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How Blogging Led to My Affair

How Blogging Led to My Affair By Hana Haatainen Caye

It started out innocently enough … just one post after another on a brand new blog. Hardly noticeable, but relevant. At least, in my mind. I mean, what’s not relevant about ditching the disposables and opting for soft, fluffy cloth diapers?

Oh great, another cloth diaper blog. Just what the blogosphere needs.

Well, okay, I admit, it’s not just about cloth diapers. But the way I see it, cloth diapering mamas (and papas) are interested in greener, healthier living for their kiddos, so that’s the content I deliver.

Amazingly enough, people started following the blog. Not a flash mob or anything, but a steady group. It was comfortable. But then one day, I decided to employ a bit of social media to see what would happen. A tweet here. A Facebook post there. 

Hmm …

And that is when it happened. My appreciation of the Green Grandma community grew into something I hadn’t expected … or planned for. Before I knew it, I was flirting with them, teasing them with tantalizing headlines, and quizzing them on personal issues, obsessed with finding out more and more about them. I was lusting after comments and fantasizing about reproduction. If Becky shares Monday’s post with her friends, maybe one or two or five or fifty of them will ‘like’ me, too. I started feeling like Sally Field as the community grew. You like me, you really like me.

As with all affairs, my attention turned from my regular duties in life to an exorbitant amount of time focusing on how to please my community. What would make her happy today? What gift can I give her this week? What will make her feel good?

My work suffered. My marriage suffered. But the Green Grandma community? Oh, how she thrived!

And then, as is the case with illicit relationships, the magic started to fade; the chemistry fizzling.

But why? I asked, frantic to rekindle the flame that brought me so much satisfaction. Ahhh … I thought, the realization clearly revealed. It started to become too much about me. Clearly, the object of my affection was feeling neglected and taken for granted. If I didn’t do something about it quickly, the community just might move on to the proverbial greener pastures!

Bloggers’ affairs are fickle like that. Please the community, or the community will find another blog that will. Relationships … they’re a lot of hard work. Even in the blogosphere.

Hana Haatainen Caye, aka Green Grandma, is a writer, editor and voice-over talent. After becoming a grandma in 2008, she discovered a passion for educating others on common sense healthier and greener living and smarter parenting. Her book, Green Grandma’s Vinegar Fridays, focuses on eliminating toxins from people’s lives. Her Green Grandma blog engages an active like-minded community in daily dialogue.

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