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Putting the Polishing Touches on Your Resume

By Mia Smith

Building a resume is an essential part of finding a new job, whether it be a traditional job or a work-from-home job. The job market today is very tough, you need to make sure that you are doing all you can to catch the attention of a recruiter or human resources member. The best way to do this is to make sure your resume stands out. However, you want to be able to accomplish this without making your resume stand out so much that it is looked upon as strange. So, how do you accomplish this task without crossing a boundary? Read on to learn some helpful tips on polishing your resume.

Create a Personalized Objective

Think of your objective as a short, 1-3 sentence cover letter. The objective section of your resume should be personalized to each job you apply for. Personalization shows recruiters that you’ve taken the extra time to devote extra care to a job. It certainly looks better than submitting materials that could pass for any available job posting. The more time you devote to a job application, such as personalizing your resume, the more interested in the job you appear. Recruiters and HR staff are looking for people who really want the specific jobs they are offering, and who will go above and beyond the minimum duties of the job. Creating a personalized objective will help show them that you are this type of person.

Triple-Check for Spelling and Grammar Issues

There is no easier way to have your resume ignored than if it contains a spelling or grammar issue. If it contains multiple spelling or grammar issues, you can rest assured you won’t get the job. So, how do you prevent this? Triple-check your resume for spelling or grammar issues. While it is great to use the standard spelling and grammar check available on a word processor, this check sometimes misses certain mistakes. In order to make sure you do not have any spelling or grammar mistakes in your resume, first use the word processor’s spelling and grammar tool, then look the resume over yourself, then take it a step further by having a friend or family member look over it too. If you know you are terrible with spelling or grammar, or know your friends and family are, you may want to take the additional step of hiring an editor. There are many editors for hire online who would be happy to take a look over your resume and correct any spelling and grammar errors. You will find that many of these editors have very reasonable rates.

Hit Submit

Now that you know some great tips about how to polish your resume, you should be ready to hand it in. As long as you submit it on time, you should have a strong chance at getting the job.

Mia Smith works from home as a freelance writer in Tallahassee, FL. She studied at Florida State University, where she majored in English and minored in Philosophy and Psychology. She contributes to a resource for online college students.

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2 Responses to “Putting the Polishing Touches on Your Resume”

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    Optimistic Mom says:

    I think developing the objective can be the toughest part of the resume. Thanks for the reinforcement that it is worth the time spent.

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