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How Women In Business Can Use Emotional Intelligence

How Women In Business Can Use Emotional Intelligence By Yvette Bethel

Women in business operate in an environment dominated by male business owners. In this context, we learn to exhibit behaviors that help us to sustain successful businesses, sometimes allowing masculine traits to override our natural nurturing strengths because in the current business paradigm, nurturing traits are sometimes viewed as weak.

To survive in a male dominated environment, as women, we program ourselves to use logic, sometimes to the exclusion of intuition, we focus on goals centered on making a profit and we view those who can support us as competition. While more and more women are shifting their mental models to embrace their natural strengths, we need even more women to buy into a balanced approach to entrepreneurship.

There are wounded women entrepreneurs who operate from deeply buried pain. These wounded women tend to exhibit low self-esteem, so they surround themselves with people who echo their thoughts and values. They become extremely offended by employees who express ideas for improving the business, because they identify so closely with their business that the suggestions are translated through their filters as negative. I have observed these women justify ignoring valuable ideas by recounting all the mistakes of the employee making the suggestion, because they are unable to separate a good idea from how they feel about the person. (more…)

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7 Steps to Radical Self-Love and Why it’s Mandatory for Your Success

7 Steps to Radical Self-Love and Why it’s Mandatory for Your SuccessBy Kelly Robbins

Running a business can be stressful enough. Throw on top of that our families, children, jobs, health, that extra 10 pounds that snuck up on you, bills and other stressors, it’s easy to be hard on ourselves and so busy spinning our wheels we lose track of what’s really important.

I heard the term ‘Radical Self-Love’ a few months ago and I just can’t let it go. What is radical self-love and what does it look like to the successful entrepreneur? Why is radical self-love important (vs simply loving yourself) and how does that affect me? What does it have to do with my business and it’s growth and profitability?

I’m glad you asked, because in actuality, I’ve discovered it means everything …

  1. It means putting yourself first. Above sick family members. Above your kids. Above your spouse.
  2. It means speaking up for yourself.
  3. It means having dreams. Or finding a way to make the ones you do have happen.
  4. It means wanting to live your life your way.
  5. It might mean leaving the relationship you are in, because it no longer meets your needs. Relationships with family, lovers, friends, even kids.
  6. It means following your own spiritual journey. That might look different than what you grew up with, than what your friends and family share.
  7. It means self-discipline in regards to your health. Your time management. Life balance. Spiritual growth.


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Actionable Tips For Dealing With Mental Health Issues at Work

Actionable Tips For Dealing With Mental Health Issues at WorkBy Robert Palmer

I’ve struggled with severe anxiety and depression over the years. For me, it’s been something that I can control fairly well. However, when I jumped into the world of a professional chef, those fronts I put up in every other place of work ceased to exist. Anxiety and depression hit me hard. During those month, my confidence plummeted and so did my overall self-worth and well-being. I began to notice myself spiraling into a state of repetitive depression and was experiencing unhappiness in many ways.

This does not have to be the case for everyone! Living with a mental health condition is definitely not easy but it can be manageable. After working in a make or break type of workplace, I have identified many things that I did incorrectly that were causing me more and more grief. Consider the following tips as my way of sharing what I learned through this process.

Take your breaks, even on your busiest days.

No matter how busy you are, it’s important to use all of your break time. Realistically the harder you work, the more your mind and body need a break. I used to work up to thirteen hour shifts at restaurants without taking a break. (more…)

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How Self-Trust is the Secret to Success

How Self-Trust is the Secret to SuccessBy Kelly Robbins

Your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship you have. It is, in fact, the foundation of every other relationship you form. Relationships with family, clients, friends, business partners, children …

The level of self-trust you have is particularly important when you are an entrepreneur creating fresh tracks in this world – making an impact in the life of yourself and others.

Being a successful work at woman is one constant course correction. There is no step-by-step, absolutely guaranteed formula for success. If there were everyone would be a successful business owner. The truth is the journey is different for everyone and success looks different for every woman. When you create something from nothing you must use your intuition – which requires you to trust your gut – and you have to know yourself in order to do that successfully.

If you don’t trust yourself you will ebb and flow with other people’s agenda’s and not be creating from your power. You won’t be tapping into your divine and unique gifts.

Here are 5 Personal Self-Checks to Help Clarify if You Don’t Trust Yourself:

1. You find yourself creating self-perpetuating cycles of stress and anxiety, never getting to a place where you are happy and satisfied; you don’t trust yourself. (more…)

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Your Purpose is What Will Lead YOU to Entrepreneurial Success

Your Purpose is What Will Lead YOU to Entrepreneurial Success By Kelly Robbins

Many women strive to live the entrepreneurial dream. They want to work from home, create a work-life balance that perhaps they didn’t grow up with, and they want to live an authentic life – a life of purpose.

I am a firm believer that if you have the desire to accomplish a goal, you have the means about you to accomplish it. You might not see the entire path in front of you, but it’s important to have the faith in yourself that “if there’s a will there’s a way”. That knowing deep inside that ‘you might not know that way yet, but you’ll figure it out’ is imperative to making what you want to happen, happen.

Why are some women able to achieve success in their business ventures and others not?

The truth is that successful people form the habit to do what other people don’t like to do. They do what others won’t.

The thing is successful people don’t like to do the same things other people don’t like to do, however, they develop the habit of doing them. (more…)

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