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The Best Twitter Apps for Your Business

The 4 Best Twitter Apps for Your BusinessBy Danielle Buffardi

Using social media is a must when you want to build a following, market your brand, and find potential clients. And Twitter, with its short (140 characters or less) burst of dialogue, fits the bill for quick, no-hassle, and right to the point marketing. Blast a tweet to your followers to let them know of your current sale, or your newest e-book you’ve just finished, even tweet about your new puppy. Twitter is one of the most useful social media outlets today. However, managing your online presence through Twitter can be tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Here I’ve compiled four of the best Twitter apps to help entrepreneurs manage their Twitter activity, followers, and more.

1. Hootsuite

By far one of the best social media applications out there. You can handle all of your social media branding in one spot – send off the same update to all of your social media sites instantaneously or automatically RT anyone who mentions you on Twitter. (more…)

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The Changing Face of Social Media Marketing

The Changing Face of Social Media MarketingBy Dawn Berryman

As a small business owner, you know that social media marketing must be a part of your overall marketing and business plan. But how do you tackle this beast? Four years ago, almost every ‘fan’ your Facebook page had saw your posts in their newsfeeds. Interaction was easy. Engagement happened naturally.

Now what? Marketing your business via social media is becoming more challenging by the day. Not only do you have to spend the time actually planning and writing posts, but you have to spend time researching the newest algorithms and educating yourself on the latest tactics and strategies.
Why does it have to be so difficult? Is it really that necessary that your business have a social media presence? With all of the other things on your to-do list, how can you stay one step ahead? I will say that it isn’t as easy as it used to be; difficult even. However, I will also say it’s necessary.

Here are a few ways in which the social media scene has changed; and what to do about it.

Facebook Paid Advertising:

It seems as though Facebook wants paid for every person that sees your latest status update or photo. That’s a stark contrast to when business pages first came out and the site didn’t even offer advertising as an option. Now, you can put an ad on the sidebar to attract new ‘likers’, boost your latest status update or even promote a coupon or deal. There are many ways to advertise on Facebook and it can get real expensive, real fast. (more…)

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Skyrocket Your Blog’s Earnings and Traffic with Pinterest

Skyrocket Your Blog’s Earnings and Traffic with PinterestBy Holly Reisem Hanna

Normally, I’m very practical when it comes to social media hype, but with Pinterest I’ve seen major results from my own efforts, as well as I know many bloggers who are having incredible results, because of pins that have gone viral.

Point in case, Mandy Rose and Meagan Paullin have both talked about their Pinterest success in this post, Bloggers Making Over 40K With Their Blogs. In fact, Mandy had a “home tour” pin that has been pinned close to a million times and Meagan had one post go viral which in turn, skyrocketed her earnings for 2013.

Still not sure about the hype? Check out these stats.

  • Pinterest is the 4th largest traffic driver worldwide. [Source: Techcrunch]
  • Not only is Pinterest sending tons of traffic to websites, but Pinterest users spend twice as much as Facebook users. [Source: FastCompany]
  • Pinterest has Google benefits. Pinterest boards tend to rank well in Google search. [Source: Dustin TV]
  • 62% of brands have the Pinterest “Pin It” buttons on their product pages of their websites and it is the most used button. That officially puts them in first place compared to 61% having the Tweet buttons and 59% of brands having the Facebook Like buttons. 42% of brands have the Google+ button all according to a study done by 8th Bridge, after analyzing 872 retailers. (more…)

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5 Ways You Can Revitalize Your Business’s Instagram Account

5 Ways You Can Revitalize Your Business’s Instagram AccountBy Deborah Sweeney

When Instagram first hit the scene in 2010, it was considered an app that entrepreneur needed to establish a presence on to add to the ever-growing pile already in place of Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. But it was also an app that seemed easy to dismiss too, in terms of content. If one didn’t do anything special that day, they’d snap a picture of their Starbucks cup. And again, and again, until most of their photo album contained whatever they had drunk or ate that day rather than conveying news about their brand or product.

If you’re worried that your brand’s Instagram account is one of the ones currently buried in coffee cups or that you haven’t updated in awhile, now’s the time to revamp it and give your customers an up and personal, stylishly filtered, look at your business.

1) Know your #hashtags.

Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest all offer methods to pay to promote what you post and to expand your reach and engagement. Instagram had yet to offer anything like this, but it holds a very strong promotional symbol in its court: hashtags. Consider the keywords that work for what you’re promoting and also look at successful Instagram accounts in your industry to see how they’re approaching hashtags. Try to make sure you have some unique hashtags in the mix, but don’t make up so many that your audience has no clue how to look you up! Always include the name of your business as a hashtag and add in five or six other relevant keywords to go along with the picture. (more…)

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5 Easy Ways To Liven Up Your Twitter Stream

5 Easy Ways To Liven Up Your Twitter StreamBy Danielle Buffardi

As a social media platform, Twitter is a fantastic way to gain some exposure for your business and seek out new clients. However, with only 140 characters to express yourself it can, at times, become a rather tedious excursion resulting in boring and redundant tweets for both you and your readers. And this can mean loss of followers, business, and potential clients – something you want to avoid at all costs.

How do you spice up your tweeting then? Easy, read on for five quick and easy ways to breathe life back into your tweets.

1. Get Visual:

Twitter allows its users to tweet pictures of all sorts using specific applications so why not add some pizazz to your Twitter stream and share some pictures of your business, your office, even your location. Allowing your Twitter followers inside access into your business’s world, can help entice potential clients out of hiding.

2. Get Physical:

People love to be in the know, and I know that not everyone appreciates their location being announced to the world, but if you’d prefer to only allow Twitter and FourSquare to know where you are at certain times, then that’s fine too. Let people know you’re enjoying that cup of coffee seaside. If someone is nearby you doing the same, they may just come by and strike up a conversation. (more…)

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