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Is the Universe Conspiring for You to See the Truth?

Is the Universe Conspiring for you to See the Truth? By Kelly Robbins

Laid off? Keep experiencing the same lack of money issues? Frustrated because things keep happening that feel out of your control? Dating the ‘same loser’ for the millionth time? Business declining – again?

It’s common to keep experiencing the same patterns over and over again and become frustrated because we can’t seem to stop the cycle. We may have even fallen into a victim mindset, because we are so mad at ourselves that this happened yet again and we can’t see how to prevent it!

Rather than beating yourself up, what if you try taking a step away from the experience and all the emotion attached to it and look at why it might be happening in the first place?

Why does it seem like just when you are starting to get ahead, everything, large and small, starts conspiring against you?

If you are looking at these “bad” experiences as a lesson you are to learn or a skill to master, you might be able to see the opportunity available to you in a different light.

What if you ultimately believe the Universe is conspiring in your favor – not against you? This underlying belief can and will make the difference between the success or failure of your business, your relationships, and your life. (more…)

8 Ways to Give Support When You Have Limited Time

8 Ways to Give Support When You Have Limited Time By Diana Schneidman

Have you been reading what I’ve been reading? That women can’t say “no” when asked to take on volunteer responsibilities. That we have to learn to stand up for ourselves and turn down unpaid “opportunities.”

How are you doing with that?

If you’re like the women I’m experiencing in my life, it’s simply not true. Women say “no” all the time and don’t think twice about it.

That’s why those of us who sometimes say “yes” feel more burdened than ever. We’re getting “helpful” suggestions from the peanut gallery, but not enough people are stepping forward to help out.

Those of us serving as president or chairing events are starting to feel like horses’ patouties. The socially acceptable term for this emotional state is “burnout”.

I myself have resigned from the boards of several organizations, both professional and service oriented. I had served for years as secretary or PR chair of associations, in part because these roles used my greatest talents and fit into my schedule as a work-at-home writer.

Eventually I realized that Robert’s Rules of Order bores me to tears and so does writing minutes. As for PR, it’s so similar to my paid work that I feel like I’m sitting down to more work but without pay, resulting in a longer workday with insufficient variety. (more…)

Being Authentic – Going Your Own Path

Being Authentic – Going Your Own PathBy Dr. Barbara Seifert, CPC

Lately, the one theme I repeatedly see is the need to be authentic and true to one’s self. I see it in posts from coaches I follow on Facebook and Twitter; from some of the big gurus, such as John Maxwell and Martha Beck in books and magazines I read; and in movies and TV shows I’ve watched. Being authentic seems to be everywhere! I often wonder if it is just me that pays attention when words or phrases seem to frequently ‘pop up’ or do others; do you find yourself seeing these hidden messages?

I think my example is one way that I work to be true to myself as it would be easy to deny that I often incorporate these inspirational messages in the direction for my life, as some people might think this sounds ‘crazy.’ I could easily hide and go with the flow of being like those who are dismissive; however, I would then suffer the consequences of devaluing myself and being untrue. I have to admit that I have been guilty in the past of doing so, mainly out of fear of rejection and not feeling as if I fit in. After all, it’s no fun to be the odd man (or woman) out.

When we’re not authentic to who we are, we are really saying that we don’t believe we can be, that others would be so unaccepting of who and what we are about that we have to think and act like they do in order to be accepted. I often see this with leaders and business owners; they adopt a style that is based on what they believe others want and they go along with what those big gurus promote; it’s as if they don’t have a mind of their own. (more…)

Do You Know Your Own Value and Worth?

Do You Know Your Own Value and Worth?Dr. Barbara Seifert, CPC

One thing that really irks me is when I talk to someone about their career path and they devalue them self; they seem to dismiss their value and worth which takes them right out of the market. They are done before they ever get started. It’s amazing how one can lose sight of themselves and all the greatness they possess. Regarding one’s career – this is the most vital time that the highest level of awareness (and ego) needs to exist.

These days, it’s much harder to stand out when looking for a job. With a hiring rate of 3.3% (Dept. of Labor) and only 5% of hiring managers believing job seekers have the skills they need to do the job (Gallop), it is imperative that one can relate the skills they possess into a value for an organization that will make you stand out and get recognized by those managers so they say “I can’t live without you!” This will make them pick up the phone to get you in front of them so you can tell them more about how you will help them to achieve and align the goals of their organization.

Discovering your worth, even if you ‘think’ you are aware, can be accomplished in three easy steps – doing the work now will pay off greatly in the end: (more…)

Goodbye Fear, Hello Abundance!

Goodbye Fear, Hello Abundance!By Milissa Harding

Many entrepreneurs experience different fears when it comes to growing their business. Perhaps you have had some of these fears as well:

  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of what others will think
  • Fear of not being “good enough”
  • Fear of success and responsibility

Fear can be pervasive. It can keep you stuck and paralyzed, ultimately preventing you from moving forward to create a successful and thriving business. If you are an introverted entrepreneur, you may experience these fears on a much deeper level. Society often celebrates extroverted qualities, and this is absolutely true in business as well. Messages around “getting out there” and “playing bigger” sound great, but may not always resonate with you if you have a quieter personality. At times, you may not even believe that there is room in the business world for introverted entrepreneurs, and this couldn’t be further from the truth.

When you learn how to quiet those fears that are keeping you “safely” in your comfort zone, you will begin to feel more confident in your business and you will begin to say YES much more often when growth-opportunities present themselves to you. (more…)

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