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5 Great Ways to Stay Motivated in Your Home Office

Ways to stay motivated in your home officeBy Karl Young

If you work from home you may find yourself procrastinating to avoid completing those difficult tasks or duties. The thing about working from home is that you can always find something to be done, either it being work or house related. Entrepreneurship is not always fun and having a slump is common, hence the need to know how to get motivated and retrace your performance spirit. If you are trying to gain more energy while at work, or be more productive, observe the following ways to stay motivated in your home office.

Feedback & Communication

Whenever you interact with a customer, supplier or anyone else, and you receive positive feedback remember to firstly save it and then print it. You should place any positive remarks somewhere where you can be reminded of your hard work and commitment to your business. Also another great tip is when you are interacting with someone, ensure you the come across as warm, receptive, and friendly, this ultimately will keep them happy and potentially lead to more conversations and customers in the future. 

Military Rule

If you feel that you are becoming bored with your daily work routine, it is advisable to try and change it. Breaking the monotony of your day, can offer you a breath of fresh air away from your normal routine, often giving you a better and different perspective on your work and ideas. Many people have changed their break times, or even opened their mail later, little changes can make a huge difference when you need to stay motivated in your home business. Consider getting out of the house for a while, go for a jog, swim or run on your lunch break, this will clear your mind and give you a fresh take on your daily activities.

Be Comfortable

You need to ensure the space you are working in is both comfortable and different from your home. If you have an office that is like your living room, you will not feel like working. Any home office can be manipulated into looking like a real office (If it isn’t already). You can always change the layout of your room by changing your desks position, changing your window coverings or even adding small touches like a clock or lamp. If you haven’t already, you need to allow natural light and air into your office as much as you can, these elements will ensure you don’t get lethargic and sleepy.

Find a Forum

If you are in the home office alone all day, you might not have anyone to rant or complain to, and you do not want to pass on your frustrations to your loved ones. Consider looking for a forum that you can share your office problems with. Forums are quite exceptional for airing such views because you can find people with the same situation and this can be motivational even though it might not be helpful in solving the problem. Getting a load off your chest will settle your mind, and make it easier to focus on the important tasks at hand.

Eat a Frog for Breakfast

It is common knowledge that if you are struggling to stay motivated, then you need to do the most pressing tasks on your list first. The harder the task and the earlier you get them done the easier the rest of your days activities are going to be.

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    MakemoneyFacebook says:

    It is very convenient to work at your set timings…but have to make few rules so that you have the liberty to take that time out even if there is chaos in the house.The office discipline has to be somewhere play in.

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