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Secret Benefits of Outsourcing Jobs For Work at Home Moms

Secret Benefits of Outsourcing Jobs For Work at Home MomsBy Elena J Forbes

Work at home moms you rock! But lets face it; you’re not a super human. As work at home moms, we know how it feels to be pulled in so many directions that you feel like, “Oh crap, I’m nowhere near done.” You begin to feel totally overwhelmed by the jobs that are not getting completed, and then discouragement starts to creep in. We were having those kinds of days all too often.

We were feeling like, holy crap how can we get all this done, as we were burning the midnight oil. 

Then we started to feel guilty the whole reason to be work at home moms was to be able to be “moms.” We were feeling pulled, and it was obvious that we were losing the battle of balance between, being work at home moms, family time and fun time.

It was time to do some serious outsourcing. Outsourcing jobs was not new to us. We had outsourced lots of small projects here and there, but to grow our business we needed regular help. Outsourcing jobs was the obvious next step.

The first step: admitting we needed help.

As women we tend to think we can do everything ourselves. We still have images in our head of some sort of super women ideal that can do it all.

The message became crystal clear:

  • We can have it all, but we can’t do it all.
  • We need to let go of the, “super women” image and ask for help.

The second step: have faith.

As work at home moms we started at the dining table with a laptop. We were doing all the work ourselves which meant we had total control. Outsourcing jobs is an act of faith. Faith in the person you are hiring. For us, it’s not easy to give up control, but we know that if we don’t our business and family life will suffer. So we took the leap of faith and have been outsourcing jobs daily.

Here are some of the benefits it has brought us.

  • Our workload has been a lot more manageable. With just a little help there has been a huge emotional shift. A feeling of relief has replaced the feeling of being overwhelmed.
  • We have had time to work on much more creative projects. With other people doing more of the “busy work” our time has been freed-up to work on projects and product creation.
  • Outsourcing jobs daily has stimulated a “growth spurt,” in our business.

So here are some secrets we learned about outsourcing jobs. is a great place to hire other moms in the US and Canada. You can place an ad easily with the price you want to pay. The price varies depending on the job and skill level. A typical range would be between $15 – $30 an hour. We recommend that you start with someone in the lower range and as your business grows they grow also in responsibility and money.

This is a good place to hire a virtual assistant because there are no communication barriers. You can also find help with sending newsletters, blog postings, and graphics. Because it is in the US and Canada this is a more expensive outsourcing company.

Upwork is another outsourcing company. Place a job opportunity and the descriptions on Upwork. Afterwards, look through the people who bid for the job and select the one you feel will meet your requirements. Upwork has people from all countries and you can find someone to do article and blog posting for about $2.50 an hour. is an outsourcing company hiring people in the Philippines. This is a great source to use for graphic designs, posting blogs and transcribing. Finding people here may take a little longer due to communication barriers and cultural differences, but this is an inexpensive way to find some outsourcing help. is a great place to get small jobs done for $5 like changing your header on your blog or tweaking your opt in box for your website.

Building a relationship with the people you outsource is important. Like any other part of our job it’s all about relationships. As you build a relationship with the people you hire, they get to know your style and expectations. Be patient and make sure you give the people you hire clear expectations of what you are looking for. It may take them a few times for you to like the work they put out. When you find somebody you like, keep them happy!

We are Jeanmarie Bills, and Elena J Forbes, your entrepreneur coaching team. We believe that every one of us has unique gifts and talents to share with the world. We help you to bring out your own unique self and create the lifestyle you desire, “A Life Without Limits.” We help you have the life you dream of in an extraordinary way, by living the lifestyle of your dreams. We believe “Living A Life Without Limits,” includes not just building a profitable business, but also includes a spiritual connection to your true self, nurturing your physical and mental health, and helping you to make a difference in the world through your unique self. We help you to bring your true self to the world through your unique story.
Enjoy our complimentary 7-day training series, “Living A Life Without Limits.” It is full of ‘golden nuggets,’ of information for you by visiting us at:

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    Nicola Pitt says:

    Don’t forget that a great option for outsourcing now is the new concept of ‘expat-shoring’. You can employ American or British expats living abroad in countries like Mexico or Africa for 50% less than if they were living in their home countries. (Due to the lower cost of living in those places.) That means you get highly-skilled expat employees of your own nationality for HALF the usual cost.

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    […] Secret Benefits of Outsourcing Jobs for Work at Home Moms […]

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