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How to Build a Campaign and Audience on Instagram

How to Build a Campaign and Audience on InstagramBy Donna Amos

Social media has become a great way for companies of every size to reach out to their customers. It is especially effective for solopreneurs, as it allows them to compete on an even playing field with larger companies within their industry. By creating a marketing campaign on a social media platform like Instagram, you can reach out to more than 400 million users each month.

The Importance of Instagram.

Instagram is unique in that it relies predominantly on images to communicate with current and potential customers – you can’t post text without an image. But this is a good thing: not only can you post pictures that highlight the products and services that you offer, but you can also post images of your business culture or your community involvement.

If used correctly, Instagram is more effective than using other social platforms, including Facebook or Twitter. It offers a higher engagement rate with followers than the other platforms, which means that more people are interacting with the content through likes or comments. The more attention your account receives, the better able you are to use it to raise brand awareness for your company and increase sales.

However, for Instagram to be effective in helping you sell your products or services, you have to devise a marketing strategy for your business. (more…)

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Making the MOST of Your Social Media Time

Making the MOST of Your Social Media TimeBy Deb Bixler

If you are networking in the social sites for your party plan business, and I am sure you are, it is not just about marketing.

Below are a few social media tips but the most important one to remember is to provide VALUE!

Most Important Social Media Tip = Add Value!

In social sites, you should build relationships, make friends and add value to people’s lives.

Just like offline, home party selling online is about focusing on the benefits that your product, opportunity or services provide.

Share Your Party Plan Excitement

There is nothing wrong with sharing your excitement about your party plan business on Facebook, Twitter or any other social site. It is a good thing to be excited.

Excited people attract excited people, but the key is to not always be in the marketing mode. (more…)

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Using LinkedIn to Find New Customers

Using LinkedIn to Find New CustomersBy Danielle Buffardi

Out of all the social media sites, LinkedIn can be (and usually is) viewed as the most professional of them all. LinkedIn tends to entice the corporate affiliates and the decision makers of companies and that’s a good thing. It means that they have the power to hire you right off the bat – so keeping your LinkedIn profile proper is a move that has to be made if you want to score new clients.

Rub Elbows.

LinkedIn offers freelancers and business owners the ability to not only put themselves out there for the taking regarding getting hired, but also it gives them an open opportunity to network and rub elbows with an amalgamated elite. It’s said that up to 45% of account holders on LinkedIn are the proprietors  – this can absolutely work in your favor if you’re searching for new clients to hire you or buy into your brand.

Polish Your Profile.

One of the best things you can do to when it comes to catching people’s attention on LinkedIn is to keep your profile current and concise. (more…)

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The Best Twitter Apps for Your Business

The 4 Best Twitter Apps for Your BusinessBy Danielle Buffardi

Using social media is a must when you want to build a following, market your brand, and find potential clients. And Twitter, with its short (140 characters or less) burst of dialogue, fits the bill for quick, no-hassle, and right to the point marketing. Blast a tweet to your followers to let them know of your current sale, or your newest e-book you’ve just finished, even tweet about your new puppy. Twitter is one of the most useful social media outlets today. However, managing your online presence through Twitter can be tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Here I’ve compiled four of the best Twitter apps to help entrepreneurs manage their Twitter activity, followers, and more.

1. Hootsuite

By far one of the best social media applications out there. You can handle all of your social media branding in one spot – send off the same update to all of your social media sites instantaneously or automatically RT anyone who mentions you on Twitter. (more…)

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The Changing Face of Social Media Marketing

The Changing Face of Social Media MarketingBy Dawn Berryman

As a small business owner, you know that social media marketing must be a part of your overall marketing and business plan. But how do you tackle this beast? Four years ago, almost every ‘fan’ your Facebook page had saw your posts in their newsfeeds. Interaction was easy. Engagement happened naturally.

Now what? Marketing your business via social media is becoming more challenging by the day. Not only do you have to spend the time actually planning and writing posts, but you have to spend time researching the newest algorithms and educating yourself on the latest tactics and strategies.
Why does it have to be so difficult? Is it really that necessary that your business have a social media presence? With all of the other things on your to-do list, how can you stay one step ahead? I will say that it isn’t as easy as it used to be; difficult even. However, I will also say it’s necessary.

Here are a few ways in which the social media scene has changed; and what to do about it.

Facebook Paid Advertising:

It seems as though Facebook wants paid for every person that sees your latest status update or photo. That’s a stark contrast to when business pages first came out and the site didn’t even offer advertising as an option. Now, you can put an ad on the sidebar to attract new ‘likers’, boost your latest status update or even promote a coupon or deal. There are many ways to advertise on Facebook and it can get real expensive, real fast. (more…)

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