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Interview with Elizabeth Irvine – Creative Director of The Jewelry Project

Interview with Elizabeth IrvineTell us a little bit about yourself and your entrepreneurial journey.  

I never really thought of myself as an entrepreneur. I was just a woman who wanted to pass on knowledge and creatively express myself. My son’s childhood illness pushed me to find a way to help him and learn how to deal with my own stress. That experience was my portal to digging down inside of myself and get in touch with the best part of me. Then the drive and the  motivation to do my work came forward.

What did you do before making the leap? 

Before becoming a business owner, I worked as a registered nurse in pediatrics and took care of our three small children.

What do you believe has contributed to your success? 

Slowly evolving. Over time fInding a dedicated team of people to help me. Gradually allowing things to unfold and learning to be patient with the process. Providing education plus a meaningful product has been rewarding and successful.

How are you currently growing your business?

Our team now includes my daughter Sarah. She joined us after finishing her  bachelors degree last spring. As a mother, this is a dream for me. (more…)

Interview with Anneke Steenkamp – A Young Freelance Writer from Cape Town

Interview With Anneke Steenkamp - Freelance WriterTell us a little bit about yourself and your freelance journey. 

After I finished my studies, I soon realized that I wanted to work for myself. I did an internship here and there and learned some valuable skills in building your branding and marketing yourself as a product. I’ve been freelancing for about 2.5 years and I’m still learning something new every day.

How did you land your first client?

I think I got a few clients at once. One being a local company, Little Pink Book which my brother owns. Another client was through a mutual contact.

Where do you find new clients?

I’m not afraid of rejection – so I apply for almost any job that sounds relevant and contact companies that might be in need of my services. I use every platform available to me – Job Boards when I’m desperate, Twitter for hashtag and phrase searches, LinkedIn for industry specific information and then just ‘cold’ emailing companies.

How are you making money?

Even though I did a few guest posts here and there I do get paid for all my work. Some rates differ and it took a while to increase my rate, but I’m happy with the growth. (more…)

Interview With Jasmine Risso – Co-Founder Simply Real Moms

Jasmine RissoTell us a little bit about your blogging journey.

My journey in blogging has been fun and definitely a learning experience. It’s so fun to look back at my posts when I had first started and seeing how much I have grown. I truly appreciate all my blogger friends and clients I have worked with that have shed some insight and helped me on this journey.

What did you do before becoming a career blogger?

Before blogging I was working full-time as an Executive Assistant while raising my boys.

How are you growing your audience?

Through social media, linking up with bigger sites like The Stir, and by having unique, original content that people want to read.

What is your number one source of blog traffic?

That is hard to say, because we generate a lot of traffic from a few places. However, if I have to say just one it would be Pinterest. Got to love that site! (more…)

Interview with Farnoosh Brock – Founder of Prolific Living

Farnoosh BrockWhat did you do prior to becoming an entrepreneur?

I worked for a Fortune 100 technology company as a project manager in my last role. I held several different positions over the years starting from an engineer to a technical writer to a process improvement specialist to project management of various size projects. I was quite sure that I would be an employee for life, and I was quite good at what I was doing but after five years at my job, I started to get unhappy and unfulfilled, and even though I learned how to double my salary and earn big promotions and work on exciting stuff, I was not sure of the career path I was taking. I started questioning the purpose of my entire professional path and my life, and that’s when I stopped being interested in life as an employee.

What drove you to pursue a writing business?

I love the way you put it. I think of my business in many different ways since it doesn’t fit into a box. It’s a coaching business, an online business, a published author business, a teaching courses business, a juicing and smoothie niche business, but I never thought of it as just a writing business. But I am a big believer that writing is the essence of all wealth and writing is at the heart of my business, and I stumbled into it by complete accident. What drove me to do this was the hunger for creating something of my own, and I am in love with writing so it fit who I was and what I wanted to do. At first, I started a personal blog. I loved the process so much that I decided to pursue it. I wanted to do something I love for a change. Hence the birth of my official business. (more…)

Interview With Shellie Deringer – Publisher of Saving With Shellie

Interview With Shellie Deringer - Publisher of Saving With ShellieTell us a little bit about your blogging journey.

My husband and I were saving for a trip to Africa. He didn’t want to use our regular savings account so we were saving additional money each month to pay for the trip. We were living frugally, but just weren’t saving enough. I started using grocery coupons to save a little more and it snowballed. I couldn’t believe how much I was paying for groceries and household goods when I could be paying so little! I started the blog to share my journey and help others. Since my financial situation has changed and the economy has improved, I no longer share strictly coupon deals. I share ideas on how to live simply: Easy recipes, simple crafts, coupon deals, retail sales, and more.

What did you do before becoming an online publisher?

I was an accountant.

How are you growing your audience?

The social media landscape is constantly evolving. I try to focus on 1 thing and revaluate and rotate every 6 months. Right now I am focusing on building up my email list. I am working on a newsletter incentive to encourage people to sign up and am developing multiple newsletter options so people can subscribe to the blog elements they like best. (more…)

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