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Envelope Stuffing … A Work at Home Scam!

Envelope Stuffing – Work at Home Scam!By Holly Reisem Hanna

When I was in college I worked part-time waiting tables, even though I made good money, I still had to pinch pennies to make ends meet. So you can imagine my excitement when I found an ad placed on my algebra class’ bulletin board, stating “Make Great Money Stuffing Envelopes, $2.00 per Envelope”!

I was so excited! I started calculating how many envelopes I could stuff in between classes and how much money I could make per week; life was going to be so much easier! I sent $12.00 off for the information pertaining to the envelope stuffing gig and impatiently waited for the information to come.

Finally after a couple of weeks it arrived, the information that was going to solve my financial worries. I read the letter and it said, to make money stuffing envelopes, place the same ad you replied to in magazines, newspaper ads and on bulletin boards. You will then make money by people replying to the ad, and in return you will send them the same info. What a bummer! Luckily I only lost $12.00.

Today you still see envelope stuffing ads on the Internet, “Make $1,500 a Week Stuffing Envelopes”, only now they charge $20 – $50 for the same bogus information. In Tory Johnson’s book, “Will Work from Home”, she tests the  envelope stuffing scam with a few different companies, none of them panned out. “Recruiting people to stuff envelopes is the oldest work-from-home gimmick that fools people every day. Don’t be one of them”.

For more information on avoiding scams, see our work at home scam prevention page.

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