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Social Networking Sites

Have you ever heard the saying, “it’s not what you know, but who you know that matters”? This sentiment doesn’t ring more true than when searching for a new work at home career or promoting your new business. Networking should be a key element to any job search – and social networking sites have made the task so much easier by allowing people to easily connect with each other online. Just create a profile and start searching for old colleagues, friends and family.

Social networking sites are also a great way to promote your new or existing business, website or blog! These sites allow you to create links back to your website and to gain a greater global audience.

So get started today and make some connections!

A Mom Entrepreneur created by Tammy Jones, A Mom Entrepreneur is a wonderful place to promote your business. The members are friendly, Tammy is very active in the community and you can even be featured on the front page as a Featured Mompreneur.

Biz Mom Connections are you ramping up your business, yet don’t always seem to know where to find answers to your questions? Would you like to find more moms like yourself? If so, we’ve created a special place for you; a business community for mompreneurs blending education, friendship, business connections and important resources.

Cafemom lets you connect with other moms, share information and make a new contacts. Join one of their many work at home groups; membership is free. lets you connect with old college and high school colleagues. Free for basic service.

Diva Toolbox created by Janet Powers, Diva Toolbox focuses on women in business. Allowing them to connect with new clients, promote themselves through media queries, and to partner with other business owners so that they may extend their reach. Over 7,500 members and going strong, Diva Toolbox has articles, videos, radio segments, major events and much more.

e Women Network lets you create a profile where you can tell your story and promote your business. Cost for membership is $290.00 initiation then $16.95 per month.

Fabulously40 is a social network for women in their 40s and up. Whether you need career, parenting, relationship, beauty advice, or simply emotional support, Fabulously40 is for you. You are wiser, more experienced than ever before,and can do anything; we’ll prove it to you.  It’s your time to shine!

Facebook is a “social utility” that allows you to connect with friends, family, classmates and co-workers. Made up of networks, join the one that reflects your life. Free to join.

Google + the name says it all, a social network created by the mega giant Google.

Hot Moms Club is a fun community where moms can share stories, get advice, participate in forums and join groups. Membership is free. is professional and social network for brave women (military wives) who empower brave men. Bringing you news, advice and lifehacks to help your careers, relationships and personal growth.

Jibber Jobber is a career web-site where you can manage your business contacts and job searches. Get real advice from other job seekers. 80% of its features are free.

Jigsaw is an online directory of business contacts. Connect with business contacts and companies. Free to join.

Ladies Who Launch you can create a profile, network with other members, use career resources, search classified and job postings. They have 3 levels of membership: free, online $120.00/year, and incubator $300.00-$600.00/year.

Lifetime Moms is an online community for moms to connect with other moms. Find answers to questions, participate in discussions, and read blogs, find recipes and reviews.

LinkedIn brings together your professional network”. Free to join, connect with others, search for jobs, and get career advice.

Meetup you can form or join a local group with like minded individuals. This site has over 24,000 members just in the various WAHM groups. Membership is free for basic services.

Mom Bloggers Club is a social network for moms that blog. This is a great website with lots of great info for bloggers and non-bloggers alike. Free to join.

Mom Invented Community hosted by bestselling author and mompreneur, Tamara Monosoff. A great community to get free education from a well-respected and successful mompreneur, Tamara offers videos, hosted events, forums and much more. Membership is free and takes just a few minutes to set up.

Mom TV co-founded by Maria Bailey and Bob Sullivan Mom TV is the first online video destination for moms. With over 100+ hosts and 1,000’s of video content hosts, Mom TV provides the most extensive library of mom produced video programming. Join the community where you can read blog posts, chat on the message boards, post photos, join groups and of course watch videos – Make sure to check out Business Buzz.

MOMeo Magazine founded by Carla Young, MOMeo Magazine is a community and resource for entrepreneurial moms, with articles, chats, videos, a forum, educational courses and much more.

Mommy Millionaire started by bestselling author and mompreneur extraordinaire, Kim Lavine. Mommy Millionaire is an online business coaching community of both male and female entrepreneurs. The greatest thing about this network is that Kim herself is very active in forum participation, blog posts and a radio show – which is all awesome education for you!

Mompreneurs Online Ellen Parlapiano and Patricia Cobe founders of the work-from-home community, coined and trademarked the catchy word “Mompreneurs” back in the 90s, when writing their first book, Mompreneurs®. This community offers a forum, articles, live chat, blog and marketplace.

My Space is probably one of the best known social networks. Free to join. This site is great for promoting yourself and your business with millions of viewers daily.

My Work Butterfly is the social network for moms who want to spread their wings! Founded by Bradi Nathan and her partner Terry Starr, My Work Butterfly has a very unique feature in that it often features interviews from celebrity moms – not to mention that it is chalked full of information and resources.

Pinterest is a virtual pin-board that strives to connect people through shared interests and likes. Individuals create a series of bulletin boards dedicated to different topics (food, style, travel, kids, books, etc.). Then when individuals search the web and find something that they like, they can “pin it” to their Pinterest Board.

Plaxo lets you connect with family, friends, and business contacts. Use their Pulse function to share and discover web content. Free to join.

Ryze lets you connect with others to build your business network. Free to join.

Savor the Success founded by Angela Jia Kim and Marc Stedman, Savor the Success is a PR Co-Op and a niche social media network for women entrepreneurs both online and offline. Offering affordable PR tools for premium members such as PR Opps, media lists, gift lists and PR writing services.

She’s Connected founded by Donna Marie Antoniadis, She’s Connected is a community for busy women! She’s Connected is the one place for women to manage both the personal and professional sides of their lives. Members can create a personal profile for family and friends or a professional profile for clients and colleagues. They can keep them separate or combine the two but only if they want to.

Social Moms created by Megan Calhoun, Social Moms (used to be Twitter Moms) is a great place to get ideas. Boasting over 31,000 members Social Moms has a daily frenzy of activity going on from blogging contests, Twitter parties, events, featured mom of the week and featured blogger of the week

Spoke lets you connect with business people. Search by people, companies and/or jobs. Free to join.

StartupBiz is a social network for small businesses. Membership is free. Create a profile, write a blog, and join one of the many groups that they have to offer.

Stumbleupon you can share and discover new websites. Allows you to search or stumble for website. Create a profile and rate your favorite websites. Free to use.

The Mom Entrepreneur founded by Traci Bisson, The Mom Entrepreneur is a company that offers tips, advice and resources for balancing motherhood and running a company. With over 15,000 members you can meet new people, promote your business, join their bartering directory and much more.

Twitter is a way for family, friends and co-workers to instantly keep in touch. Free to join.

Work it Mom is a place where moms can connect with other moms, find information on careers, money, family and home. Free to join.

YadaHome is a social network where you can connect, share and organize your life. Great tool for busy moms; find recipes, activities, coupons and shopping deals. Free to join.


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