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Buying an Established Blog: Lisa’s Story of Purchasing the

Buying an Established Blog: Lisa's Story of Purchasing the FreelanceMom.comHave you ever wondered if it’s easier and more profitable to buy an existing blog? Or is it better to start a blog from scratch? Today Lisa Stein, the second owner of the shares all of the ins and outs of buying an established website.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your entrepreneurial journey

I am excited to meet all of you here at The Work at Home Woman. I live in Dallas, Texas with my two amazing daughters, Gabby and Elle, and my husband Roger.

Before I had children, I worked at Big Blue (IBM) for many years in sales and then moved into what they called their learning department where I trained and mentored new employees and managers and developed leadership and mentoring programs.

Then in 2010 everything changed …

We had our first child!

After my first daughter was born, I started to teach an ‘Introduction to Business’ course at a local college in Dallas to keep me sane while I was staying at home with Gabby.

But it occurred to me one day that here I was teaching a course about business, but my only first-hand experience with business was working in Corporate America. I felt like I was doing my students a bit of a disservice by not being able to offer real-world entrepreneurial examples. I noticed my students were not only interested in learning about big businesses, but also wanted to know more about how to become an entrepreneur and how to start their own company versus working for someone else. (more…)

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How to Start a Home Improvement Referral Business

How to Start a Home Improvement Referral BusinessToday we’re talking with Debbie Farson, the owner of HomeWise Referrals. After many years of home ownership and some disappointing home improvement outcomes, Debbie recognized the need for a one-stop service to locate contractors who would return calls, show up on time, and follow through with high-quality work. Debbie’s background as a lawyer, homeowner, home renovation veteran, and mom make her sensitive to the issues that can complicate home improvement for many homeowners.

Read on to see how’s she’s able to work from home as a homeowner referral agent.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your entrepreneurial journey.

I don’t consider myself a “natural entrepreneur.” By that, I mean, I am one heck of an employee. Give me a task and I’ll meet and exceed it, on time or early, but ask me to come up with something from whole cloth, with no guidelines or “boss” to whom I’m accountable, and I feel a little lost. I had been successful as an attorney, in litigation practice with the Virginia office of a DC-based firm, before having my first child and deciding I wasn’t going to be able to leave the office stress at the office sufficiently enough to also be a good mom. Five years into domestic goddess-ness and about the time I was expecting my third (and last child), it seemed right to ease back into the marketplace again, but still without the stress that comes with the practice of law. Debra Cohen’s HRN model offered a perfect blend of independence (I’d be in business for myself), training, and accountability (I’d have her business plan and ongoing mentorship.) (more…)

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How to Earn Money From Home as a Tutor

How to Earn Money From Home as a TutorTell us about your entrepreneurial journey.

In 2006, I had been a stay-at-home mom for just over a year. I loved it, but I felt like my brains were leaking out my ears. I asked my oldest sister what I should do. Like all good older sisters do, she told me exactly what to do: “Start tutoring and use your education degree.” I was so nervous about it, but little did I know that tutoring would put me on the path I am today! I adore tutoring middle school math students and enjoy all their quirks. How many people can say that?

As part of my journey, I started the Tutor Coach in 2011. The site mostly began as a place to share what I was doing during tutoring and morphed into a site where tutors can find tips and training for their business. I’ve enjoyed watching tutors begin with just a simple search on my site and blossom into their own amazing business.

Tutoring has been a major blessing in my life. It allowed us to stay afloat when my husband was laid off in 2009 shortly after the birth of my third son and gave me the flexibility to deal with a myriad of autoimmune disorders. It’s flexibility I cherish and can’t imagine leaving.

What sort of individuals make good tutors?

I’ve watched hundreds of tutors start their journey, and I would say the ones that stand out are tutors who have patience, quiet confidence, an ability to connect with students, and get to the root of a problem instead of just provide students with the answers. (more…)

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How to Earn $75/Hour Working From Home as a Baby Planner

How to Earn $75/Hour Working From Home as a Baby Planner

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your entrepreneurial journey.

Entrepreneur is in my blood, so my journey started in the womb. I am the daughter of super creative “parent-preneurs”. My parents chose to build (multiple) businesses to live a life of freedom. My view on “work” was completely crafted from our family entrepreneur adventures. We lived a life of traveling, exploring, hiking, and playing. My parents were known to take off “work” and pull us from school to go surfing. I grew up in California and Hawaii and lived a 10 year old’s dream. I always knew I wanted to create the same work freedom with my children and have built my personal business model for this purpose.

Flash forward: I have the best job ever! I’ve been business consulting since the late 1990s but found my passion in coaching female entrepreneur startups in the mid-2000s. I’ve been honored to work with amazing, brave “mompreneurs” and have served more than 4,000 women through my Online Programs, Business Accelerator, or Private One-on-One Coaching services.

I’ve worked with fitness coaches, marketing coaches, life coaches, Doulas, parent coaches, and other moms who are serious about launching a business (versus a hobby), for profit. I am also an author, activist, non-profit founder, mom of three boys, and wife to an adventurous entrepreneur. Yes, that first year when my husband started working from home has given me enough ammo to write a comedy I’m sure you all would appreciate it! He did (thankfully) survive invading my home office space, and we now consult on some specialty business projects together. I love it! (more…)

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Want to Reframe Your Career? This Company is Helping Women Do Just That

Want to Reframe Your Career? This Company is Helping Women Do Just ThatRos Guerrero is no stranger when it comes to eyewear. As the inventor of Ficklets, the original eyewear charms for kids eyeglasses, it’s no surprise her creative style and inventiveness have yielded a strong demand in the eyewear fashion industry.

Here’s how it all got started and how she can help you reframe your career.

Tell us a little bit about your direct sales company, GEMM, and how it got started.  

Launched in February 2016, GEMM is a women’s facial fashion™ and jewelry brand. The GEMM concept is an evolution of my original idea I patented eight years ago called Ficklets, an idea that was inspired by my daughter with special needs who wears eyeglasses. Ficklets are interchangeable charms that attach to most kid’s eyeglasses and were marketed and sold to independently owned optical shops, boutiques (nationally and internationally), and in Walmart Optical US.

Since the conception of Ficklets, my vision (no pun intended) of the company was to expand the product line to include frames and jewelry pieces for versatility, fun, and interest. After all, the original idea was created to make eyeglasses fun. And truth be told, I am my best customer! Like jewelry, I view sunglasses as an accessory and have always had multiple sunglasses to change out depending on outfit, event, or mood. And what better way to amp up your accessory game with a versatile, interchangeable gem that can be worn on both eyewear and jewelry. It’s fresh, modern, and fun! (more…)

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