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4 Ways To Get Your Customers To Do Your Social Marketing For You

4 Ways To Get Your Customers To Do Your Social Marketing For YouBy Angie Nelson

Looking for creative ways to use social media to promote your products? Many established brands and innovative startups have started to mix social media marketing with e-commerce to improve their sales. Below we will look at several examples and how you can apply them to your own business and get your customers to do your marketing for you.

Combining Social Media and E-commerce

Many companies have tried and failed to combine social media and e-commerce. In 2012, several major brands including JC Penny, The Gap, and GameStop were some of the first to attempt to launch their very own social media stores. Unfortunately, many audiences simply weren’t ready to make purchases directly from social media platforms like Facebook. But today that’s beginning to change as companies like Twitter are starting to incorporate buy buttons directly into their interface, establishing new norms within social media. Consequently, the lines between traditional e-commerce sites and social media are beginning to blur. This trend will surely only increase as we move into 2015. And it isn’t just about what features and advertising you can pay for, it’s about how your customers are interacting with and sharing your products as well.

1. Customer Images and Product Pages

BlackMilk, the women’s fashion retailer, encourages their customers to take self-portraits with their products. BlackMilk then posts and tags those photos directly to their official Facebook and Instagram profiles. Those photos are then integrated directly into their product pages, allowing potential customers to see how the clothing fits on actual customers. (more…)

Case Study: How I Got Barbara Corcoran, Shark Tank to Endorse my Book

Case Study: How I Got Barbara Corcoran, Shark Tank to Endorse my BookBy Rachel Olsen

Although DIY PR may feel uncomfortable at first, it is a smart + cost effective way for small businesses to gain credibility.  Perhaps, you just need to look at it from a different angle.  

Do you cringe at the thought of self promotion?

Do you have a case of “imposter syndrome,” a psychological phenomenon in which you are unable to internalize your accomplishments?

Why do we undervalue what we provide and overvalue what someone else does, always comparing ourselves and not feeling like we are at the holy grail of *accomplishment?*

Okay, maybe that is a bit dramatic.

When it comes time to tooting your own horn, it may feel unnatural because you don’t internally feel you are where you should, could or would be. Psst. You are not alone!

In reality, it is not likely the way others view you. Seriously, cut yourself some slack.

When reaching out to media, you have to stand out over all the other pitches they are receiving.

If you are feeling frozen in your seat right now, I get it. Just the thought of reaching out and figuring out what to say can feel overwhelming … especially when you are unknown. (more…)

How Images Can Make or Break Your Ad

How Images Can Make or Break Your AdBy Dawn Berryman

So, you’ve purchased advertising and you need to provide an image, or have one created. How important is the image you use? Very!! Whether you purchased an ad in print, or online, the visual aspect is very important, critical even.

Especially, if you’re advertising online, you want something that will make them click! We all want to avoid spending money on an ineffective ad. So, here are four tips to help ensure that the images you use will improve your ad, not hinder it.

1. Stay true to your brand

When it comes to marketing, I can never stress consistency enough. The ultimate goal of strong branding is to characterize your business enough so that potential customers recognize it immediately. This means being consistent with a logo, color palate, taglines, fonts and more. So, when considering what image to use in your latest ad campaign, be sure to take into consideration your branding efforts. When designing ads, be sure they look similar to your previous ones. Always incorporate standard elements of your brand; whether that is your logo, a photo of your store, or another familiar image.

2. Product placement

Oftentimes, it’s appropriate to use a product image in your ad. This is especially appropriate if you’re launching a new product line, or having a sale on specific items. You want your potential customers to SEE what you want them to buy. Consider using product images in your advertising that are popular sellers. Use items that are visually attractive, colorful and attention grabbing. (more…)

Is Your Website Set Up To Grab Clients?

Is Your Website Set Up To Grab Clients?By Danielle Buffardi

In this digitally-driven world, it’s imperative to have an eye-catching website. Unfortunately not every company has one of those, and if you’ve ever come across one – I bet you remember your experience with it quite clearly. Either it was set up to busily, or you couldn’t find what it was you were looking for, perhaps you were simply turned off due to the colors that were chosen. Whatever it was that made you click the “X” in the top right corner, left a sour taste in your digital mouth – and I’m sure you won’t be recommending the company or their product to your friends any time soon.

1. Clarity:

This is so important when it comes to not only designing your website, but writing the copy that goes on it. Potential clientele can make a decision about your brand within five seconds of landing on your web page. If they turn away, it will be mighty hard coaxing them to come back. But if you can entice them to stay from the start, then keeping them will be that much easier. Have clear and concise motives when it comes to your site – know your product in and out and know how to write about it in an appealing way. (more…)

5 Tips to Make Social Media Marketing More Efficient

5 Tips to Make Social Media Marketing More EfficientBy Jess Weddle

Social media marketing is practically a requirement for today’s work-at-home woman … but it’s also a giant time-suck. Don’t lie – you know you’ve logged onto Facebook to do a quick work update and ended up spending an hour scrolling through your news feed and commenting on your friends’ pics.

There’s nothing wrong with using social media for fun. However, if your goal is to maximize your work time and get more done, you have to learn to use social media efficiently.

Here are five quick tips to get started.

1. Turn Off Alerts

You’re already constantly connected to work through your smartphone, making it incredibly easy to respond reactively – rather than proactively – to your workload. In other words, you’re more likely to jump every time your phone beeps with a new email or social post, pulling your attention away from the business at hand.

This is an incredibly inefficient way to do work. You may have to stay connected to your email all day, but there’s no reason that you need to instantly reply to every comment you receive on your Instagram feed. Turn off those phone alerts so they don’t distract you. You can still respond to them in time – you just don’t need to turn into Pavlov’s dog, unconsciously reacting whenever your phone buzzes. (more…)

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