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Are You In Need Of Some Vocational Soul Searching?

Are You In Need Of Some Vocational Soul SearchingBy Christy Schutz

You’d be surprised how many people I come across who have already invested a decade or two in a particular line of work and are still unsure of what they want to be when they “grow up.” This has been my experience with people who work in a traditional office setting as well as people who work from home. With so many different positions now offering full or partial telecommuting arrangements, it can be overwhelming to narrow the focus down to something that will meet someone’s work arrangement needs while also leveraging their skills, interests and personality.

If you can relate to this statement, I would recommend you set aside some time to do some career self-assessment, or, as I call it, Vocational Soul Searching.  You can dig deep and get clearer on the types of roles you should explore by completing the following four steps.

1.) Get really clear about what aspects of your current job you like or dislike.

Author and speaker Marcus Buckingham describes a process where you take the time over a week or two to be really mindful about the tasks that you are completing each day. Do they energize you, or strengthen you? Or do they weaken you? And it isn’t about what you are necessarily good at or bad at. Someone can be really good at a task, but, absolutely dislike doing it. To complete this task, keep a pad of post-it notes nearby. When you feel a strong emotion, take a moment to jot down “I felt energized when…” or “I felt depleted when…” Chances are you will start to see some patterns emerge on the types of tasks you should navigate toward or away from. (more…)

So, You Want To Write A Book …

So, You Want To Write A Book...By Lesley Vos

Stephanie Mayer, J. K. Rowling, and Margaret Atwood … What do these beautiful women have in common? They are all famous writers. Do you want to be the next one?

Today’s economy is ever changing. According to The U.S. Department of Labor, half of the professions that students will choose in the year 2025, do not exist today. And a half of professions popular today will cease to exist at all. But there is a niche that is becoming more and more popular today, and this is the work of a writer.

Many professions have a tough age discrimination, but a value of a writer does not depend on her age at all. The more experience she has, and the richer her vocabulary is – the more interesting her works will be for readers. Even though the medium has changed greatly, people have not stopped looking, listening; and this means, that there is still the need for fresh new stories.

First of all, let’s check to see if you have the writer mentality, here are ten signs of its presence.

1. You read a lot of books.
2. You like learning why people do things.
3. You have a diary.
4. You “watch” a movie about yourself in your head.
5. You write fan fictions.
6. You post thoughts instead of cats or dogs on your Facebook. (more…)

The Best Career Websites for Women

The Best Career Websites for WomenBy Holly Reisem Hanna

I’ve been researching career websites, from the moment I got pregnant with my daughter back in 2006. Not only was I in a job that I didn’t love, but I wanted to work from home, so that I did not have to miss out on those tender years with my baby.

While my research didn’t land me a job, it did inspire me to create this website for women. My goal then and still today is to educate and empower women to take charge of their careers, so that they can live life of their own terms.

So whether you’re a job seeker, aspiring entrepreneur, established business owner, or simply looking to make a change — the websites listed below can help you to improve and advance your career.

Websites are listed in alphabetical order – enjoy.

85 Broads is a professional women’s networking organization committed to the economic empowerment of women globally.

Business Among Moms is a place where moms can connect, network, and find encouragement for running a business.

Career Girl Network offers career information, as well as networking and mentoring opportunities. (more…)

3 Unconventional But Scientifically Proven Persuasion Techniques To Win Over An Interviewer

3 Unconventional But Scientifically Proven Persuasion Techniques To Win Over An InterviewerBy Bushra Azhar

So we all know about the interview etiquette; dress smart, smile often and act enthusiastic. Throw in the advice about being 15 minutes early and you are supposedly all set! But are you?

There are a few hidden persuasion gems straight out of the psychology text books that could improve your chances of winning over the interviewer way more than the $2,000 dollar suit you spent all your life savings on. Intrigued? Dying to know more? Hang on.

Presenting the three rather eccentric but totally plausible techniques that will help you ace that next interview.

1. Talk Happy

Chad Higgins from the University of Washington and Timothy Judge from the University of Florida suggests that interviewers are often deluding themselves about how they make decisions about the successful candidates. All other factors such as background, experience and qualification remaining the same, what mattered most in leaving a lasting impression on the interviewer was this—did the candidate appear to be a pleasant person?

Those who had managed to “charm” the interviewer were very likely to be offered a position. Some did this by chatting about topics unrelated to the job but of interest to the candidate and the interviewer. Some had made a special effort to smile and maintain eye contact or simply praised the organization. (more…)

What to Do When the Naysayer in Your Life is Someone Close to You

What to Do When the Naysayer in Your Life is Someone Close to You? - The Work at Home WomanBy Rebecca Flansburg

You may remember last month when I did an article about the value of having a strong support system called, Run with the Motors and Leave the Anchors Behind. This article covered the importance of mindfully choosing who we share our hopes and business dreams with and how a strong support system is the safety net all work at home women need.

In the article, I talked about the “motors,” the people who cheer us on and support our endeavors and the  “anchors,” those who tend to weigh us down with negative views and  their “can’t do” attitude. I recently heard productivity expert and author Dr. Ned Hallowell refer to these people as the “lilies and the leeches.” Being a business owner and a Minnesota native, I can honestly say I am familiar with both kinds of “lilies and leeches!”

So, wildlife and flora aside, what do you do when the biggest naysayer in your life just happens to be someone who is the closest to you?

It could be your significant other, a BFF, your parents or other family members. The people who are closest to us tend to have a tremendous influence over our lives and we tend to value their thoughts and opinions more than others. But sometimes these thoughts and views can make-or-break our ambitions and cause us to second-guess ourselves.

Once we start feeling uncertain, thanks to the well-meaning criticism from those key people in our life, our resolve can be shaken and that the leap of faith we were about to take can turn into more of a stutter-step. (more…)

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