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What I’d Teach My Kids About Working at Home

What I’d Teach My Kids About Working at HomeBy Christy Schutz

Last week I clicked on a funny link on Buzzfeed called “38 Things Only People Who Work From Home Will Understand.” There are several examples that definitely ring true, like our insanely awesome commute or the sad fact that we rarely get to enjoy office Christmas parties. There were a couple of other examples of how others might be a tad bit confused about what we are really doing at home, even our family members. As I reflected on that fact, some interesting questions popped into my head. Will any of my children choose to work at home during their professional careers? Are there some important things I need to teach them about working remotely? As a result, I compiled the following list of things I’d like to teach my children about working at home.

1. You will be able to stay more connected to your family.

The flexibility telecommuting typically offers and a physical presence at home is what gives remote workers the edge in this instance. And this point alone may be enough to entice the next generation into considering arrangements that allow them to work from home, particularly when considering the career goals and needs that research shows are most important  them. For example, according to a study done by the Cooperative Institutional Research Program (CIRP), which has been surveying incoming freshmen at U.S. colleges and universities for the past 50 years, 73.6% of kids who participated in the 2012 study reported that they considered “raising a family” to be an “essential” or “very important” aspect of their future lives. This work situation can help you to keep your family a priority. (more…)

Playtime Cardio: The Workout Kids of all Ages Will Love!

Playtime Cardio The Workout Kids of all Ages Will LoveBy Erika Volk

I have been a personal trainer nearly six years and in that time have become very familiar with the struggles of the working mom. If there is one piece of advice I could give to busy working moms, it would be to get off the treadmill and go play with your kids!

For many parents squeezing a workout into their over-scheduled day means sacrificing time with the family. I hate this win-lose scenario! In college I worked as a babysitter at the local gym and could see the heartbreak on parents faces as they poured into the door at 5:30 pm and dropped their kids off with the babysitter for the second time that day.

My solution to this problem is something I call “Cardio Playtime.” Cardio Playtime allows mom to get in an intense metabolic workout while kiddos benefit from some physical activity and attention from their #1 fan.

Cardio Playtime is also an opportunity to teach your child by example. According to the journal of American Medicine, one third of U.S. adults are obese. Unfortunately, this alarming trend has affected our children too. Over the last 30 years, childhood obesity rates have tripled. Now one out of every 3 children is overweight or obese ( Kids that workout with their parents will be more likely to value and enjoy an active lifestyle as an adult. Just ask me -  I started doing aerobics VHS tapes with my mom at age 3! She taught me how to lift weights when I was a teen and, by the time I was 29, I owned my own fitness business. Thanks, Mom! (more…)

Quick Cleaning Tips to Enhance Your Efficiency

Quick Cleaning Tips to Enhance your EfficiencyBy Rheney Williams

I’ll admit it: Hello. My name is Rheney and I’m a cleanaholic. Well, maybe not a cleanaholic so much as someone who just loves a clean environment. Seriously, there’s just something about a dust and film-free work surface that makes me happy.

And since I’m a work-at-home woman, having a neat, orderly and efficient home office space is important for me to have a productive day. But the other side of the coin is just that: I’m a work-at-home woman who can’t spend all of her time cleaning because I have to actually work!

I’m sure many of you feel the same way; you want a clean office, but finding the time to get it into ship-shape seems elusive, if not impossible. I’m here to tell you today that it can be done. It’s all about working smarter, not harder. And if you’re looking for or have already found a way to work from home, you’re no stranger to the concept of working smarter! (more…)

27 Things You Can Sell From Home to Make Money

27 Things You Can Sell From Home to Make MoneyBy Holly Reisem Hanna

From a very early age I was taught the value of money. Not only did I do chores to earn a weekly allowance, but I was expected to save my money for things that I wanted to purchase. And like most kids — I wanted more than I really needed, which motivated me to come up with other ways to make money.

Yes, I sold lemonade from a TV tray in our neighborhood, but I also sold arts and crafts door-to-door. I collected salamanders from our backyard and sold them to the local pet store. I collected aluminum cans from the nearby business park’s dumpsters and sold them to the recycling center, and I sold my old toys in rummage sales.

Fast forward and not much has changed. In college, I sold my old text books and CDs for cash. I sold old clothes to consignment shops. I even sold my body to science, by participating in numerous pharmaceutical research studies. The point being … when you’re short on cash there are TONS of ways to make extra money by selling things.

So if you need some extra pocket cash, here are 27 different things you can sell from home.


Are you a math whiz or a tech guru? Do you know a foreign language? Then cash in on your knowledge on sites like Brain Mass or Create Pool. Simply browse the questions, give an answer, and get paid. (more…)

5 Ways to Reduce Loneliness When Working From Home

5 Ways to Reduce Loneliness When Working From Home   By Cathi Nelson

One of the rituals I enjoyed most while working in an office was the daily walk to the coffee shop. Every morning a group of us would line up ordering our favorite latte or cappuccino chatting the entire time. The conversation was light hearted; what we had for dinner, a review of a favorite TV show, a morning wardrobe malfunction or our plans for the weekend. When I resigned to spend more time with my newly adopted son and work from home, I found myself out of sorts, feeling sad and lonely. Even though I loved working from home, something was missing. I eventually realized it was the “conversation around the water cooler”! Over the years, I found solutions to help combat the loneliness.

Here are 5 ways you to can find connections and community even though you work from home.

Get Out Often:

One day I realized I was going to the grocery store almost every day and it wasn’t because I needed anything, I just needed to be in a place with other people. Now I schedule a daily lunch break with myself. I run an errand, go to the post office, grocery store, take a walk or meet a friend for lunch.  Even if I don’t speak with anyone, I find this  break crucial to my emotional health.

Attend a Small Business Conference: 

Every year I attend at least one small business conference. (more…)

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