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Interview with Work at Home Mom – Liz Nonnemacher of Wickedly Chic

Interview with Work at Home Mom - Liz Nonnemacher of Wickedly ChicDo you work at home?

Yes, I work out of an office in my home.

Do you have any children?

Two daughters (the oldest is a senior in college and the baby is a junior in high school).

How many hours do you work a week?

About 25 … sometimes more and sometimes a little less.

Tell us a little bit about Wickedly Chic and how you got started.

Wickedly Chic is an online boutique website which promotes & markets independent businesses. Definitely fashion-conscious, it’s a place where women can browse every day and find new things that they must have or ideas for gifts. If shopping has become a drag because every store that you walk in seems to have the same items, chances are you’ll love Wickedly Chic.

I started this about 3.5 years ago when my oldest daughter was going off to college. Honestly, I think the idea was formulating in my head for about 3 years before that. It didn’t matter what city or town I was in, they were all loaded with big-box shops without personality. I wanted to find a way to represent the businesses that are not selling sweaters in 25 colors … it was time to focus on the unique.

How would you rate your success from 0 – 10?

I’m at about a 7 and rapidly moving forward.

How do you manage all of your personal and business activities?

It’s much easier because I work from home. I can make my own hours which makes the business & personal much less of a struggle. Also this business is portable so I can take it with me anywhere that I go … which makes it much more convenient.

What has been your biggest business struggle?

I have lots of ideas continually forming in my brain. Sometimes it’s hard to know which ones to implement, which ones to leave aside and which ones to leave alone!

What advice would you give to a new entrepreneur?

Make sure that you have a professional looking & welcoming website which makes people want to visit you. Know that you need to invest money in your business in order to have it pay off and have a good marketing plan (and keep revising).

Thanks Liz for sharing your story! To learn more about Liz, visit Wickedly Chic or follow her tweets on Twitter @wickedlychic. For some great gift ideas check out her 2009 Holiday Gift Guide.

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