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How to Make Money Selling Custom Clothing for Women

How to Make Money Selling Custom Clothing for WomenLiz Hosteler is the Founder and President of the direct selling company, Ellie Kai. Liz personally manages the company’s manufacturing and sourcing platform, while traveling the world for design inspiration. Here’s how her business journey started and how you can earn money selling made-to-order clothing for women.

Tell us a little bit about your direct sales company, Ellie Kai, and how it got started.

Living in Hong Kong, I would often have my clothes tailor-made. I would simply sketch a few ideas and draw from my years of buying beautiful clothes to come up with a shortlist of go-to pieces that I could have made for me, at an affordable price. When I returned home to the US with a suitcase of clothes that fit me perfectly, my friends and family were in awe. This was the real motivational turning point. The simple concept of choosing a perfectly fitted dress or top and having it made in the exact fabric you wanted made so much sense to everyone, and a business idea started to percolate from these conversations.

I began working on a business plan and realized there was a great opportunity to take these two worlds, manufacturing and direct selling to a captive audience, and bring them together.

Do you have any previous experience in sales or the direct selling industry? 

I did not have previous experience in the direct selling industry before I started Ellie Kai. I was previously in a very different sales role when I represented professional athletes for an international sports marketing agency. (more…)

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Chloe + Isabel – Home-Based Business Opportunity for Jewelry Lovers

Chloe + Isabel - Home-Based Business Opportunity for Jewelry LoversBy Holly Reisem Hanna

Is the direct sales model appealing to you? But you’re not keen on having to recruit others into the business? Well, here’s an opportunity that you’ll want to check out.

Chloe + Isabel is a direct sales company that sells jewelry, embellished hair accessories, and beauty products. The company was founded in 2011 by Chantel Waterbury, a 15-year veteran of jewelry design and merchandising for major retail brands like Cartier, Tiffany, and Ippolita.

The jewelry line itself is ENORMOUS and consists of highly-stylized pieces that contain semi-precious stones and metals. In fact, their spring catalog has over 160 pages dedicated to their product line. I was able to check out some of the line myself; not only is the jewelry stylish and fun, but each piece has signature branded closures, and many items are convertible so that they can be worn in many different ways. Chloe + Isabel launches new jewelry collections each spring and fall, along with smaller capsule collections that come out later in the season.

How Much Can You Earn as a Merchandiser?

The cost to become a Merchandiser (direct sales consultant) for Chloe + Isabel is $175.00. With your Chloe + Isabel business kit, you’ll receive $700 in jewelry, order forms, catalogs, display materials, online training, marketing tools, and a personalized website. And this is really cool – there are no recurring fees for your website, they are provided by Chloe + Isabel for free. (more…)

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The Home Party Plan is All About the Show Experience

Home Party Plan Is All About The Show ExperienceBy Deb Bixler

Some say the party plan business model is dying, that virtual businesses are the wave of the future. But I disagree, this business model is all about the experience!

Keep that in mind and you will realize that this type of business will go on forever.

Think About This Scenario.

Your friend invites you to a home shopping party. You don’t feel like going because you have so many things on your to-do list. But your friend was excited and said she really wanted you to be there, so you go.

You walk in the door, and you’re greeted by your friend and the consultant, although she doesn’t call herself that. Your friend introduces the consultant as her friend, Jenny. Jenny asks if she can take your coat and get you something to drink.

She comes back with your drink and says, “So how was your day?” You talk for a few minutes and then she asks, “How do you know Sue (the hostess)?” You talk a bit more and then some other guests arrive. You think to yourself, wow, she’s nice!

The atmosphere is fun and truthfully not what you expected. You see Mexican munchies, colorful decorations, and someone is even wearing a sombrero.

That’s right; the invitation did say Mexican Fiesta Party! This isn’t one of THOSE old fashioned home shopping parties – this is a FUN night out. Everyone is laughing and chatting, and you are beginning to feel glad you came; this isn’t like the home parties you’ve attended in the past. (more…)

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Become a Stella & Dot Stylist in April and Get $750 in FREE Accessories

Stella & DotSponsored post by Stella & Dot.

Looking to earn extra spending money?

Want a fun, flexible career in the fashion industry? It’s the PERFECT job for Moms! Join Stella & Dot as a Stylist for only $199 and earn up to 35% commissions!

Stella & Dot is a company that empowers women to live bold and joyful lives.

Our mission is to give every woman the means to style her own life. Being a Stella & Dot Independent Stylist means that you represent our line of accessories and sell one-on-one in person, through in-home Trunk Shows, and online. You take control and decide when and where to sell and how much time you want to invest in the business. This lets you create a business that fits your life, scaling up or down as you wish.

We are a new kind of company – one that lets entrepreneurial women like you earn a living on their own terms.

We design irresistible jewelry and accessories that are sold at home Trunk Shows and online. We’re an Inc. 500 Fastest-Growing Company with a $25 Billion global market opportunity. We welcome you to become part of that growth. Want to learn more about Stella & Dot? Watch our story and see what all the buzz is about! (more…)

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How to Host $1,000 Parties Every Month

How to Host $1,000 Parties Every MonthBy Deb Bixler

Every home party consultant deserves to have $1,000 home parties. As a matter of fact YOU should have a few $1,000 shows EVERY single month! It is attainable and it is not that hard when you put some simple systems into place that will make it a reality.

When you coach your home party host — you are teaching her or him how to have a successful show. You are not being pushy!

Here are 4 direct sales hostess coaching techniques that can pay off big time:

1 Contact Your Party Plan Hostess Often.

The number one fear of hostesses is that no one will come. Your job is to make sure that does not happen.

Hostesses DO want to be called. You are the home party consultant and YOU should be coaching your hostesses to success. Every host wants to have a successful show, so why would it be pushy to help them to do so?

Use every opportunity you can to stay in touch with your hosts. Like the rest of the world, all hosts have different personalities, so it is necessary to use a variety of methods to contact them: (more…)

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