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Earn More Money From Your Direct Sales Business

Earn More Money from Your Direct Sales BusinessBy Deb Bixler

Have you heard the phrase “Consistent Activity = Consistent Income”?

It’s fairly simple yet has far reaching implications …

Let’s ask the question, consistent at what?

Does consistently making customer service calls equal consistent income?

Does consistently working your business equal consistent income?

Yes, we all understand that this phrase means we have to consistently be putting into action systems that lead us down the road of successful entrepreneurship.

How do you begin to put such systems together?

First, break your business into the basic areas of focus.

What is your business model? As an example, let’s look at the “party plan profession” (but these same principles can be applied to any business.)

You’ve heard it before, “Book, Sell, Recruit!”

Sounds simple enough; let’s start there.

Consistency In Bookings?

Book: What systems have you put into place to help you get bookings?

  • Have you developed “one- liners” of things to say to customers?
  • A steady stream of sprinkles at your sales demo will do wonders for at party bookings!
  • Are you reaching out in a variety of ways to find new business with strangers?
  • Vendor events, networking opportunities, chamber of commerce mixers, providing value educational workshops for groups, etc. are all just a few of the many systems you could add to your repertoire to fill your calendar!
  • Do you offer incentives to encourage people to make the decision to have a party?
  • Theme parties, bonus booking gifts and a really fun show will keep the bookings coming!
  • Do you plant seeds to get people thinking about the benefits of hosting a party every where you go?

Consistency In Sales?

What are you doing consistently to increase your sales averages?

  • Sell! Do you consciously PLAN to sell more? We all do! But what are you doing to make that happen?
  • Have you developed a system of looking at your individual products and creating benefit-driven examples and testimonials about your products?
  • Do you regularly go to other distributors shows to observe?
  • Studying the art of your sales presentation is a powerful tool to work on increasing sales!
  • Do you have the systems in place to take orders and follow up in a timely manner?

Consistency In Recruiting?

Recruit! What systems do you have in place to generate recruit leads and then follow up?

  • Have you developed “one-liners” that point out the benefits of joining your team?
  • Lead generation outside the party is essential for finding new business builders!
  • Do you have a system to follow up with the leads you generate to help them make the decision to join your team?
  • What are you doing consistently to find and develop new team members?

NINE Key Areas Of Focus

Booking, Selling, and Recruiting are the obvious areas of focus, but are they are really not enough!

There are NINE key areas to focus on for long term success.

The nine key areas to focus on in your direct sales business are:

  1. Get Bookings Booming
  2. Have Happier Hosts
  3. Attract Greater Attendance
  4. Get Sales Soaring
  5. Develop Committed Customers
  6. Have Raving Recruits
  7. Motivate & Inspire
  8. Recognize & Reward
  9. Have Seasonal Success

As you look at this more complete list, you can see your business in a nutshell.

  • What systems do you have in place to address each of these areas of focus?
  • What do you do to ensure happy hosts?
  • What are you doing to attract greater attendance?
  • What steps are you taking to develop committed customers who come back to you time after time?

The goal of all these questions is to activate your brain into developing the answers because as you do this, you will recognize the need to put systems into place for each of the key areas of your business.

Keyword = Consistently

It is better to less today but do it everyday for the rest of your life than to do so much that you can not consistently do it everyday!

Once you have the systems, systems that you can consistently perform day after day then and only then your consistent activity will equal consistent income!

Deb Bixler specializes teaching party plan consultants systems for business success. Visit her website, to learn how to create systems for your business.

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