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Your Purpose is What Will Lead YOU to Entrepreneurial Success

Your Purpose is What Will Lead YOU to Entrepreneurial Success By Kelly Robbins

Many women strive to live the entrepreneurial dream. They want to work from home, create a work-life balance that perhaps they didn’t grow up with, and they want to live an authentic life – a life of purpose.

I am a firm believer that if you have the desire to accomplish a goal, you have the means about you to accomplish it. You might not see the entire path in front of you, but it’s important to have the faith in yourself that “if there’s a will there’s a way”. That knowing deep inside that ‘you might not know that way yet, but you’ll figure it out’ is imperative to making what you want to happen, happen.

Why are some women able to achieve success in their business ventures and others not?

The truth is that successful people form the habit to do what other people don’t like to do. They do what others won’t.

The thing is successful people don’t like to do the same things other people don’t like to do, however, they develop the habit of doing them. (more…)

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When One Door Closes Another One Opens — But the Hallway Sure Sucks!

When One Door Closes Another One Opens -- But the Hallway Sure Sucks! By Kelly Robbins

Whenever you step into a new phase of life; from having a baby to working from home rather than in a corporate job, there is a transition period. The transition is that period between leaving your J-O-B and actually supporting yourself in your new business. The initial bliss of having a new baby and the reality of your 85th day in a row up at 2:00am.

Behind the new door is often what we strive to create. More money. Independence. Freedom. Happiness. Family.

I strongly believe creating all of these things is your God-given birthright. However, you have to choose it and step into creating it to make it happen.

As a business coach, I help people close one door and step into another. It’s not usually easy and it takes a strong, disciplined person to keep walking down the hallway – particularly when they can’t see the next door yet.

That hallway often feels dark, scary and unknown. It’s an in-between place and it takes faith and determination to stay the course between doors and not quit. (more…)

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How to Be the Puppet Master of Your Own Life

How to Be the Puppet Master of Your Own LifeBy Janice Walker Pinnington

Having to manage your time and tasks can either be your closest friend or fiercest enemy, depending on your organizational abilities, discipline, and execution.

As a busy working stay-at-home mom, business owner, wife, friend, neighbor, sister, daughter, (and numerous other roles), there were many times in my life where I ran on pure, raw energy, jumping from task to task with no real (or clear) control over my day.

Much like a puppet on a string, I allowed my life to be controlled by an invisible force called responsibility. Let’s just say that Mr. Responsibility and I were NOT friends, and we clashed on many occasion resulting in stressful, joyless, and exhaustive days.

Fast-forward to 2015 and the snapshot of my life paints a much more balanced, happy, and controlled existence.

So what am I doing so differently today that allowed me to become a puppet master, pulling my own strings?

Below are some of the things I have implemented over the years, through trial and error, that allowed me to slow down, take a breath, and organize my day in a way to accomplish the things that needed doing. I hope you will find some inspiration in some of these ideas. (more…)

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Letting GO: Out with the Old and In With the New

Letting GO: Out with the Old and In With the NewBy Dr. Barbara Seifert, CPC

As we wind down these final weeks of the year, it’s time to take stock and reflect on how this year went – what got done, what is left, and what is next over the course of the New Year. As part of this assessment, it’s important to really look at areas, activities, people, etc. that no longer serve you and let them go. You can’t welcome in the new if you’re hanging onto the old.

But how do you it’s time to move on, put it aside to come back to it later, or to keep forging on? Well, I think it starts with looking at your ‘To Do’ list and see what’s on there: if something has been there for weeks or months (years?) with no action or completion, then it might be time to let it go. If a task or goal gets worked on now and then, it might be time to let it go. And even if something has been working well, it still might be time to let it go in order to freshen it up or make room for the new.

Here are some steps to help you decide:

1. Take Inventory.

As I said earlier, one way is to take inventory of all the goals or desires you have had on your list; how many have been there for six months or more? How compelling are these to achieve in your lifetime? If you identify any that don’t excite you or won’t fit into your timeline, then delete it. Those that remain get scheduled for completion; this is ‘do or die’ time. (more…)

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5 Tips to Managing Holiday Stress as a Home Business Owner

Managing Holiday Stress as a Home Business OwnerBy Dawn Berryman

The holiday season officially kicks off soon, even though in many ways it feels as though it’s already here! Do you get stressed during the holiday season? Is it a bit overwhelming for you?

With family, children, gifts, cookies, parties, holiday orders and much more, it’s easy to understand why you might be feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment! It’s normal and I assure you, you are not alone!

Take a deep breath.

Here are five easy, straight-forward ways to help eliminate some of that stress you might be feeling as the holiday season approaches.

1. Don’t take on more than you can handle!

As mothers, we often have difficulty telling people no. It’s okay to do that, and sometimes you need to in order to maintain your sanity. Try not to feel guilty. Each of us has our limits and we need to know and respect them. The world will not end if you don’t send an extra treat to your child’s holiday party or if you don’t host the neighborhood holiday open house. If you feel the need to add something to your list this year, make sure your take something else off! (more…)

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