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Fresh Finds for the Home Office

By Christy Schutz

The other day I took my morning commute (about 50 feet) to my home office, opened the door, and almost turned around and went back to my bedroom. The thought of crawling back into my cozy bed and pulling the covers over my face seemed WAY more appealing than tackling the stacks of papers, mail, folders, and stuff that was strewn across my desk. Let me clarify right now that I am not a neat freak. I enjoy organization, but can function in a little bit of clutter. But, my home office looked like “who did it and ran” and I knew I was going to have to take some time organizing and straightening if I hoped to be able to think straight and be productive.

My experience reminded me of something. It has been awhile since I’ve done some shopping for my home office. Surely we all NEED a few new accessories and/or nifty tools in order to really jump-start our productivity levels, right? Spruce up your office with some of these fresh finds:

Get It Together, Lady! – If you are like me, and you have some unruly piles of paper on your desk, then you sorely need some paperclips. But, just not any paperclips will do. These adorable Penguin Paperclips make home office organization SO much more fun! From Mod Cloth.

Filing Fashion – Once you’ve got your work sorted and categorized, you need to get it off your desk. These adorable file boxes are a great way to de-clutter and accessorize you office.

Cozy Coffee – I enjoy a hot cup of coffee or tea in the morning as I begin my day. I loved the idea of this handmade cup warmer/hand protector made by crafter Diana of KnotWorkShop. Cute, practical, and each purchase directly supports another independent, creative, working woman!

Addition, Subtraction and Conference Call Distraction – Luckily in my line of work I am not required to do very much math. But, when I do have to crunch some numbers, I rely on my handy dandy calculator. I think it is high time I update my calculator with this fun version from The Office Stylist. I can work the numbers, or entertain myself with the cool maze on the back.From Sorting with Style.

Not Very Vanilla – I enjoy fun, offbeat custom print file folders, note cards, journals, binders, etc. The items from this designer Carla of Crown Bindery are right up my alley.

There’s An App for That – Though not traditional office supplies, per se, I still think these recommended apps are helpful additions to any Work at Home Woman’s life. First I’d suggest TMSoft’s White Noise. As their description so aptly reads, “White Noise provides ambient sounds of the environment to help you relax or sleep.” And while they are touting their ability to help people sleep or rest, work at home women would probably appreciate its ability to drown out some of those household sounds that often break our concentration. If your business sometimes involves you leaving your home office to sell your wares/collect payments, then check out Square. Their credit card payment processing apps are uber cool, and then even send you a digital card reader that can plug right into your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

Martha, Martha, Martha! – My love/hate/love relationship with Martha Stewart continues. I love her taste. Hate that I cannot be her. And love just about any line she sells. And now, she has her own line of tres chic office supplies at Staples. From furniture to file folders, sticky pads to sheet protectors, if it is Martha’s, it is probably fresh, stylish and practical. Plus, you can take care of all your home office needs in one fell swoop.

For everyone’s shopping convenience, I have pinned all these fresh new home office finds on my TheWorkatHomeWoman board on Pinterest.  If you see something you like, please click the pic and it should take you right back to the source where I found it. Plus, as I continue to find new things out there, I will add them to the board!

What additional fresh, fun or funky home office finds would you add to the list?

P.S. If you want to learn more about Pinterest, there are some great resources right here at The Work at Home Woman. For starters, check out this post 50 Pinterest Resources for Small Business Owners, Bloggers, and Job Seekers.

Christy Schutz, is the author & creator of Higher Calling Communications , which is committed to helping you make the most of your calling! She’s putting 16+ years of experience in the advertising, recruitment, employee communications, marketing & special events industries to good use by helping individuals, businesses & faith-based ministries discover, develop & market their own distinct calling or mission. She also helps people leverage communications strategies that will enable them to build deeper, more effective relationships with those they hope to serve. This Tampa Bay, FL-based Mom also keeps herself busy by raising 4 kids, caring for her husband & doting on her cute Jack Russell Terrier, Petey!

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    Great suggestions – I wouldn’t have thought of some of these vendors for home office supplies. Thanks!

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