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Marketing Lessons I Learned From Gardening

Marketing Lessons I Learned From GardeningBy Amy Kinnaird

Here we are staring down the holidays already, and I am doing a little bit of reflection on some things I learned this year.  I recently realized that a lot of things I do year round in my garden are very similar to things I do in my business!

Keep reading to see how my garden grows (and my business, too).

I get by with a little help from my friends.

Raking takes no time at all with my husband to help. He quickly rakes, and I hold the bag and get those leaves or pine straw squoonched down in the bag. And this year in my business I discovered that going with my gut and outsourcing work to new colleagues opened up my client base and helped me quickly grow my business like I couldn’t do otherwise.

My work space is very important.

Surprisingly, my gardening tools are more or less organized in one area of the garage. I can quickly run out, grab my gloves and clippers, and spend ten minutes pulling weeds or sprucing up a little. My work space at home isn’t quite as organized, so when I need to focus, I grab my laptop and a couple of files and head downtown to the co-working space that I belong to. It works for me because there is no clutter and I’ve got plenty of blank table space and can get a lot done in a short time.

Lots of light feeding may be the best way to go.

We had a brutally hot summer after a pretty cold winter. My potted plants needed lots of TLC to not only survive, but to thrive. By giving them a little drink of that plant food “blue juice” on a more frequent basis, they seemed to get through it okay. As for me at work, I know that I have to eat a little something mid-morning and mid-afternoon to stay at my peak working mindset. And for marketing, doing a little at a time is easier for me than spending hours at a time just every so often. It’s important to be consistent, even with little steps.

I have to cultivate certain friendships.

I’ve got some special plants in my yard. They get a little extra love and attention. If I remember to feed them something special, water them when they want it, and give them the TLC they should get, they show off and are brilliant to see. Just like in my business this year, I found a few new friends who seem to be important to my success. I take time to visit with them in person, through email, or on the phone. I refer business to them when I can, and get referrals in return. I enjoy them so much and they have brought great joy to my life and business this year.

Trim the dead branches.

I know that trimming back the leggy or dead branches always promotes new growth in my garden. In my business, I decided to let go of quite a few services that weren’t working for me or growing my business in the right direction. And it always happens that by getting clearer on what I really want to do, my business takes off faster than before.

Take time to get the right tools and people to help you, organize your space, take some small steps in the right direction, trim the dead weight and cultivate as needed! How did YOUR garden grow this year?

Amy Kinnaird has over three decades of experience in Marketing with half of that time spent working from her home office.  While working at IBM for 15 years, Amy discovered a techie inside herself, a trait she continues to use and cultivate in her own business – UnCommon Sense Marketing.  Amy is a Social Media Evangelist, a Marketing Consultant, and a popular speaker based out of Shreveport, Louisiana.  Clients find that Amy makes the technical world simple to understand and can find her where Southern Hospitality meets the World of IT, and at just about every local networking event in between! For more information on Amy, visit

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4 Responses to “Marketing Lessons I Learned From Gardening”

  1. 1
    miss donna says:

    never in a million years would i have thought i could relate to gardening…unless it involved eating, of course! the analogies you gave make so much sense. wishing you continued and out of the garden. :)

  2. 2
    Cindy says:

    I love your article. Something to relate to since I love to garden but have not had the time to do so this year. Need to get back to the basics and take time for myself to get things done. Hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

    • 2.1
      Amy Kinnaird says:

      Cindy, my holiday was grand! Getting back to the basics is what it’s all about, in marketing AND in gardening. Plant, nurture, harvest! Keep in touch and let me know about your efforts this year.

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