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The Work at Home Woman’s Guide to Consistently High Profits

The Work at Home Woman’s Guide to Consistently High Profits By Kelly Robbins

No one wants to spend their time scrambling for new clients – ever.

Yet being in front of people that need your services is the only way to make money and grow. Successful marketers know that there are two ways people buy.

One is they buy when they first find you. They have a problem and they are actively looking for a solution. Now. This is the prospect that picks up the phone and calls you or sends an email to schedule a consultation today.

The second way a prospect buys is when they are in the research or exploring phase and they run across your information – they really aren’t ready to buy yet. They are thinking and comparing and learning.  (more…)

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Quality Versus Quantity: Where You Should Focus Your Marketing Energy

Quality Versus Quantity: Where You Should Focus Your Marketing EnergyBy Dawn Berryman

We’ve all heard this old adage. So what does quality versus quantity mean when it comes to marketing? To me, it is a very important concept to take into consideration when executing your marketing plan. It has a lot of significance to several aspects of your plan and how you should focus your energy. We only have so much time in a day and only so much money to spend.

Here are five places where I believe you should focus on quality over quantity in order to get the most bang out of your marketing buck.

Blog Posts.

We all know how important it is to blog. It brings personality to your business and allows you to express thoughts and concepts that you can’t do elsewhere. Most importantly, it improves your SEO by building new, fresh content loaded with your keywords. So, you might be thinking that you should blog as frequently as possible. Not necessarily. While regular, consistent blogging is great; the content is much more important. Focus on strong; meaningful content that contains your key words and your time spent will be much more effective.

Paid Advertising.

Paid advertising is very important. Very seldom are businesses successful without it. There are many options out there for small businesses. Print, web, radio, video, social media, direct mail, email marketing, and this list goes on. (more…)

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Can a One-Woman Operation Still Provide Over-the-Top Service?

Can a One-Woman Operation Still Provide Over-the-Top Service?By Deborah Sweeney

Over-the-top service is about providing every, single customer with the best possible experience. And while that sounds simple, it’s a concept with which plenty of small business owners struggle. It’s a tall order, especially when you’re a one-woman operation, since you may think the infrastructure just isn’t there to provide the same level of service as bigger competitors. But, believe it or not, your lack of infrastructure is more of a strength than a weakness. Over-the-top service isn’t about smiling before you answer the phone, or placating irate customers with coupons and freebies. Instead, it’s about approaching each and every one of your customers with an honest intent to ensure their experience is absolutely amazing.

Over-the-Top Service Isn’t About Making Dissatisfied Customers Happy

Too many people think OTT service is just about giving stuff away. A customer gets upset, so you solve it either by discounting their next order, or making it free. When you’re just starting out, though, every dollar is precious and you really can’t afford to just give everything away (more…)

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6 Ways to Deal With Negative Online Reviews

6 Ways to Deal With Negative Online Reviews By Jan Pinnington

Imagine a world where everyone is always smiling and happy and full of uplifting kindness toward one another. It’s a place that I would like to think exists, but unfortunately, we don’t live in Pleasantville. No matter how genuine we are as entrepreneurs, chances are we will rub someone the wrong way.

People I don’t even know have called me hurtful things in my career. If I shared the list, you would be absolutely appalled to read some of these vicious attacks. And learning to deal with them, by not taking them personally, has been one of the biggest obstacles for me as an entrepreneur to overcome.

My husband tells me that I need to grow thicker skin. You know what? He’s absolutely right. Because the more I penetrate the marketplace with my vision and mission to fight childhood obesity, the bigger chance I take in offending someone with my message.

So let my authenticity shine! I’m not here to please the people that don’t resonate with my vision. I’m here to embrace and help the ones that do.

However, with social media on the rise, it’s getting tougher to keep negativity at bay while dealing with emotionally charged customers or prospects. So I recently consulted a small business PR and marketing coach to help me navigate this online world, and here are some tips and pointers she shared with me. (more…)

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Getting (and Keeping) Your First Client

Getting and Keeping Your First ClientBy QC Event School

New business owners face a list of challenges once their doors open. Among those hurdles is finding potential clients and turning them into customers. This is especially difficult for high-ticket service-based businesses like event planners or interior decorators, where clients might be wary of hiring a professional who’s never had a client before.

Maybe you’ve heard tales of new business owners spending time and effort with inquirers who seem interested but never commit to doing business. Your task will be to identify which inquirer would make the perfect first client and show them the value of working with you.

Some business owners try to secure their first client by investing their time, money, and effort primarily into advertising. Marketing your brand to a wide audience is helpful, but you should adjust your strategy if this method doesn’t bring you an initial lead. Rather than casting such a wide net, consider focusing specifically on your most serious inquirers. The process of securing your first client should look something like this:

  1. Make a name for yourself
  2. Identify your ideal client
  3. Get your name out there
  4. Focus on the goal
  5. Build your client base

Every business is different, but many new owners experience success by concentrating their efforts in a model similar to this list. (more…)

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