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Interview With Prerna Malik – Content Chef, Community Manager, and Author

Prerna MalikWhat did you do before launching your own business?

I was working as a Communications Skills and Soft Skills trainer with American Express and then, Dell India.

As part of my role, I was training executives in the art of communicating with empathy and clarity, both verbally and via their written communication.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your freelance journey.

I started working online as a writer in 2008 when my daughter was about 8 or 9 months old. I’ve always enjoyed writing both professionally and personally, and getting the chance to write and get paid while staying at home was just awesome!

Starting my blog, The Mom Writes was the first step. From thereon, I honed my craft by writing for several websites, including Blissfully Domestic, the Untrained Housewife and others, and focused on growing my audience organically by sharing content that reflected my passion as well as resonated with them. (more…)

Interview with Laura Spencer – Freelance Writer

Laura SpencerWhat did you do before launching your own business?

Before launching my own business, I spent 19 years in the corporate world. For 10 of those years I was a technical writer for several corporations. Before that I was responsible for corporate marketing communications.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your freelance journey.

My freelance journey almost didn’t begin. When I was working in the corporate world there were many who encouraged me to start my own business.

Even though others saw that I had the skills and ability, I didn’t see it myself. I also didn’t realize how many freelance opportunities there really are. I saw my corporate job as being the only realistic option for having a writing career.

Fortunately, I did start freelancing despite my fears.

Give us an example of how you landed one of your first clients?

One of my very first clients came from a direct referral by one of my technical writing colleagues. I was hired to research and update documentation on a technical topic — a gig that lasted nearly 8 years. (more…)

Interview With Casey Sollock – Certified Holistic Health Coach, Author and Speaker

Casey SollockWhat motivated you to start your own business?

I call myself an “accidental entrepreneur”. I didn’t start out wanting to have my own business, but when I became a mom, I wanted control of my time. My first priority is my kids, so I needed to create a business around their schedules. I also wanted to be working in something that I felt passionate about. I wanted to serve people and feel like I was making a difference in the world.

What were your first steps?

My first step was figuring out what my strengths and talents were. And, I also had to do some deep soul-searching to figure out what I was passionate about. I quit law school several years ago, because that was neither my passion nor my purpose. So, I knew that whatever I decided to devote my time to needed to be fulfilling. I needed to be operating within my strengths while doing something I felt very purposeful about. And then getting online was my next order of business. I developed a website and began cultivating an online presence wherever I could. One of the cornerstones of my business, my 10-Day Eat Clean Challenge, is a virtual Challenge. I have people from all over the world who participate in it. That has helped grow my community and given me more people to serve.

How are you growing your business?

My business is SheShinesWellness.com. I teach women how to reclaim their health through natural solutions. I grow my business through virtual 10-Day Eat Clean Challenges, online classes and webinars about natural health and essential oils, LIVE classes and workshops (where I let attendees sample green smoothies and more!), and keynote speaking at women’s conferences. (more…)

Interview with Mindy McHorse — Freelance Copywriter

Interview with Mindy McHorse -- Freelance WriterTell us a little bit about yourself and your freelance journey.

I’ve always loved writing, even as a child. But I always thought of it as a hobby – not something you could ever make a living at (unless you wanted to be the ill-fated “starving artist,” and I’m a lot more high-maintenance than that!).

So I wrote for fun and subscribed to writer magazines, but I took the traditional college route, focusing on pre-med, and then got a master’s degree in public administration. My plan was to go on to medical school and then work in public health.

But a funny thing happened on the way to that plan. I had a lot more fun writing my thesis – a 90-page behemoth – than I did actually researching the topic. I realized I didn’t really want to be a doctor, which was a tough epiphany. It was the death of a dream I’d had since I was 12.

I went on to get a cushy job in program management at a medical school, since I had a degree that got me there. But making thrillingly complicated spreadsheets wasn’t my idea of excitement, and I had a boss who tried to nitpick and control everything I did – to the point of trying to dictate emails I was supposed to write.

I spent a few months looking for other jobs, but the clock was ticking on my ability to stay sane. That’s when I got a letter in the mail from American Writers & Artists, Inc., that introduced copywriting as a viable freelance writing profession.

I’d made it all the way through grad school without ever having heard of copywriting, so I was plenty skeptical. But I researched it and found nothing but good news. (more…)

Interview with Carly Fauth — Head of Marketing for Money Crashers

Carly FauthTell us about Money Crashers and your functions as head of marketing.

Money Crashers is a personal finance website. It’s goal is to educate its readers and followers on ways to better manage money, including articles on saving for retirement, investing, cutting monthly bills, and budgeting, among many other topics. I’m responsible for all general marketing responsibilities including content marketing, creating strategies to boost online traffic, and improving SEO. I’m also head of our website’s guest posting campaign.

How were you able to bring your current position home?

I connected with the CEO of Money Crashers in the past when I was at my previous position through a guest posting relationship. I decided I was looking for a role with more responsibilities, and after a few conversations, I was able to do just that. Both positions were work from home, so I really didn’t have to do anything regarding that.

Are there any tips you would recommend to people who want to do the same?

If you’re currently working a traditional career at the office of your employer, try to identify some of the tasks you might be able to complete from your home office rather than going in each day. (more…)

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