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Four Steps to Creating Your Work at Home Career

Four Steps to Creating Your Work at Home CareerBy Kelly Robbins

Do you want to start your own home-based business, but you’re not sure where to start?

Some of us start a business working from home because we have a clear passion and desire to help people in a certain way. We feel a calling deep inside and know exactly what we are meant to do and how we are meant to help people – we might not know how to make money at it, but we are clear on our mission and purpose.

Others of us know we want to live a certain lifestyle or want to leave the constraints of the corporate world. We are clear about the lifestyle we want to create – but not how to create it. We feel a strong desire for change but feel constricted or unclear on what steps to take next. If you feel stuck and are in either one of these positions, try answering these four questions and view your business in a different light.

Here are four steps you need to take in order to start creating your life on your terms.

1. Define what lifestyle you want to create for yourself.

For your family. Describe it in as much detail as you can. Be vivid in your imagination. How many hours a week do you want to work? Weekends? Does it matter as long as you can be home with your kids or travel? Or are you really aiming for that three day weekend each week? Look at four specific areas, relationships, work, home, and self. (more…)

Men, Women and Workplace Flexibility

Men, Women and Workplace FlexibilityBy Christy Schutz

Here at The Work at Home Woman, we obviously tend to focus on how flexible work arrangements impact women. But, as I brainstormed for this post, I wondered what the trends looked like for today’s men in the workplace. Turns out men are seeking flexible, work arrangements from their employers, too, but the facts may surprise you.

I came across one study done in 2013 by Catalyst, the nonprofit organization focused on expanding opportunities for women and business. They polled more than 700 “high potential” men and women – MBA grads around the world from a variety of industries – about their perspective of and history with flexible working arrangements. This study was done after several high profile companies like Yahoo made their controversial announcements that they were ending their flexible work arrangement programs.

Some key findings the survey uncovered included:

  • 81% of those surveyed reported that their companies provided flexible work options (defined as including telecommuting, flexible start/end times for the work day, flex time, compressed work weeks, reduced work/part-time and job sharing).
  • It is just as common for men as it is for women to utilize their company’s flexible work arrangements.
  • The type of flexible work arrangements men and women were most likely to take advantage of, however, were different. (more…)

Taking the Sting out of Feedback

Taking the Sting out of Feedback By Mitch Shepard

Last week I met with a client facing a very common dilemma: how do I give feedback without zapping motivation? Feedback can be a delicate topic, one many of us would rather avoid. Who doesn’t have bad memories of feedback conversations gone awry?

Luckily, I learned from a master. One of my teachers in graduate school was so skilled at giving feedback, I’d walk away feeling as if I’d been given a gift. She spoke with such care, compassion, clarity, and ownership, there was no question she was trying to help me—not punish me. Wouldn’t it be great to have others consider your feedback a gift?

The following 10 steps will help you become a feedback pro:

1. Choose your timing carefully.

Consider the best time for a conversation—from your perspective and theirs. Make sure you build in space to think through what you want to say so it comes across well—a hasty conversation could make matters worse and leave you with a lot of cleaning up to do! (more…)

A Simple Question to Push Past the Barriers

A Simple Question to Push Past the BarriersBy Barbara Seifert, Ph. D., CPC

A new statistic that came out recently indicates that we have a very unhappy workforce which equates to a lot of unhappy people; approximately a million people miss work daily due to a stress-related or mental health issue which costs organizations between $450-550 billion dollars a year. (Dept. of Labor) This is a disturbing fact that a large part of Americans cannot deal with life in general. We take our work situations home and home situations into work causing an overload of emotions that are depleting. I firmly believe that people do not want to feel unhappy or lead unhappy or frustrating lives; the majority just don’t know how to overcome the barriers standing in their way.

In my line of work in dealing with these stressed workers and hearing their stories, it is no wonder they feel unhappy as they deal with bad behaviors by their boss or coworkers, they have intense workloads that compromise their home life, or they worry financially. But when pressed for what is stopping them from relieving these situations they admit they ‘can’t,’ usually because they don’t know how. Something is stopping them, i.e. a barrier, which may be due to an outside influence or, more commonly, from within. Dealing with an outside influence can be difficult but is resolvable. It is the ones on the inside – our fears and  – that are the most difficult to overcome.

In looking at ways to push past these barriers, it comes down to two questions, the second of which is the most important that needs answered:  (more…)

What to Do When the Naysayer in Your Life is Someone Close to You

What to Do When the Naysayer in Your Life is Someone Close to You? - The Work at Home WomanBy Rebecca Flansburg

You may remember last month when I did an article about the value of having a strong support system called, Run with the Motors and Leave the Anchors Behind. This article covered the importance of mindfully choosing who we share our hopes and business dreams with and how a strong support system is the safety net all work at home women need.

In the article, I talked about the “motors,” the people who cheer us on and support our endeavors and the  “anchors,” those who tend to weigh us down with negative views and  their “can’t do” attitude. I recently heard productivity expert and author Dr. Ned Hallowell refer to these people as the “lilies and the leeches.” Being a business owner and a Minnesota native, I can honestly say I am familiar with both kinds of “lilies and leeches!”

So, wildlife and flora aside, what do you do when the biggest naysayer in your life just happens to be someone who is the closest to you?

It could be your significant other, a BFF, your parents or other family members. The people who are closest to us tend to have a tremendous influence over our lives and we tend to value their thoughts and opinions more than others. But sometimes these thoughts and views can make-or-break our ambitions and cause us to second-guess ourselves.

Once we start feeling uncertain, thanks to the well-meaning criticism from those key people in our life, our resolve can be shaken and that the leap of faith we were about to take can turn into more of a stutter-step. (more…)

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