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Forget Schedules and Time Management

Forget Schedules and Time ManagementBy Allie Irish

Being the Best “Me” Helped to Get More Done…

I struggled for years to get my schedule right as I developed my business from home. But frankly speaking working from home at times can be chaotic. I work from home mostly to be home if my children need me, but as my business grew so did the need to be there for it also. I was torn with how many hours do I spend with everything I love?

Then about a year ago I started a running routine. I run about 3 – 6 days a week and if I don’t run you can find me walking the dog or other physical activities to get my heart rate up. I found that I had more energy, it was amazing!

I don’t know how it happened, but I felt I had more time and those workouts helped clear my mind of everything going on at home. When I got home I was able to easily get work and personal tasks done, without a schedule or any time management system. (more…)

The Importance of Finding (Your) Prime Time

The Importance of Finding (Your) Prime Time By Kathy Rembisz

Good time management skills involve more than just allowing ample time for a task or project, alleviating unnecessary interruptions, and knowing when it’s appropriate to delegate. In fact, an essential factor in time management is realizing your own prime time(s). Maximizing efficiency and getting the most out of your work day may depend on recognizing the best times for you to perform certain tasks.

I recently consulted with a woman who creates blog posts for her own website and others as part of her small business. Kelly was struggling with her writing time, feeling unproductive and uncreative. Initially, this professional carved out time late in the day, after phone calls and emails had eased up, for writing. Yet, she was still experiencing writer’s block. As an alternative, Kelly tried to make time on weekends, after she had tied up other loose ends pertaining to her business. Unfortunately, that didn’t work either and Kelly felt she was spending too long attempting to create informative, interesting posts. (more…)

20 Waking Actions to Stay Productive All Day

20 Waking Actions to Stay Productive All DayBy Katie Elizabeth

When you work from home it can be tempting to sleep in and get a slow, mellow start to your morning. Most of us however, also like the idea of day-long productivity, and the best way to meet your goals is to start your morning right. If you do that, the rest of your day will flow much more smoothly.

Here are 20 things you can do first thing in the morning to help you stay productive for the rest of your day.

1. Lose the snooze.

Once your alarm goes off, get right up. Drifting off to sleep for a couple more minutes serves no purpose, since you won’t be getting any deep, restorative sleep. If you’re waking up groggy, set your alarm a bit later or go to bed earlier.

2. Stretch it out.

It’s important to stretch your muscles first thing in the morning, especially if you sit at a desk for long amounts of time. This will improve your circulation and your posture. (more…)

Becoming More Productive

Becoming More ProductiveBy Courtney Gordner

When most of us are given a to-do list, whether it is work tasks on a Monday or errands on a Saturday, we try to attempt getting everything done all at once. We load up on caffeine and might actually hit the ground running when we trip over all the reasons we get in our own way. Many people have many different practices to stay as productive as possible. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to them, some of those things limit productivity instead of encouraging it. To make sure you aren’t making drastic mistakes in your attempts to be productive, use some of these tips to get the most out of your day.

1. Declutter

This is a two-in one suggestion. Declutter your work space and your to-do list. If you have piles of papers on your desk, you will not be able to find the first thing on your to-do list, never mind being able to focus on it. If you’re working on one thing and occasionally glance over towards the next thing on your to-do list, you will take twice as long to finish your fist task because you are not giving it 100% of your attention. By being able to tackle one task at a time, you can actually move through the to-do list much quicker. (more…)

5 Things You Haven’t Thought of That Keep Your Office Organized

Office OrganizationBy Casey Haslem

Studies show that a disorganized work space can affect not only productivity, but also your mood. Professionals who are surrounded by organization get more done, stay focused more easily, and set good first impressions with managers and clients. If you’re tired of looking at the clutter, it’s time to be proactive so that you eliminate the clutter for a happier professional life.

While there are obvious steps professionals can take to organize their space, here are 5 things the average professional doesn’t think of:

Make Sure Your Space Flows

Not everyone works the same way. You have to consider your daily processes, the files you use, the supplies you need access to regularly, the books you may need to reference, and which desk drawers and shelves are easiest for you to access. You don’t want your notepads to be out of arm’s reach if you use it regularly to take notes. When you’re arranging your office, dedicate drawers and surface space closest to you to things of priority. The items you won’t need as often can be stored out of the way until they’re of use for you. (more…)

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