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The Best Affiliate Marketing Tips For Bloggers

The Best Affiliate Marketing Tips For BloggersBy Kimi Clark

As a blogger, we use affiliate links to help us earn a living. But when you’ve worked hard to build an audience, the last thing you want it to think is that your only purpose is to sell something!

That’s why we’re sharing the best affiliate marketing tips for bloggers with you today!

To start, let’s break down what affiliate marketing is (then we’ll get to the tips!). Affiliate marketing, if done the right way, is like telling a friend about something you love. There doesn’t have to be pressure or salesy talk – no gimmicks, just ‘this is the product, and this is how it worked for me’ type dialogue.

Those are the bloggers that rock the affiliate marketing space – the ones who are honest about what they use, how they liked it, and can talk about it straightforwardly and sincerely as if they were chatting with you over coffee about the latest and greatest product or service they discovered.

But what kinds of things can you promote as an affiliate? Here are some examples.

Types of Affiliate Products:

1.) Downloads and Online Products

Ebooks – These are so easy to include thanks to sites like Amazon and Commission Junction. They provide you with a unique tracking link to include in your post, and you can even use pictures off the site. (more…)

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How to Write Guest Post Emails That Get Answered

How to Write Guest Post Emails That Get Answered By Sarah Landrum

If you’re a freelance writer, it can be hard to make a name for yourself. That’s because many clients insist the writers act as ghostwriters, and thereby never claim rights to the work. However, guest posts could serve as a platform even if you often write for other people. After all, even ghostwriting sharpens your skills, and guest posts allow you to use your talents by crafting articles under your own name. As a result, you have the chance to establish credibility in specific industries — and grow your portfolio as you do it.

However, writing guest posts may not deliver instant or simple success. Challenges could arise if you discover a blog isn’t currently accepting guest submissions, or perhaps already has a roster of reliable guest writers, making it very hard for new content creators to get chances to prove themselves.

If a guest post pitch email isn’t well written, it becomes increasingly likely that you won’t get published.

Keep reading to discover how to write a pitch that showcases your worthiness as a writer, gets read, and generates a prompt response.

Check and Follow Submission Guidelines.

Statistics say 168 billion emails are disregarded per day, and 55% of people admit to not opening and reading their emails. (more…)

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5 Reasons You’re Losing Online Customers + 5 Easy Fixes

5 Reasons You're Losing Online Customers + 5 Easy FixesBy Wes McDowell

If you’re running your own business, your website should be the hub of all of your marketing efforts. It should be pulling prospects in, and keeping them there long enough to convince them to become a customer, growing your business in the process.

Unfortunately, for many businesses, this just isn’t the case. I can’t tell you how many web design clients I’ve had over the years who have no real goal defined for their website. I’ll ask why they want a website or a redesign, and they’ll say something like:

“We just want something that looks cool, that people can check out online.”


Come on, you can do better than that. Your website has the potential actually to get you more leads, customers and sales, so settling for a digital “brochure” is a huge missed opportunity. (more…)

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Promote Your Business – Throw a Party or Event

Promote Your Business – Throw a Party or Event By Cathi Nelson

Finding unique and creative ways to promote your business can be tedious and unfruitful if you only rely on traditional marketing efforts. YES, you can tell your family friends about what you do on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You likely have marketing materials such as business cards, flyers or brochures as well as a website. Additional creative ways to draw attention include car decals or lawn signs.  Attending local networking meetings and asking for referrals are important and basic strategies for getting the word out. All of the above are the building blocks of a successful business. However, there is more you can do to set yourself apart.

Have you considered hosting an event or throwing a party?

If you are thinking, your business does not lend itself to such an idea, I want to challenge you to think outside the box. In our busy, fast-paced, disconnected world today, people are longing for deeper connections. In person, conversations in a relaxed atmosphere can go a long way in creating relationships and building authentic relationships.

Here are a few examples of party or event ideas for businesses that do not normally lend themselves to a party.

If you own a dog grooming or dog sitting service, how about throwing a “doggie birthday party” for your neighbors and their canine friends? (more…)

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8 Bite-Sized Tips to Learn Email Marketing

By Dawn Berryman

Email marketing should be a component of your overall marketing plan8 Bite-Sized Tips to Learn Email Marketing . Email marketing is essentially the same as direct mail, but instead of sending items through postal mail, you’re sending digital communication electronically.

There are several options and a lot of variables to consider. If you are just starting out, this might seem a bit daunting to you. Let’s walk through the basics and make it a little more manageable for you.

1.Why is email marketing important?

Email is opt-in, so you are talking to potential customers that have already expressed an interest in your product or service. This helps to ensure that you are hitting your target market. It’s also customizable. You can create list segments, schedule sending times, and it’s easy to monitor your results and make changes based on your successes. Email marketing can be a very targeted and specific marketing tool. It’s easy to see returns on your investment and it’s easy to change your strategy when you notice things that aren’t working as efficiently as you like.

2. Why do I need a specialized platform?

You may ask why you need a specialized platform … why can’t you just send out emails from your own e-mail account? There are several reasons:

  • HTML emails created with these tools look more professional and are less likely to be reported as spam.
  • Email marketing platforms allow you to grow and manage your lists easily.
  • They offer great tracking tools to monitor your efforts and successes. If you operate your own website or blog, these platforms won’t be difficult for you to use.
  • Most importantly, the CAN-SPAM Act requires commercial messages to have an opt-out mechanism, which allows recipients to unsubscribe at any time. If you’re found to be in violation of these rules you can face costly penalties (up to $16,000)! Email marketing platforms automate this process, so that you’re in compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act.


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