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How to Host $1,000 Parties Every Month

How to Host $1,000 Parties Every MonthBy Deb Bixler

Every home party consultant deserves to have $1,000 home parties. As a matter of fact YOU should have a few $1,000 shows EVERY single month! It is attainable and it is not that hard when you put some simple systems into place that will make it a reality.

When you coach your home party host — you are teaching her or him how to have a successful show. You are not being pushy!

Here are 4 direct sales hostess coaching techniques that can pay off big time:

1 Contact Your Party Plan Hostess Often.

The number one fear of hostesses is that no one will come. Your job is to make sure that does not happen.

Hostesses DO want to be called. You are the home party consultant and YOU should be coaching your hostesses to success. Every host wants to have a successful show, so why would it be pushy to help them to do so?

Use every opportunity you can to stay in touch with your hosts. Like the rest of the world, all hosts have different personalities, so it is necessary to use a variety of methods to contact them: (more…)

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Do You Want a Work-at-Home Career That’s Fashionable, Fun, and Lucrative?

Do You Want a Work-at-Home Career That’s Fashionable, Fun, and Lucrative?By Holly Reisem Hanna

Last week I had the pleasure of attending my fifth cabi Scoop! Yes, you heard me correctly – fifth! I was introduced to cabi back in 2010 where I got to experience the brand firsthand at their fall 2010 Scoop Fashion Show.

It was there that I fell in love with the brand. Since that time I’ve hosted numerous cabi Fashion Experiences at my home, attended friend’s and family’s cabi parties, and purchased a lot of cabi clothing along the way.

If you’re looking for a fun way to make good money in the fashion industry here’s why you should consider cabi.

A Real Career. 

When you work with cabi they give you all the tools you need to be successful. This includes in-person training twice a year via the Scoop Fashion Show. So when you present the new line – you’re doing more than just selling, you’re providing personalized one-on-one wardrobe consultation services.

Cabi equips their Stylists with the fashion knowledge and know-how they need to help women look their best. And did I mention … the Scoop is a blast! From the high-energy fashion show to the inspirational words of wisdom, it is truly a unique company that offers a fun, lucrative, and fashionable career. (more…)

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Be Your Own Boss with cabi

Be Your Own Boss with cabiBy Holly Reisem Hanna

Are you ready to be your own boss and work from home? Are you unsure of how to get started?

If you’re interested in a home business opportunity that mixes fashion and fun — cabi has what you’re looking for. Blending stylish clothing with personalized in-home fashion experiences, cabi gives Stylists all the tools they need to be successful. As a cabi Stylist you can earn 25% – 33% commission on items you sell, plus substantial discounts on clothing.

One of cabi’s training tools for Stylists is their bi-annual Runway Event called, The Scoop. During this high-production fashion event, Stylists are introduced to the new clothing line and given in depth training to be successful.

Would you like to see what cabi’s all about? Now you can!

On Thursday, January 14th at 4:00PM PT –  I’ll be broadcasting live from The Scoop. To follow along search for the hashtag, #cabiScoop on Instagram and Twitter. Then on Friday, January 15th you can watch the broadcast from The Scoop Fashion Show in the comfort of your home – register here.

Here’s a sneak peek of the cabi clothing 2016 Spring Collection — can’t wait!

For more information on cabi, check them out on Twitter @cabiclothing, on Instagram @cabiclothing, or via the cabi website. And if you have any questions about the cabi business opportunity – feel free to leave them below and I’ll get you the answers you need. (more…)

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3 Team Building Tips To Improve Team Retention

3 Team Building Tips To Improve Team RetentionBy Deb Bixler

No one quits direct sales with a full calendar, so teaching new consultants how to book a solid show schedule is the surest way to build a sales team.

Direct sales leaders can do 3 simple things that will greatly affect sales team retention and their ability to build a team.


#1 – Stop teaching your new sales consultants that the best place to find business is with friends, family, and acquaintances.

A new business can never depend on friends and family to create a profitable business.

In direct sales we are often told to make a list of everyone we have known since kindergarten and ask them to help us get started.

This is an unrealistic approach to marketing and one that is never applied in the world of brick and mortar businesses.

Team leaders should educate their direct sales team more effectively on finding business from a variety of sources.

Each new distributor needs to tap into 7 sources or techniques to find business. (more…)

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10 Reasons to Why You Should Become a cabi Stylist

10 Reasons to Why You Should Become a cabi Stylist By Holly Reisem Hanna

If you’re here — there’s a good chance you want to work from home. But are you also looking for a career that is creative, fun, and lucrative? Believe it or not — you can have it all.

Let me introduce you to the cabi career opportunity and why you should consider becoming a Stylist.

1. You’ll Always Look Great

When you look good, you feel good, it’s that simple. When you’re a cabi stylist not only do you get major discounts on their fabulous clothing, but you’ll also have the knowledge and training on how to combine the pieces, so you’ll always look like a million bucks. Plus, what better way to promote your business than by wearing the goods that you sell?!

2. It’s Lucrative

With a lot of direct sales companies you’re selling items that have a low price point, so it’s difficult to earn a substantial income. But with clothing you have a much higher price point, so your sales will be higher, which means your overall earnings will be higher. Learn how much you can earn with the cabi calculator — here you can input hours, sales, and team members to get a realistic idea of how much you can make.  (more…)

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