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Calling All Multitasking Mompreneurs – Become a Chloe + Isabel Merchandiser Today

Calling All Multitasking Mompreneurs – Become a Chloe + Isabel Merchandiser TodaySponsored by Chloe + Isabel

The perfect solution for busy moms on-the-go, the Chloe + Isabel Merchandiser opportunity allows you to work from home, for as little or as much time as you want, all according to your own flexible schedule! Designed from their NYC studio, their handcrafted jewelry is sold exclusively through a nationwide network of merchandisers, forming a supportive, tight-knit community.

Through Chloe + Isabel’s mission to empower today’s modern women, they provide all of the training, tools, and support you need to run a successful fashion jewelry business. You’ll learn resume-boosting skills, ranging from social media marketing to personal styling, all while earning extra income and living out your dream of being your own boss.

Fun, flexible and full of perks

  • Earn 25-40% cash commission selling c+i’s high-quality pieces in-person and online
  • Enjoy an exclusive 30-50% off discount at all times
  • Receive FREE jewelry credits with each sale, plus best-in-the-business sales incentives (more free jewelry!)
  • Rest assured, they handle all inventory and orders are shipped directly from c+i to your customers

For only $175, you’re set up for success right away! (more…)

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Can Introverts Be Successful in Direct Sales?

Can Introverts Be Successful in Direct Sales?Misty Kearns is an introvert from a small town who started in direct sales 10 years ago for the discount. Then she lost her job. Find out how she was able to replace her corporate income and live the life of her dreams.

Tell us about your entrepreneurial journey.

I started my journey through the direct sales industry in 2006. I started just for the discount and said I would never hold a party or build a business. I was in my mid 20s, shy, introverted and had zero self confidence. While I had experience in retail sales, I never thought direct sales or leadership would be something I would be good at. I loved the product though and was just naturally sharing with friends and family while not trying to work the business.

Three months after saying I would never build a business, I lost my full-time job. I was 25, single and had less than $1,000 in savings. I knew I did not want to go back to the corporate world but wasn’t sure what I was going to do.

I decided to start working my direct sales business more until I figured out what I wanted to do. I had nothing to lose, so I dove into the business. I quickly realized how many opportunities there are in direct sales, not just for income, but to gain support, confidence, friendships, having a flexible schedule and so many of the things I wanted in a career.

I promoted up each month, and within less than six months, I was able to replace my previous full-time income. I never considered another “job” again and have been enjoying the CEO of Me lifestyle for 10 years now. (more…)

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How Direct Sales Systems Boost Your Earnings

How Direct Sales Systems Boost Your EarningsBy Deb Bixler

If you are not getting the results you want in your direct selling business, don’t quit. Just find some new systems.

People never fail; only systems fail. I was recently asked what I meant by that and what is a system for your home party plan business?

The most effective home business success strategy is to do what other successful businesses do. All successful businesses are founded on systems. Some systems work better than others. You may have a system of host coaching, for example, that is not effective. If you are getting a lot of show cancellations or poor show attendance, possibly you need a new host coaching system.

In the manufacturing world, the system of the assembly line has been incorporated into almost every factory operation, starting with the auto industry. Today, tomato soup, couches, clothing, and even your Big Mac are created using the assembly line system. The system of making cars prior to Henry Ford did not work well.

Many people think that Henry Ford invented the car, but really he only invented the system that made the car affordable. Before that, the system to make cars was one at a time, slowly, and very cost prohibitive. Instead of quitting like most manufacturers of his time did, Henry Ford found a new system.

It is not uncommon for home business owners to get discouraged and quit. Frequently, they feel as though they failed. (more…)

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Do You Have the Right Personality for a Direct Sales Position?

Do You Have the Right Personality for a Direct Sales Position?By Rivka Slatkin

So you’re looking into a Direct Sales/Network Marketing opportunity? You’re not the only one, you know. Especially now, in this new economy, it has been said that Americans are now becoming dual income families. Not that both the husband and wife each work, but that each of them has two jobs!

Let me reassure you. The majority of Direct Sales companies are not the scams of yesteryear that may have come to your mind when you were first approached by a consultant or sponsor. There are many regulations that Direct Sales companies need to adhere to, and those rules are strict! The Direct Selling Association and Better Business Bureau are well reputed governing agencies, and their certifications are not easy to come by.

Once you are presented with a Direct Sales opportunity, you only really need to do two things. Try the product to see if you like it and look into the company’s compensation plan. Understand if your company is more direct sales focused or network marketing based so you know if you will be spending more of your time selling the product or recruiting other business builders. Ask questions about what the company’s reach out methods are and see if you feel comfortable with fitting those reach out methods (of spreading the word about the product) into your life.

Most likely, there’s a path that has been created for you by other trailblazers who have done very well personally and financially in their opportunity and that is due to their hard work and effort. (more…)

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How to Make Money Selling Custom Clothing for Women

How to Make Money Selling Custom Clothing for WomenLiz Hosteler is the Founder and President of the direct selling company, Ellie Kai. Liz personally manages the company’s manufacturing and sourcing platform, while traveling the world for design inspiration. Here’s how her business journey started and how you can earn money selling made-to-order clothing for women.

Tell us a little bit about your direct sales company, Ellie Kai, and how it got started.

Living in Hong Kong, I would often have my clothes tailor-made. I would simply sketch a few ideas and draw from my years of buying beautiful clothes to come up with a shortlist of go-to pieces that I could have made for me, at an affordable price. When I returned home to the US with a suitcase of clothes that fit me perfectly, my friends and family were in awe. This was the real motivational turning point. The simple concept of choosing a perfectly fitted dress or top and having it made in the exact fabric you wanted made so much sense to everyone, and a business idea started to percolate from these conversations.

I began working on a business plan and realized there was a great opportunity to take these two worlds, manufacturing and direct selling to a captive audience, and bring them together.

Do you have any previous experience in sales or the direct selling industry? 

I did not have previous experience in the direct selling industry before I started Ellie Kai. I was previously in a very different sales role when I represented professional athletes for an international sports marketing agency. (more…)

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