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How to Search for a Work at Home Job

How to Search for a Work at Home JobBy Holly Reisem Hanna

Many people want to work from home, especially moms that want to be readily available for their children; but they don’t know where to start. Just like any other job search, you will need to put in some time and effort, but once you do, you’ll be happy to find that there are a lot of work at home opportunities out there. Here are three tips to get you started with your work at home job search.

1. Search Major Career Job Sites.

Start by searching the major career sites like Indeed using the terms: “work at home”, “work from home”, “home based”, “remote”, “virtual”, “telecommute”, and “telework”. Because companies are trying to save money in this tough economy more and more businesses are hiring people to work from home.

Just for fun I’ve searched on Career Builder for “home based” positions, and I’ve come up with many pages of results. Yes, you’ll need to take the time to scavenge through these, but the opportunities are there for the taking. To help you get started, I’ve created a Job Board Page to assist you with your search.

2. Network! Network! Network!

I’m always talking about it, and there is a reason why – it’s because networking works! Three out of four of my last jobs I got through networking, and here’s why. First people are more apt to trust a known person’s recommendation over a stack of totally unknown resumes. Secondly, people enjoy helping other people out, so let it be known that you are searching for a work at home job.

Get involved in social networks like Facebook where you can connect with old classmates, colleagues, friends and family. Ask them to let you know if they hear of anything. Facebook is also a great place to meet new people, so join a couple of legitimate work at home groups. LinkedIn is a great professional social network to get involved in, plus they have tons of job listings available on the site.

I’ve compiled a list of various Social Networks to assist you with your networking efforts.

3.  Check Various Work at Home Websites.

Search the different work at home sites for home-based positions, many of them will post new work at home openings. Here are four different sites that list work at home jobs:

Make sure to check out 19 Places to Find Legit Work at Home Jobs.

Do you have a job search tip, question or comment? I invite you to share your insights in our comment section below.

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4 Responses to “How to Search for a Work at Home Job”

  1. 1
    sherin says:

    Yes I agree with your thought. all of these are practical. Even though, I support the second method more because of its possibility. Network is not only useful for work from home opportunities but, excellent for meet any emergencies like job losing. Excellent article. Sherin

    sherin’s last blog post..Announcing The New Face of The Money Maniac Blog

  2. 2
    karrie davis says:

    I have been trying to find a job that i can do at home i am a single mother with three kids there ages r 14,13,09 i have always worked and havent gotten to spend alot lf time with them,they are getting older and i would like to be with them b4 they start their own lives and but every time i think i found something there is some kind of hidden fee and i have to stop i dont have access to a credit card and i need to earn money not spend it. can any one help me find a job that doesnt want me to pay them to work? any help is greatly appreciated sincerly

  3. 3
    Lisa says:

    Thanks for including my site, Holly! :) I really appreciate it!

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