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From The Mogul Mom: Tim Ferriss’s 3 Simple Blog Tips That Have Big Impact

The Mogul MomA couple of weeks ago Heather Allard from The Mogul Mom, wrote this amazing blog post on simple changes that have a big impact on your blog. The post had such an impact on me that I emailed my graphic designer immediately to help me make some quick and easy changes to my blog. I loved this post because the tips that Heather talks about are so easy to implement and they don’t take very much time; and with a very busy two year old running around this is just what my blog needed! Hope you enjoy Heather’s post!

A few weeks ago, I watched this video from Tim Ferriss’s opening keynote “How to Build a High-Traffic Blog Without Killing Yourself” at San Francisco Wordcamp, an event that focuses on everything WordPress.

I’ve been a Tim Ferriss fan since I read his wildly popular book “The 4-Hour Workweek” two years ago. In true Tim Ferriss fashion, this presentation doesn’t mess around & quickly shows some kick-ass, results-driven blog tactics that can help anyone with a blog — or — website.

Tim covered all kinds of things in his killer presentation (and if you’re a blogger, I encourage you to watch the 50-minute video here)–why he blogs, when he blogs, how often he blogs, select best practices, how to use data, how he handles comments & community building and much, much more.

But what I loved best about Tim’s presentation was the part about design changes he made, why he made them and how they impacted his blog.

There were 3 specific changes that he made that, when I heard about them, I literally wanted to slap myself in the head for not thinking of them. These are really “DUH-simple” design changes that make BIG impact on your blog or website success.

1. Reasons to Subscribe–do you have a subscription box somewhere on your site that says, ‘Sign Up’ for my blog posts, newsletter or free ebook? Do you ever wonder if people ask themselves WHY they should sign up for your blog posts,  newsletter or ebook? Most people want to know what’s in it for them if they sign up and it’s up to YOU to tell them.

Tim Ferriss said he labeled his subscribe tab ‘7 Reasons to Subscribe’ and saw an immediate difference in subscriber numbers because he spelled it out for them about why they would want to subscribe.

I used to have a ‘Why Subscribe’ tab at the top of my blog and if you clicked on it, you’d see 5 reasons to subscribe to The Mogul Mom.  So, I changed my tab to ‘5 Reasons to Subscribe’ (since I already had the reasons on there anyway!) and since I did that two weeks ago, my subscriber numbers have increased and the number of hits on that tab have jumped significantly.

So…spell it out for your readers or customers. WHY should they subscribe to your blog posts, newsletter or free ebook? What do you offer them? Exclusive products? Advance notice of sales? Discounts? Free shipping? Fresh content they can’t find anywhere else? Define the WHY and watch your numbers grow.

2. Popular Posts–do you have a popular posts section on your blog? Yep, so did I. And guess what? Those posts were popular–because people just kept reading them…because those were the posts listed in ‘Popular Posts’, so people kept reading them…

See where I’m going? If you have ‘Popular Posts’ listed in your sidebar, those same posts will always remain your popular posts because those are the ones readers keep clicking on. The ‘Popular Posts’ widget populates that spot with posts based on the number of people who read them–so, duh, of course those same posts are going to remain there because those reader numbers remain the same. Get rid of them. No, really.

Tim gives his readers a few options that keep them clicking around–he has a ‘Most Popular’ section on the right hand side and has four tabs labeled ‘Current Hits’, ‘All Time’, ‘Tim’s Faves’ & ‘Lifestyle 101′.  Play around with your post options to see what works best for you.

If you want your readers to read all of your posts and not just those God forsaken ‘Popular Posts’, do what I did and eliminate them from your site. List a week’s worth of recent posts, a post archives and post categories (I call mine ‘Topics’) and give people the chance to click around and see all the great content you have to offer.

Continuing reading Heather’s post and the best tip yet –  number #3!

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