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How to Earn Big by Writing for Women’s and Parenting Magazines

How to Earn Big by Writing for Women’s and Parenting MagazinesBy Linda Formichelli

You’re looking to work at home – or maybe you already do and are longing for an additional gig to fill in the financial gaps.

Sure, there are tons of writing jobs that advertise through bidding sites and content mills. And those are fine – if you don’t mind earning $10 per 1,00 words (or less).

But I have a better idea: How about writing for women’s and parenting magazines. After all, you are a woman, and you may be a parent, too. (And even if you don’t have a kid, don’t worry: I wrote for parenting magazines for 10 years before we had a kid of our own, and even some parenting magazine editors are child-free!)

The Rewards.

Write what you know, share your experiences, help other women, and get fat checks in the mail. Does it get any sweeter?

Depending on who you write for, you can earn anywhere from $50 per article (for, say, a regional parenting mag) to $1,000 or more (for a feature for a newsstand magazine). My top-paid article weighed in at over $3,000. So there’s gold in them thar magazines!

Then there are the bylines. Seeing your name in a glossy magazine or in a well-known online publication is amazing – and seeing the title of an article you wrote splashed across the cover of a newsstand magazine can’t be beat. (more…)

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Putting a Positive Spin on Negative Work Traits

Putting a Positive Spin on Negative Work TraitsBy Christy Schutz

Ok, so the powerhouse woman who launched this awesome world that you find yourself in, is a very organized, very sweet person named Holly. She’s meticulous. She checks with us at least once a year to make sure we still want to be regular contributors. She outlines our writing deadlines a year in advance. She even reminds us that month when our stuff is due. I put the dates in my calendar a week out, 3 days out, and the day prior as an additional reminder. All this and I still find myself scrambling to get my submissions to her.

As I was whipping up this post, I stopped to wonder why. Why? Am I a procrastinator? Maybe, but that has such a negative vibe to it. There’s got to be a better way to look at it. So, as a public service to the world, I thought I’d focus today’s post on putting a more positive spin on some of our not-so-great work habits.

Procrastinator or “Deadline Oriented”

Do you put off tasks you know you need to do and pin holiday decorations on your Pinterest boards instead? If so, you may be what others term as a “procrastinator.” I think that has such an ugly connotation, don’t you? Instead, why don’t we all accept that maybe inspiration doesn’t strike these people until the days, hours, even minutes before that big deadline? Maybe it is the excitement of living on the edge that drives us to produce in the 11th hour. Or, maybe we have put off looking into how to stop putting off things, like this other article I’ll read tomorrow. In any case, I prefer to say I am “deadline oriented.” That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. (more…)

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Image Is Everything: How Your Appearance Can Make You More Money

Image Is Everything: How Your Appearance Can Make You More MoneyBy Emma Burk

So often when working from home, it is easy to forget the need to still dress as if you are “going to work.” I worked from home for eight months and now still spend a few days a week working from home as a blog writer. The first thing people always say is, “Boy it must be nice to spend all day in your pajamas!” As tempting as those flannel pj’s  and no makeup days are, there is a very direct connection between how you look and how you feel.

Image is not only how others perceive you, but also a reflection of how you feel about yourself. Many people feel that it is vain or a waste of time to make appearance a top priority, when, in fact, it is just another part of improving your business. Imagine showing up to work at an office in sweatpants! I’m sure you’ve been tempted. The same reason you would not, then should be the same reason you would not while working from home.

While working for someone you never know when they will come by, and that reason alone is enough to be dressed up. The same concept applies from home, but this time you’re the boss. Let’s be honest: who doesn’t want the boss to be impressed? A great rule to follow in many walks of life is to always be prepared. You never know when that one opportunity will walk into your life to change it for good.

So, why not be prepared in every aspect, including your image. (more…)

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Don’t Quit Your Day Job: You Can Freelance and Still Work Full Time

Don’t Quit Your Day Job: You Can Freelance and Still Work Full TimeBy Sarah Ratliff

I was raised by parents who lived through the Great Depression. My father was born in 1923, before it began, and my mother was born in 1933, as it was well underway. In both instances only their mothers were able to hold on to their jobs. My paternal grandmother was a schoolteacher and my maternal grandmother worked as a domestic (today we’d call this a combination chef and housekeeper) to a wealthy family.

Both had job security.

Having lived through such extreme economic uncertainty, my parents, along with many others from that era, believed the only way to all but guarantee financial security was to get an advanced education, followed by a job in a financially stable company—ideally a Fortune 500 one. (more…)

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Is Your Proposal Worth the Price?

Is Your Proposal Worth the Price?By Angie Nelson

When it comes to freelance writing, one of the largest components of your business is in writing proposals. Doubtless, you spend a good portion of your time as a freelancer crafting proposals, be they responses to requests for proposals (RFPs), proposals for bidding sites, queries to magazines, or another form of proposal. Many times, it is easy to get complacent about proposals and maybe even a little lackadaisical about it. Proposals can become routine, and sometimes instead of putting together a specialized sample or bothering to get that quote ahead of time, writers stick with the bare minimum and focus on sending quantity over quality proposals.

But think about something – what are you asking for in your proposal, and is your proposal worth the price?

Your Proposal Is All They See

You might be the best writer on the planet. Maybe you’ve sold a ton of e-books. Maybe you’ve written ten novels that sold off the shelves. But unless your name rhymes with Even Sing, you probably aren’t going to register in the mind of whoever you’re proposing without a killer proposal. (more…)

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