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Goodbye Fear, Hello Abundance!

Goodbye Fear, Hello Abundance!By Milissa Harding

Many entrepreneurs experience different fears when it comes to growing their business. Perhaps you have had some of these fears as well:

  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of what others will think
  • Fear of not being “good enough”
  • Fear of success and responsibility

Fear can be pervasive. It can keep you stuck and paralyzed, ultimately preventing you from moving forward to create a successful and thriving business. If you are an introverted entrepreneur, you may experience these fears on a much deeper level. Society often celebrates extroverted qualities, and this is absolutely true in business as well. Messages around “getting out there” and “playing bigger” sound great, but may not always resonate with you if you have a quieter personality. At times, you may not even believe that there is room in the business world for introverted entrepreneurs, and this couldn’t be further from the truth.

When you learn how to quiet those fears that are keeping you “safely” in your comfort zone, you will begin to feel more confident in your business and you will begin to say YES much more often when growth-opportunities present themselves to you. (more…)

A Simple Question to Push Past the Barriers

A Simple Question to Push Past the BarriersBy Barbara Seifert, Ph. D., CPC

A new statistic that came out recently indicates that we have a very unhappy workforce which equates to a lot of unhappy people; approximately a million people miss work daily due to a stress-related or mental health issue which costs organizations between $450-550 billion dollars a year. (Dept. of Labor) This is a disturbing fact that a large part of Americans cannot deal with life in general. We take our work situations home and home situations into work causing an overload of emotions that are depleting. I firmly believe that people do not want to feel unhappy or lead unhappy or frustrating lives; the majority just don’t know how to overcome the barriers standing in their way.

In my line of work in dealing with these stressed workers and hearing their stories, it is no wonder they feel unhappy as they deal with bad behaviors by their boss or coworkers, they have intense workloads that compromise their home life, or they worry financially. But when pressed for what is stopping them from relieving these situations they admit they ‘can’t,’ usually because they don’t know how. Something is stopping them, i.e. a barrier, which may be due to an outside influence or, more commonly, from within. Dealing with an outside influence can be difficult but is resolvable. It is the ones on the inside – our fears and  – that are the most difficult to overcome.

In looking at ways to push past these barriers, it comes down to two questions, the second of which is the most important that needs answered:  (more…)

Are You Afraid of Failure or Success?

Are You Afraid of Failure or Success?By Milissa Harding

It can take a tremendous amount of courage to step into entrepreneurial waters, and with that, often comes a fear of failure. Perhaps you have experienced a fear of “failing” in your business, a fear that you won’t make money doing work that you love, or a fear of letting someone down.

Fear can have a really negative impact on your growth as an entrepreneur. When you’re afraid of failure in your business, you naturally sabotage your efforts by pulling back, avoiding and making excuses rather than doing the things that will support you in moving forward. So, where does this fear of failure come from? Fear of failure can have many sources, but one of the most common roots of this fear lies in the messages that have been passed along to us from others:

  • Has someone ever discouraged you from following your dreams?
  • Has anyone ever told you that being an entrepreneur is risky or a “waste of time?”
  • Do you know someone who has struggled as an entrepreneur? (more…)

Moving from “I Want” to “I Will”

I WillBy Barbara Seifert, Ph. D., CPC

How many times have you used these words, “I want” when you have goals or desires you would like to have? And in using those words, how often have you actually reached them? Most times the words we use can set us up for failure, which is why we have to be careful as to what we say to ourselves, or that internal ‘chatter.’ It seems we have a way of talking ourselves out of a ‘good thing’ and can ruin our chances of having and doing all that we want in our lives.

A want is a desire of some sort, which can often be very vague and elusive. These wants stem from our basic need states, such as safety, security or, if we move up Maslow’s Hierarchical chart, relationships or ego satisfaction. When these needs are threatened in some way, it can cause one to feel fear of some sort and they will react accordingly, which may not always be the best way. Using ‘I want” actually is a sort of protective mechanism to the psyche as it does not force the issue and ‘allows’ one to tap into their defense mechanisms, such as by making excuses or attributing it to someone else. It is less threatening – if you don’t take action it can be excusable and easier to live with.

But all that does it keep the fear deep-rooted, which will rear its ugly head when you least expect it to. Meaning, that when you really want something important you won’t take action on it as that deep fear will yell out to you and keep you down. (more…)

Run With the Motors and Leave the Anchors Behind (The Importance of a Strong Support System)

Run With the Motors and Leave the Anchors Behind (The Importance of a Strong Support System)By Rebecca Flansburg

I remember it like it was yesterday. It was few years back and on a day when I was enjoying a leisurely lunch with my bestie, Shannon. I was exceptionally down that day, not feeling very encouraged or optimistic about the progress of my goal of working from home as a freelance writer. Soon I launched into a bitter lament about feeling unsupported and discouraged and I’m sure a “and everyone thinks I’m crazy to leave my job” may have slipped from my lips at least once.

Yes, I had a bad case of the “poor-me’s.”

My whine-fest was targeted mainly at my then co-workers and even a few members of the networking group that I thought was part my support system. Shannon quietly listened to my verbal rampage, slowly put down her fork, looked me in the eye and uttered this phrase which has since become my mantra for when the naysayers in life are starting to get under my skin.

“Run with the motors and leave the anchors behind.”

Wait. What? I questioned her on this strange statement and listened intently as she explained what was not only brilliant in my mind, but something all work-at-home-women should keep in the forefront of theirs. “Run with the motors and leave the anchors behind” basically means, associate with the positive forces (the “motors”) in your life, and kick the not-so-much ones (the “anchors”) to the curb. The “motors” are the people who will build you up and propel you forward in the journey to your dreams and goals. (more…)

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