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8 Bite-Sized Tips to Learn Email Marketing

By Dawn Berryman

Email marketing should be a component of your overall marketing plan8 Bite-Sized Tips to Learn Email Marketing . Email marketing is essentially the same as direct mail, but instead of sending items through postal mail, you’re sending digital communication electronically.

There are several options and a lot of variables to consider. If you are just starting out, this might seem a bit daunting to you. Let’s walk through the basics and make it a little more manageable for you.

1.Why is email marketing important?

Email is opt-in, so you are talking to potential customers that have already expressed an interest in your product or service. This helps to ensure that you are hitting your target market. It’s also customizable. You can create list segments, schedule sending times, and it’s easy to monitor your results and make changes based on your successes. Email marketing can be a very targeted and specific marketing tool. It’s easy to see returns on your investment and it’s easy to change your strategy when you notice things that aren’t working as efficiently as you like.

2. Why do I need a specialized platform?

You may ask why you need a specialized platform … why can’t you just send out emails from your own e-mail account? There are several reasons:

  • HTML emails created with these tools look more professional and are less likely to be reported as spam.
  • Email marketing platforms allow you to grow and manage your lists easily.
  • They offer great tracking tools to monitor your efforts and successes. If you operate your own website or blog, these platforms won’t be difficult for you to use.
  • Most importantly, the CAN-SPAM Act requires commercial messages to have an opt-out mechanism, which allows recipients to unsubscribe at any time. If you’re found to be in violation of these rules you can face costly penalties (up to $16,000)! Email marketing platforms automate this process, so that you’re in compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act.


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13 Holiday Marketing Campaigns That Stand Out

13 Holiday Marketing Campaigns That Stand Out By Sarah Landrum

The holiday season is upon us, and in addition to jingle bells, holiday music, and festive cookies, holiday marketing campaigns are everywhere. Every year, right around Thanksgiving, the holiday marketing strategies come out to play. It can seem like they’re all the same, but you always know the good ones when you see them, just like jolly old Saint Nick.

So what makes a great holiday marketing campaign? How can a brand stand out in the sea of discounts, promotions, and jingles decked out in red, green, silver, blue, and gold?

The key is to truly move consumers. Don’t just blanket the social media space and television audience with huge sales and free shipping. You want to evoke emotions and create connections. That’s what encourages sharing and makes a brand’s campaign not only memorable, but also viral.

Here are 15 of the best, most memorable and most successful holiday campaigns as of late:

1. Coca-Cola: Share a Coke

Coca-Cola is never hard-pressed for fans or great marketing, but it seems to outdo itself time and time again. The iconic brand released bottles with names on them a couple of years back, and for a while they were all the rage. Either you went looking for your obscure name to buy, found someone else’s obscure name and bought it for them, went to the refrigerator and picked out the most obscure name you could find just to be different, or created a personalized bottle. (more…)

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The Work at Home Woman’s Guide to Consistently High Profits

The Work at Home Woman’s Guide to Consistently High Profits By Kelly Robbins

No one wants to spend their time scrambling for new clients – ever.

Yet being in front of people that need your services is the only way to make money and grow. Successful marketers know that there are two ways people buy.

One is they buy when they first find you. They have a problem and they are actively looking for a solution. Now. This is the prospect that picks up the phone and calls you or sends an email to schedule a consultation today.

The second way a prospect buys is when they are in the research or exploring phase and they run across your information – they really aren’t ready to buy yet. They are thinking and comparing and learning.  (more…)

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Quality Versus Quantity: Where You Should Focus Your Marketing Energy

Quality Versus Quantity: Where You Should Focus Your Marketing EnergyBy Dawn Berryman

We’ve all heard this old adage. So what does quality versus quantity mean when it comes to marketing? To me, it is a very important concept to take into consideration when executing your marketing plan. It has a lot of significance to several aspects of your plan and how you should focus your energy. We only have so much time in a day and only so much money to spend.

Here are five places where I believe you should focus on quality over quantity in order to get the most bang out of your marketing buck.

Blog Posts.

We all know how important it is to blog. It brings personality to your business and allows you to express thoughts and concepts that you can’t do elsewhere. Most importantly, it improves your SEO by building new, fresh content loaded with your keywords. So, you might be thinking that you should blog as frequently as possible. Not necessarily. While regular, consistent blogging is great; the content is much more important. Focus on strong; meaningful content that contains your key words and your time spent will be much more effective.

Paid Advertising.

Paid advertising is very important. Very seldom are businesses successful without it. There are many options out there for small businesses. Print, web, radio, video, social media, direct mail, email marketing, and this list goes on. (more…)

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Can a One-Woman Operation Still Provide Over-the-Top Service?

Can a One-Woman Operation Still Provide Over-the-Top Service?By Deborah Sweeney

Over-the-top service is about providing every, single customer with the best possible experience. And while that sounds simple, it’s a concept with which plenty of small business owners struggle. It’s a tall order, especially when you’re a one-woman operation, since you may think the infrastructure just isn’t there to provide the same level of service as bigger competitors. But, believe it or not, your lack of infrastructure is more of a strength than a weakness. Over-the-top service isn’t about smiling before you answer the phone, or placating irate customers with coupons and freebies. Instead, it’s about approaching each and every one of your customers with an honest intent to ensure their experience is absolutely amazing.

Over-the-Top Service Isn’t About Making Dissatisfied Customers Happy

Too many people think OTT service is just about giving stuff away. A customer gets upset, so you solve it either by discounting their next order, or making it free. When you’re just starting out, though, every dollar is precious and you really can’t afford to just give everything away (more…)

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