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Top Jobs for People Who Hate People

Top Jobs for People Who Hate People By Emily Belcher

In order to survive in todays’ world, one must have an income. In order to have an income, that means you’re going to have to find a job. Sadly, almost all jobs require some form of human interaction. Whether you’re writing a book or flipping a burger, it all goes to please another human being: like it or not.

For some of us, the thought of face-to-face contact is so treacherous that is can make us physically ill. Everyone wants to put a label on everything and more often than not, we’re termed as “anti-social” or “introverted”. I’m okay with whatever you want to call it, but I’m not okay with saying that it’s an actual problem. Some people just like to be alone and luckily, there are plenty of ways for us to make a living solo.

After doing some research on the matter, I’ve come up with a list of jobs that sound like they’d be suitable for people who hate working with other people. These are only suggestions. There is no guarantee that any of these would actually be suitable for you personally.

Freelance Writer

Freelance writing could be a great job for someone who hates dealing with people. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you would be successful. Writing is an art, which as we know is one of the most challenging fields there are to date.

There’s a big difference between a writer and a successful writer. Most writers still work a day job. Successful writers typically do not.

But if you choose freelance writing, you aren’t out to please anyone. If people like you, great. If they don’t, big deal.


Blogging isn’t a “get rich” scheme by any means. In fact, most bloggers don’t earn a penny from their blogs. However, there are hundreds of ways to earn money from blogging, all of which take time.

If you’re interested in blogging, I can tell you that it can be great for people who don’t like to interact with other people. Don’t get me wrong, talking to people via the internet can be just as hellacious as communicating in-person, and often times it’s even worse. But there are options that you have that can limit your person-to-person contact with cyber folk. I’m not saying that these would be financially beneficial and in fact, they may even hurt you in the long-run. But they are options.

Things like:

  • Deactivating your comments or just not reading or replying to comments.
  • Little interaction on social media. I say “little” because in all honesty, social media is pretty important when trying to get traffic to your blog.

Medical Transcriptionist

As a new medical transcriptionist, you’re more than likely going to have to have a little experience under your belt before you can branch off into working from home. Working from home is great for people that hate people because, well … there’s no people.

Even if you score a job at a facility working as a medical transcriptionist, you’ll still be working mostly independent. I remember when I worked at a doctors office as a medical assistant, I always wanted to switch places with one of their transcriptionists. She always complained about going back to working in the “dungeon” (basement) because it was so dark and lonely. Dark and lonely is my kind of heaven.

Don’t have the specialized medical background? No problem — there’s a ton of transcription work for generalists too!


Reselling items is how I earn most of my income. I buy things cheap and resell them to people on the internet or in my little booth that I pay monthly rent for at a local antique/collectible store.

It’s all rainbows and butterflies until someone isn’t happy. The only time that I have to deal with unhappy customers is via the internet. And boy, do I dread those times. I don’t believe in the phrase, “the customer is always right”. It’s an overused and abused statement. What people should say is: “The customer always thinks they’re right”.

That’s why I love my booth at the store so much. I pay monthly rent, price my own items, place them in the store, and leave. Someone else handles the customers and I never have to hear a single complaint.


Housekeeping never sounded like too bad of a job to me. Sure, you’re on your feet all day and I’m sure you witness a fair share of gross moments, but the luxury of the job is that it is almost complete solitude. It’s almost the perfect job for people who hate people. And plus, cleaning has always been oddly enjoyable to me.

The downside is that you’re likely to have a few unavoidable encounters with home owners. Just don’t make eye contact. (Only joking).

On the other hand, if you decide to open your own cleaning business, you’ll need a decent amount of customer service in order to attract and maintain customers. There’s more to just cleaning when you’re the face of the company.


Photography is a great way to earn a living, if you’re good at it. There are several websites that you can upload your photos to and if they’re accepted and downloaded, then you get paid. One website that I know of is called

Scenery, food, and animals are all good examples of non-human things to be photographed.

Top Jobs for People Who Hate People

Emily Belcher is the blogger behind, where she enjoys writing about various topics from toxic mold to life as a work at home mom. She also writes for some of the top coupon and nursing websites as a freelance writer and editor. Some of her hobbies include hiking with her husband and young son in beautiful North Carolina, practicing yoga, and reading tarot cards.

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11 Responses to “Top Jobs for People Who Hate People”

  1. 1
    Lisa Jordie says:

    Thanks Emily! I lol’d at this title- but it’s a very real concern for a lot of people. On top of all your awesome ideas in this post- I think any job working remote would do the trick for most people! (Besides customer serviced based ones).

  2. 2
    Laura says:

    It’s nearly impossible to find medical transcription work in the US. It’s all farmed out to other countries, or is electronic.

    • 2.1

      Hi Laura, Are you a trained MT? Have you checked this article? It lists companies that hire medical transcriptionists. You can also search local hospitals and doctors’ offices.

      It seems odd that companies would farm out MT positions, as medical terminology and practices vary greatly from country to country. Plus, you would’t want someone with poor English transcribing your medical records, as accuracy is of the utmost importance, especially if there is a lawsuit. I’ve also read that medical transcription editors are needed to verify the auto transcription files for errors.

  3. 3
    Ella says:

    Had to read this as the title sums me up and guess what, I’m already a housekeeper. Off to buy cheap stuff, take some pics and write my first book. Thanks for the read.

  4. 4
    Lily says:

    This is great,I also believe it’s OK to want to be alone. I was a nurse for 35 years and now I hate people. 2 more suggestions long haul truck driver and night watch man/woman .

  5. 5
    Shana says:

    But then at the same time, I hate people so much that I am irritated by the fact that I agree with this post… Go figure…

  6. 6
    Desiree says:

    I don’t want to deal with people at all. I get enough of that from my day job. Are there any data entry companies that are hiring?

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