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The Birth of a Baby Proofing Business – Interview with Courtney Ilarraza

The Birth of a Baby Proofing Business - Interview with Courtney IlarrazaTell us a little bit about your entrepreneurial journey.

I went to law school and became a criminal prosecutor in NYC. During my first year of practice, I became pregnant with my first child. It became a goal of mine to become my own boss and be able to create my own schedule to find the work/family balance that was right for my family. That same year I learned of two tragic accidents involving babies of acquaintances, which could have been prevented with proper education and training. My husband and I decided to devote our lives to protecting babies and parents from becoming victims of preventable deathly injuries. We hoped, but at the time didn’t realize it would ever take off the way it did. We were profitable our first year.

Do you have any special training?

I am a Certified Passenger Safety Technician, which means I am certified in the proper use and installation of child safety seats. I am also an American Heart Association Basic Life Support Instructor as well as a licensed attorney.

Give us an example of how you landed one of your first clients.

I decided to reach out to prominent mommy bloggers in my community and offered them our in-home safety consultation as well as some free babyproofing. They agreed to write about their experience with Baby Bodyguards. After we got some relevant press the phone started ringing. (more…)

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How to REALLY Make Money Blogging – Interview with Ruth Soukup

How to REALLY Make Money Blogging - Interview with Ruth SoukupTell us a little bit about yourself and your blogging journey.

My name is Ruth Soukup, and I write a blog called, which follows my adventure of finding the Good Life on a budget. I started blogging in 2010 because my husband and I were fighting a lot about money, and I needed to find a way to hold myself accountable. Almost immediately I discovered two things: 1.) I absolutely LOVED blogging—it was the perfect pastime for me, and 2.) there were people doing it professionally as a full time job.

I resolved to learn everything I could about how to become a professional blogger, and told my husband that my goal was to make enough money blogging so that he could quit his job. He of course thought I was completely crazy, but in 2013, three years after starting my blog, he was able to quit his job and become a stay-at-home dad. We’ve never looked back!

Give us an example of how you first monetized your blog.

Like many bloggers, I started with Google AdSense. I was on Blogger at the time, so AdSense was already integrated—it was super easy! Ad Networks are still a major source of revenue for my blog, but I now use many different networks besides just AdSense.

What types of marketing strategies have worked best for you?

I feel like my traffic and marketing efforts have really come in waves, and I have learned to mostly just ride the waves as long as I can, and always keep an eye out for the next wave to jump onto. (more…)

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Working from Home as a General Transcriptionist – Interview with Lisa Mills

Work from Home as a General TranscriptionistTell us about yourself and your work at home journey. 

Over the years, I’ve had a variety of work at home jobs. I’ve worked as a freelance writer, sold antiques and collectibles on eBay, day traded on the stock market, and operated an online used book business. I’m currently working as a general transcriptionist, and I publish a work at home website, Work at Home Mom Revolution, for moms seeking work from home jobs.

Although my work at home journey began while I was still married, my need to work from home kicked into high gear when my husband and I separated back in the early 2000s. I desperately wanted to be home for my three girls during this tough time in their lives, and working from home was key to achieving that.

At the time, I had an online used book business, but I soon discovered that alone was not going to sustain me and my children. That’s when I began looking into transcription as a possible telecommute career.

How did you get into transcription and do you need any special skills or training?

I was taking online classes for medical transcription through Career Step and was doing well, but I had months to go before I would complete the course, and because of my change in circumstances, I needed to make money immediately. (more…)

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Working From Home as Ghostwriter – Interview with Anne Violette

Working From Home as Ghostwriter - Interview with Anne VioletteTell us a little bit about your ghostwriting journey.

I took the road less traveled …

Unlike many ghostwriters, I did not obtain a degree in journalism or English. My journey began as a child, when I first won an award for writing. It was just a natural, God-given talent. I excelled in high school and college in writing and English courses, but I pursued art and marketing, as well as travel and tourism. I landed a job at an ad agency and had a lot of miscellaneous writing assignments to do while there, from scripts and booklets; to other things. I was also asked to moonlight for a business publication in New England, where I quickly excelled and became a “cover story” writer. I stayed up all hours of the night, writing and drinking wine. I started working on a book, but it never amounted to anything. It was just a hobby, really.

After six years, I started my own professional photography business. I did not have time to write much anymore, so I took a hiatus and focused on new endeavors. For me, it was just a passion and hobby more than anything “serious”. Until 2007, when after moving to Florida, I started feeling a strong urge in my gut, like I was being led to write professionally. I was not happy at my jewelry store job (it was not challenging enough) and I got myself into a financial pickle with my house, so I started looking for opportunities online. (more…)

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Interview with Lifestyle Blogger, Amanda Ornelas

Interview with Lifestyle Blogger, Amanda OrnelasTell us a little bit about yourself and your entrepreneurial journey. 

I am a very creative, hard working and self-determined person. I value being genuine, being present in the moment and always giving back. I was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV and am the oldest of 3 girls. Being the oldest sister I think it instilled in me this sense of leadership and mentorship to others; specifically younger girls.

I’ve always taken the leadership role in any situation; not because I’m competitive or feel the need to take charge but because I know how to build rapport with people, know how to delegate and will work on a project longer than others. I graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a Bachelors of Science, focusing in Kinesiological Studies.

While in college, I was the President and then Vice President of my sorority and was given the opportunity to travel quite a bit to attend leadership trainings, conferences and conventions. (more…)

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