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Selling Your Videos Online as One-Time Materials or Subscription Services

Selling Your Videos Online as One-Time Materials or Subscription ServicesSponsored by Uscreen

Over the past few years, one of the most successful ways that people have been able to branch out and make income in a non-traditional manner has been through the sale of videos created to explain a topic, give a tutorial, or share a story. If you’ve ever watched these kinds of videos online, you may have thought, “I could do that!” or even “I could do that BETTER.” And as many people are discovering, well-organized, intentional, and passionate people can make a pretty good income through video sales.

With the right tools, a plan for the best ways to market your content, and a thoughtful consideration of the messages you want to present to your audience, creating one-time video courses or subscription channels can be a great way to earn extra income, work from home, or create a personal brand.

What Are the Benefits of Selling Videos Online?

Online video sales can be a lucrative way to share the things that you are passionate about. Maybe you love baking and want to share simple, healthy recipes with other moms. Perhaps you have a unique story about a difficult time in your life and want to share how you got through it with others who may be facing similar situations. Online videos allow you to communicate with an audience in a personal, engaging manner and to increase your impact on that audience significantly.

Every kind of content is not equal in this regard. While it can be helpful to write a blog, share posts through social media, or send out a regular newsletter, these kinds of marketing are often less effective with audiences. With videos, you can provide powerful visuals for your audience, create a connection with them, and give demonstrations in a quick and easy way. For people with busy schedules, videos can provide clear, helpful information in a fast and efficient manner.

Selling Your Videos Online as One-Time Materials or Subscription Services

Uscreen provides some great tools for people who want to try their hand at online video sales. Unlike services provided by YouTube, for example, which takes a 45 percent cut of all of the advertising profits that occur during their user’s videos, Uscreen’s fees are about 15 percent of the user’s profits. With experienced team to guide you along the way and powerful aids to help you get started, promote your content, communicate with subscribers and more, there is no better partner for your videos.

So how can you get started? The first piece of the puzzle is to figure out what kinds of content you are interested in providing. Here are some questions that can guide your thought process:

  • Do you have any special training or experience that gives you expertise in a certain field or topic?
  • Do you have a unique skill?
  • Have you been complemented on your ability to do certain things?
  • Do you have a unique personal story or a passion for helping others in particular situations?
  • Have you seen others do something that you think you can do better?

Once you’ve thought through the kinds of content that you want to provide, the next step is to determine whether you want to sell one-time videos or courses or if you would like to sell video subscriptions. We’ll cover each in the sections below.

Creating One-Time Videos or Courses to Earn Income

Selling Your Videos Online as One-Time Materials or Subscription Services

If you’re just getting started selling online videos and want to gauge the interest of your potential audience, a great way to do so is to put together individual videos or a set of videos put together into a single course. This is particular effective if you have a skill set that you’ll be sharing through your videos. For example, a voice artist who has had success in their industry can put together a course in how to do voice acting professionally.

These videos provide a great source of passive income after the initial investment of time into the creation of the content. With a quality video service like Uscreen, you can also add additional features to your videos, like interactive quizzes, PDF note files, audio guides, and more. This adds value to your video package, builds trust with your customers, and keeps them engaged in significant ways with your brand.

If you’re just starting to sell one-time videos or courses, you’ll want to consider some of the following:

  • Are you sharing information targeted toward solving a problem or learning a skill?
  • How can your information be divided into segments?
  • How can you make your content accessible to the right people?
  • Will your content be geared towards a local population, like a particular country, or will it be open to international populations?
  • What kinds of things do you expect your students to know ahead of time?

Creating Subscription Services for Your Online Videos

Selling Your Videos Online as One-Time Materials or Subscription Services

Subscription videos can be a great source of recurring income. These videos are usually released on a regular basis, usually weekly or monthly, to a subscriber base that is engaged and interested in the topic that they subscribe to. These kinds of videos are wonderful for marketing to small business owners, freelancers, students, and more.

Maybe you have a ton of experience helping friends and family with make-up for special events. By creating a subscription video service, you can provide tips and tricks for others to follow while building awareness of your brand, as well. One of the strongest things that you can have on your side as a business owner or a freelancer is a powerfully engaged community. Subscription services offer you a way to build this kind of base by attracting people who are interested in your content and skills.

If you are just getting started, a wonderful way to build your subscriber base is to release teaser content on free sites like YouTube, so that users can get a glimpse into what you have to offer, while pushing people who want to engage or learn more towards your subscription site. This allows video producers to take advantage of the massive reach of providers like YouTube, while building trust with potential subscribers and being able to use more powerful tools for their paid content.

Building and Maintaining a Customer Base for Your Videos on Uscreen

Selling Your Videos Online as One-Time Materials or Subscription Services

Whether you are interested in finding out more about what it takes to be able to generate income from the sale of online videos or just want to take your videos to the next level, Uscreen can help. With high-powered tools for individual videos, courses, or subscription services, Uscreen is a top provider of quality video services.

For first-time content producers, Uscreen provides an ample library of resources and a simple interface that will give you the right instruments to design and maintain your video collection. For established content producers, Uscreen has innovative features that will allow you to raise the quality of your subscribers’ experience and to connect with them in more meaningful ways.

Here are some of the best features that Uscreen offers for its video providers:

  • Multiple Ways to View Content:  With solutions for mobile viewing and users who want to be able to access their content offline, Uscreen offers flexibility for your subscribers.
  • Strong Analytics Tools:  See what kinds of content your users are engaging with the most and track your effectiveness and earnings at a glance.
  • Custom Site Options:  Uscreen provides a variety of ways that you can customize your site and content to match your personal brand and style. You can control the way that your subscriptions work, how your users access your content, and more with the flexible features of the Uscreen platform.
  • Transaction Support:  Uscreen makes it easy to take payments for your video content in a secure and simple manner.

Become a part of a dynamic community of video providers with the help of Uscreen’s easy-to-use templates, helpful tools, and experienced staff members. Everyone has a story to tell, a skill to share, or an experience that others can relate to. With passion, dedication, and the right video service partner on your side, your unique message can be heard across the country and around the world, serving others while providing a great source of income for your family. Get in touch today to find out more!

This post was sponsored and written by Uscreen. Please be aware that we can only promote advertising from companies that we feel we can legitimately recommend to our readers.

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