on your own time might be the most difficult. Money is an emotive topic. Discussing money and what to charge can fluster even the most talented, confident mompreneur.

This article will show you what’s holding you back from charging what your time is worth, and how to fix it immediately.

Do you value your time?

As a woman — and possibly a mother, daughter, sister and friend – you are accustomed to giving your time away for free. Have you ever stayed on the phone with a girlfriend beyond a sane amount of time to discuss her relationship, her decor, or a new pair of shoes? Just because your time is free to loved ones, doesn’t mean it isn’t valuable.

If you have decided to work for yourself as an artist, designer, yoga instructor, content writer, proofreader, tutor, massage therapist, virtual assistant, or event planner – you must have a sound pricing model in order to stay in business and continue doing what you love. (more…)

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