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Nature Unleashed: Unprecedented Support for Brand Partners

Nature UnleashedThanks to Nature Unleashed for sponsoring today’s post.

For Joe, Darren, and Kimberly – Cofounders of Nature Unleashed, it isn’t enough to say they want to help people create a path toward financial fulfillment, they are intent on living that promise every day in their approach to direct sales and in the commitments they make to their Brand Partners.

According to Joe DeSantis, CEO of Nature Unleashed, the team knew right away that direct sales was the channel for bringing the Anolyte product line to market. The direct sales model allows for the development of relationships and the sharing of stories and experiences, a driving factor in how people learn about this type of product.

The Nature Unleashed Approach to Direct Sales

The philosophy behind the Nature Unleashed direct sales approach was developed after a lot of discussion around not only the compensation structure of the program, but also the interaction and support of Brand Partners. From the beginning, the team felt Nature Unleashed would not be a company that pays for just recruiting. Instead, product sales drive the revenue model. (more…)

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How to Start a Fashion Business From Home

How to Start a Fashion Business From HomeBy Holly Reisem Hanna

Do you love fashion? Would you like to achieve better work-life balance by being able to work from home? Do you want to be your own boss?

Then this may be your calling …

On October 28th, I had the pleasure of attending the CAbi BeautiFall Career Event. It’s no secret that I’m a huge CAbi fan, in fact I’ve hosted numerous shows in my home and written about them many times. But today, I want the CAbi Consultants to tell you why CAbi has been such a blessing in their lives.

Here’s what they had to say about starting a CAbi fashion business from home.

Victoria Smith – CAbi Consultant 10 Years

What attracted me most to the CAbi opportunity was flexibility of my  time. I was looking for a business that I could make my own and have freedom of time and earning potential. Little did I know how much more it would give me! The amazing relationships and the personal growth that I would encounter are just a few examples of this great career. My daughter (Monica) had been assisting me in my business since she was in high school. She has a fashion merchandising degree and always thought she would go on to be a buyer or an event planner. One day a light bulb went off that she too could have her own business and do what she loves which is style and empower women through fashion. She also realized if she worked it really hard in her 20′s, she would then be able to have a great business that she could work part time hours when it was time to have children. (more…)

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Pinterest is Perfect For Direct Sales Consultants

Pinterest is Perfect For Direct Sales Consultants By Deb Bixler

Pinterest means Pin things of Interest on your bulletin boards.

Pinterest is fun and profitable!

After only a couple of pin boards and a few pins I quickly saw people coming to my websites from Pinterest.

After just over a year it is the top social referrer to my website, even beating out Facebook!

Pinterest Perfect For Direct Sales Business Consultants:

As a newbie to Pinterest, I recommend that you follow the action pretty closely. Subscribe to the updates so that they send you an email at every turn.

You will quickly find out which pins are getting repinned very quickly!

Direct sales is about adding value and service to customers along with good looking products.

Pinterest is perfect for direct sales business consultants. The visual aspect of the products is really something that will share well. (more…)

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You’re Personally Invited to Be a Work at Home Fashion Insider

BeautiFall Career Event CAbiBy Holly Reisem Hanna

This fall, CAbi is inviting you to experience the brand in a very special way through a live broadcast at one of their many viewing parties! You’ll get to engage with the CAbi Community, get a sneak peek of the spring trends, and find out more about working from home as a CAbi Consultant.

Come join me at the BeautiFall Career Event and …

  • Find out how you can work from home as a Fashion Insider
  • See an exclusive view of CAbi’s New Arrivals, ThankFall Me
  • Get a sneak peek of the Spring 2015 Collection
  • Learn about the inspiration behind these Collections from the CAbi Design Team
  • Hear from CAbi’s leadership about what’s next for CAbi and how we are uniquely positioned in the marketplace
  • See how CAbi Consultants make CAbi work so beautifully in their lives (more…)

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Icebreaker Games For Team Meetings

Icebreaker Games For Team Meetings  By Deb Bixler

Team meetings can often result in many new ideas and bring awareness to issues, but if members of the team feel uneasy opening up in a crowd, the whole company can suffer as a result.

To gain more team input and effort and really get the most out of all team meetings, games to break the ice can cut through the tension and get juices flowing in many ways. Find out how these games can really make an impact in any team meeting!

Icebreaker Games To Greet Newbies

If a direct sales team is welcoming new members, an icebreaker game that involves teamwork is a fantastic way to strengthen the link.

Involving the entire group in an obstacle course, rope course, or timed project allows everyone to learn how to think on their feet together, cope with varying personalities, and draw themselves out of their shells.

A newbie can quickly acclimate to their seasoned team members with fun activities and learn how everyone works together as a team in general. (more…)

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