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Are Mobile Apps the “Next Big Thing” for Small Businesses?

By Wheng Enojo

Did you know that many small businesses like yours are already creating and sharing their own mobile apps? Starting as a simple way to send sticky promotional materials to customers, apps can now do so much more including processing payments, increasing market reach and providing customer service.
If you want to know why your company or small biz needs its own mobile app, let’s go through some of the features that you can use to help grow your business:

  • Show customers how to get to your establishment through a real-time updated map in your app, giving updated directions wherever they may come from.
  • Share business info such as your phone numbers, social media accounts, location and operating hours through your own mobile app. You can also add in some click-to-call functions so that  your customers can order and buy from you in just a couple of taps.
  • Push sales, promos and special offers to your customers. Show your customers the services you offer, let them navigate through product catalogs, order online straight from their phone, and a lot more. You can even offer mobile app-only exclusives, giving a well-deserved VIP treatment to your top customers.
  • Sell directly via your app. Soon, in-app payments will drastically change how people make transactions online. Busy people will surely love this feature where they can make purchases while on the go.

Mobile apps are the future of businesses whether you like it or not. Whether you’re starting up a new venture or already have a growing business, having a mobile app will undoubtedly attract a new generation of customers to your establishment.

If you have worked to build an online business, you already know the importance tech plays in your success. Whether you offer a service online or author a blog that generates revenue, having your own app is a great way to stay connected to your existing and potential clients and readers. By offering your audience a one-stop-shop that contains your blog feed, social media feeds, product/service links and more, you are giving them an easy way to stay connected to you at all times.

New platforms are launching daily to help small businesses create their own apps. One such platform, Infinite Monkeys, offers users the ability to quickly create mobile apps for free and without any coding. You can customize these apps so that clients can easily browse your products and services, letting them interact and transact with you conveniently through their mobile device.

Wheng Enojo can write anything and can put facts and experiences in a proper manner. Knows how to give inspiration from the tough times and move on with a right attitude. Sharing personal experience and goals to enrich and enhance other lives. As of today, she is enjoying exploring the world of DIY mobile apps as her newest hobby.

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