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How To Be Hyper Productive When Working Remotely

How To Be Hyper Productive When Working RemotelyBy Jeffrey Fermin

Contrary to popular belief, working remotely is a pretty hard.

You still have to have an amazing output, but you have to do it at your own pace. Which is insanely tricky at time considering all the temptation around you. Especially if you’re working from your house.

If you’re just starting to work remotely, have been working remotely, or just taking a couple of days to work from home. These tips will help you become more productive at work.

Find A Place That Encourages Productivity

I know it sounds fun to work on your own and away from your office. But you still have to perform good, if not, better than your usual standard.

So whether you’re working from home, at a coffee shop, or a shared space, just make sure to have a location that will allow you to work at your best.

Working from home is absolutely cool. However, you might get too comfortable and you definitely don’t want to just wake up in your PJ’s every day and stay at home.

It may sound cool, but trust me, it gets boring after a while. But hey, if it works for you, more power to you. (more…)

6 Tips To Live Your Perfect Workday (Almost) Every Day

Six Tips To Live Your Perfect Workday (Almost) Every DayBy Diana Schneidman

To live your perfect workday, first you have to decide what the perfect day is for you.

The traditional saying, “The early bird catches the worm,” is thought to date back to the late 1600s, and that has been the norm in time management advice ever since.

Online advisers are proud to get up so early in the a.m., to sit right down to the computer, to churn out a day’s work — or at least a few hours’ worth — before they break to look at email. Then they return to the project at hand and stick with it unfailingly. Finally they turn off their computer at the scheduled time — perhaps 5:00 — and shut the door for keeps until returning the next workday.

They have compartmentalized their lives between work and personal and are proud as punch of this accomplishment.

Over years of self-employment, primarily as a freelance writer, I have adopted an entirely different schedule that works for me. What others would call “bad habits” are my “success habits”.

If you start out your day resolving to do the most important work first but you somehow fail to follow through, this article is for you. (And if you are an early-to-rise person, go ahead and gloat.)

I have discovered that I have different types of energy at different times of the day. While I can adjust my preferences when the outside world demands it, I find that I am happiest and most productive when I honor my inner cycles. (more…)

5 Time Management Tips for Serial Procrastinators

5 Time Management Tips for Serial ProcrastinatorsBy Anneke Steenkamp

This is the type of article where you have to bring in your personal experience. It’s almost stereotypical that I, as a writer will also lead the double-life of being a procrastinator. Especially when you work for yourself or from home there is no-one checking up on your work.

For some, time management is as natural as breathing. But for me, it is something that I’m still trying to master. The irony, however is that I’m not a lazy worker – when I do get in the zone it’s almost impossible to get me out. So I had to find some ways to improve how I manage my time, so that I could make the most of my workload and productivity during the work week.

Here are some of my tips for avoiding procrastination:

Create Visual Reminders:

Recently, I’ve found that I’m a person that is highly stimulated by visuals. If I have a goal, but I don’t see it in front of me, I would end up ignoring it. Visual reminders can be anything from motivational posters to colourful to-do lists. In my case, I have a daily to-do list next to my work space and then I also pen in my daily tasks in my dairy. Apart from that I also view loads and loads of motivational quotes, sayings and images during my chill-time. (more…)

Meal Planning Made Simple

Meal Planninf Made SimpleBy Holly Reisem Hanna

I’ll admit it, I struggle with meal planning. So much so, that my family often eats cereal for dinner. I know that I’m not alone in this daily struggle of what to make for dinner — because of conversations I’ve had with friends, family, and colleagues.

Like so many other women, I’m busy with being a mom, running a business, managing a household, and trying to stay on top of my never ending to-do list, that meal planning often falls to the wayside. Yes, I know the tips and tricks for meal planning, as well as the various services available; yet I still haven’t found one that works well with my schedule and budget.

Well, I finally found something that works … and thank goodness, because my mother-in-law came in town for a surprise visit this past month!

It’s the Tastefully Simple Tonight Collection Spring-Summer 2014. This meal planning kit gives you all the spices, sauces, recipes, freezer labels, even a shopping list that you’ll need to make ten yummy recipes. You can choose to prep the meals and put them in your freezer for busy weeknights or can make them as you go. I chose to do a little of both.

With the handy shopping list, I purchased all of the necessary ingredients to make the meals. Next I decided which recipes I’d make for the week and which ones I’d freeze for the weeks to come. (more…)

7 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Work Day

7 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Work DayBy Kim George

Starting and managing a small business isn’t easy — there are so many things to do, but we have so little time. To get the most out of your work day, and ensure your business’ continuous growth, here are a few tips …

1. Have a Plan

A proverb says “He who is well prepared has won half the battle.” So before you start your work day, sit and jot down all the tasks you need and want to finish. List them by priority, and, if there are tasks that must be done at a specific time, write that down, too.

2. Start Your Day as Early as You Can

The early bird always catches the worm. If you wake up and start working early, you will be able to get a lot more things done. Remember that most people are at their peak of their productiveness within only the earlier few hours of the day. Take advantage of that fact: get up early and finish tasks faster.

3. Delegate Tasks

You don’t need and shouldn’t try to do everything by yourself. Not only will that consume a lot of your time, but there’s a chance that the quality of your work will deteriorate as more time passes by. Assign the smaller, repetitive tasks to your office or virtual assistant to save time and earn more. (more…)

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