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Five Things No One Ever Told You About Blogging

Five Things No One Ever Told You About BloggingBy Rick Magennis

So you want to be a blogger, now what? Before you embark on your blogging journey, prepare yourself for good days and bad days. You may write the best blog of your life and no one takes time to comment. One day you will reach hundreds of people, and the next your statistics are in the toilet. There is much about blogging that no one has ever told you.

I’m here to spill the beans.

Blogging is Time Consuming.

Oh yes, time consuming indeed. Successful blogs stay true to their niche, and they put up quality posts on a regular basis. In the beginning your brain will be booming with ideas, and you will be eager to post and experiment with your blog.You will whip out a post every day with no trouble finding a topic you love to write about. But after you’ve been at it awhile, posting quality content will take more thought. And more importantly, more time. You will also need to network (more on that below).

The good news is that once you fall into a routine, posting should come easily and quickly. The trick is to stay at it, and keep blogging until you find your groove.

You will be a statistics checking machine.

After you’ve started your blog, you will be busy making a name for yourself. And with all the awesome content you post, you will be curious how many people you are reaching. Let me spare you the suspense.  In the beginning, it won’t be that many. Your “stats” will frustrate you. But if you keep at it, and stay true to your theme, your statistics will improve. Over time you will see which types of posts resonate with your readers, and you can work on content that your readers enjoy.

Remember to post what you love. Riding the statistics wave is a very bumpy ride.

You will not make a living blogging.

Some people have made a good living blogging. They even live off the money they make blogging. Keep in mind this number of people is very very small. But if you monetize your blog, and work at it, you can expect to make some money.

How much depends on you.

Do you want to sell ad space? Join an affiliate network? Post reviews? There are many tricks to the trade. Find what works for you, and what doesn’t turn off your readers. Readers know when posts are aimed at making money. And chances are they won’t love them nearly as much as your posts that are true to your niche.

You Need to Network

If you plan to be a successful blogger, you need to network. Blogging is about building a readership, and belonging to a community of like minded bloggers.  You need a support system, you need other bloggers to encourage you and give you feedback. If you visit other people’s blogs, comment and join in the discussion. They will visit yours in return. It’s a give and take.

You will visit countless blogs and wonder how on Earth they have the readership they do. Or the amount of followers they do. You will feel your blog has better content, and wonder why you have less feedback.

It’s all about networking.

Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest… oh my!

Along with networking, you will need to tweet. And make a fan page. And join Pinterest. All of these sites are great outlets to share your posts, and increase your statistics. Blogging is just the beginning if you plan to be successful.

Blogging is a rewarding and exciting hobby, and when you stay with it everything will fall into place. You can make extra money, share what you are passionate about, and have an outlet that is yours alone. Don’t get discouraged when you hit roadblocks. Stay the course and you will be on your road to blogging greatness in no time!

Rick Magennis, publisher of is an experienced freelance writer. Through detailed stroller reviews and articles, such as his BOB Revolution SE review, Rick informs online consumers about the best strollers on the market today.

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3 Responses to “Five Things No One Ever Told You About Blogging”

  1. 1
    Stacie Clark says:

    Great points about blogging. I’m enjoying the ideas I receive from your website and will put them into use as I prepare to launch my own business, and while working at internet marketing in my current job. Thank you for all the great content!

  2. 2
    Optimistic Mom says:

    So very true! When I first started I thought it would be easy, but it does take work. I think it is truly important to enjoy blogging because you may not become an overnight success story. ;)

  3. 3
    Debbie Allen says:

    I just recently discovered your site – I wanted to take the time to say that the content here is fabulous. Congratulations on creating a site that is extremely informative and helpful!

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