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How to Host $1,000 Parties Every Month

How to Host $1,000 Parties Every MonthBy Deb Bixler

Every home party consultant deserves to have $1,000 home parties. As a matter of fact YOU should have a few $1,000 shows EVERY single month! It is attainable and it is not that hard when you put some simple systems into place that will make it a reality.

When you coach your home party host — you are teaching her or him how to have a successful show. You are not being pushy!

Here are 4 direct sales hostess coaching techniques that can pay off big time:

1 Contact Your Party Plan Hostess Often.

The number one fear of hostesses is that no one will come. Your job is to make sure that does not happen.

Hostesses DO want to be called. You are the home party consultant and YOU should be coaching your hostesses to success. Every host wants to have a successful show, so why would it be pushy to help them to do so?

Use every opportunity you can to stay in touch with your hosts. Like the rest of the world, all hosts have different personalities, so it is necessary to use a variety of methods to contact them:

When you use ALL sources of contact for each host you will definitely be able to connect in their preferred channel of communication.

2. Contact Your Home Party Hostess 3 Times

Put a system into place that assures that you are contacting every host at three important points prior to the show.

  • After they get their host packet
  • At the time that you want the invitations sent out (Or when you send them out)
  • Make contact 3 days prior to the show

3. Set the Bar High. 

You system should always coach them to set the bar high. Explain the benefit package to them and guide them to the first goal level and to the REALLY big show level.

If your company show average is $300, then you should talk about the benefit package from the perspective of a $500 show. Your host will always consider the number you say first as average and make that their first goal.

You would then ask them to consider having a REALLY big show. After explaining the benefits based on a $500 show, guide them to the information for a $750 show and inspire them to higher levels.

If you want to have $1,000 shows, then you would explain the benefits package based on a $500 show as the starting point and then have them aspire to the $1,000 level. Say something like:

“Look at the $1,000 level; at the $1,000 show you will get $200 of products for free, and two half-priced items. How would you like to have a $1,000 show?”

Chances are your hostess will say, “Well, we’ll see …” or “If I can …”

Regardless of what she says, you will go on to say: “Mary, I can guarantee a $1,000 show when we have 8 – 10 orders before I arrive and 16 – 21 guests in attendance! I would love to do a $1,000 show with you! If you are going to clean the house, we might as well be sure to get you as many free products as possible!”

4. Good Consultants Inspire Hosts.

Hostess or host coaching is really about inspiring your hosts and teaching them how to achieve good results. Happy hosts always rebook and happy hosts pass your name onto their friends. When you put systems into place that work for you to create happy hosts — your sales will increase and your cancellations will go down.

How to Host $1,000 Parties Every Month

Deb Bixler teaches party plan training and systems that make your business roll along effortlessly. Visit the Cash Flow Show for more hostess coaching tips because YOU deserve a $1000 show and so does your hostess!


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2 Responses to “How to Host $1,000 Parties Every Month”

  1. 1
    Deb Bixler says:

    Every distributor should have 3-5 $1000 shows every month!! Make a plan and it will happen!

    Thanks for having me as a guest blogger!

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