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Social Media and Why It’s a Must for Your Business

Social Media and Why It’s a Must for Your Business - The Work at Home WomanBy Danielle Buffardi

As a business owner, you have a responsibility to your company in terms of getting the word out on how it can help others. When it comes to what your plans will be regarding advertising, it’s very hard to visualize a plan that doesn’t include using some kind of social media to utilize its advantages on getting the word out about your product and what your company is about.

Facebook has seen incredible growth in the last year by businesses hoping to get the word out about their products. Small businesses as well as bigger ones are devoting more time and energy into Facebook and social media sites regarding the advertising they’re doing for their company. Some are hiring workers strictly to stay devoted to social networking, trying new advertising strategies while staying true to the originals that put their business on the map in the first place.

YouTube has also grown significantly within the past couple of years. This jump in video appeal has led many bloggers, in whatever area of specialty, to add ‘podcasts’ to their list of ideas. (more…)

Using LinkedIn to Help Your Business Grow

Using LinkedIn to Help Your Business GrowBy Danielle Buffardi

LinkedIn tends to be viewed as a more business-orientated type of social media. Whereas Facebook and Twitter are more for social connections, LinkedIn is set up so that you can showcase your business and your product in the most enticing way. Use LinkedIn to your advantage and you could just see a nice jump in business. Some ways that LinkedIn can help your business grow are as follows:

Updating Your Profile: 

Seems like a common sense task but many business set up their initial LinkedIn profile and then forget to update it consistently. Potential clients need to know why they should choose you over the competitor and keeping your LinkedIn profile updated is one easy and simple way to showcase your company’s hard work.

Update Your Status Regularly:

By updating your LinkedIn status, it registers on your friends’ feeds and thus reminds them that you and your company are being active members of the LinkedIn community. (more…)

4 Ways To Stand Out On Facebook

4 Ways To Stand Out On FacebookBy Danielle Buffardi

With Facebook being as successful as it is, it’s super easy for your page to get ‘lost’ within the crowd. Some fans will ‘like’ your page and never visit it, while others will turn into Facebook friends. Therefore, you must be creative in your dealings with your business page on Facebook. As with every social media site, Facebook is of the utmost importance when it comes time to get your brand’s message out to the masses. Social media is a free tool that can help to bring in good PR vibes for your business’s bottom line. Standing out on any social media site, not just Facebook, takes practice and precision smarts.

Read on for four tips on how to get using Facebook to boost your company’s visibility and help make you stand out among the crowd. (more…)

What Social Networks Should You Use to Promote Your Business or Blog?

What Social Networks Should You Use to Promote Your Business or Blog? By Holly Reisem Hanna

You hear the hype… “5 Simple Facebook Tips and Tricks to Supercharge Your Business” or see “How I Grew My Pinterest Following by 5K in 3 Months” and you feel like you need to be on every hot social media platform there is to achieve business and blogging success.

Well, I’m here to tell you — no you don’t.

While it’s tempting to chase the latest social marketing trends, spreading yourself too thin and not fully understanding the various platforms will only hurt your marketing efforts. Before deciding which social platforms to be a part of make sure that you take these aspects into consideration. (more…)

7 Considerations for Marketing Your Home-Based Business with Foursquare

7 Considerations for Marketing Your Home-Based Business with FoursquareBy Stacy Carter

Foursquare has been around for several years now, but it has been overshadowed by more popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Security issues are the major concern among Foursquare users, which is why it has become a less popular marketing tool these days. Despite the security risks involved in using Foursquare, Internet marketers and home-based business owners can creatively use Foursquare as a valuable tool to complement their online marketing strategies.

The security and privacy issues in using Foursquare arise, because the site is a location-based platform which allows its users to declare their location and make it visible to the public. For home-based Internet marketers, the potential risks can be serious as their location and whereabouts, can be easily tracked down whenever they log into their Foursquare account.

Here are 7 considerations for using Foursquare for Internet marketing without putting your business at risk. (more…)

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