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The Biggest Killers of Business Growth When Working From Home

The Biggest Killers of Business Growth When Working From HomeBy Deborah Sweeney

Whether you’re in an office or working from your domicile, getting stuck in a routine is common for just about anyone who works! When you’re working at home, though, it’s easy to fall into the trap of just getting by. So often things feel rushed at home. You’re rushing to wake up kids, make sure they’re getting ready, preparing breakfasts and lunches, and playing taxi driver for what feels like the rest of the day. Before you know it, it’s 10:00 am, and you haven’t gotten any business work in.

The next time you feel like the day is getting away from you, be sure you’re not getting bogged down by any of these three business growth killers!

Starting your day after 10:00 am.

Though it’s easy to do, getting a handle on any work mid-morning instead of early morning can cut you out of some of the bigger business opportunities. Especially if you’re a west-coaster who works with a lot of east-coasters, you’re constantly battling that time zone to finish assignments earlier and earlier. If you plan on releasing a press release, posting a company blog, or getting in touch with a client or partner you know you need to speak to earlier in the day, try and wake up a little earlier than the kids to get a jump start on your day. Even if you just get up an hour earlier to tackle some emails, you won’t feel so behind once the rest of the morning’s duties are taken care of.   (more…)

5 Ways You Can Revitalize Your Business’s Instagram Account

5 Ways You Can Revitalize Your Business’s Instagram AccountBy Deborah Sweeney

When Instagram first hit the scene in 2010, it was considered an app that entrepreneur needed to establish a presence on to add to the ever-growing pile already in place of Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. But it was also an app that seemed easy to dismiss too, in terms of content. If one didn’t do anything special that day, they’d snap a picture of their Starbucks cup. And again, and again, until most of their photo album contained whatever they had drunk or ate that day rather than conveying news about their brand or product.

If you’re worried that your brand’s Instagram account is one of the ones currently buried in coffee cups or that you haven’t updated in awhile, now’s the time to revamp it and give your customers an up and personal, stylishly filtered, look at your business.

1) Know your #hashtags.

Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest all offer methods to pay to promote what you post and to expand your reach and engagement. Instagram had yet to offer anything like this, but it holds a very strong promotional symbol in its court: hashtags. Consider the keywords that work for what you’re promoting and also look at successful Instagram accounts in your industry to see how they’re approaching hashtags. Try to make sure you have some unique hashtags in the mix, but don’t make up so many that your audience has no clue how to look you up! Always include the name of your business as a hashtag and add in five or six other relevant keywords to go along with the picture. (more…)

How to Ramp up Your Business’s PR This Summer without Breaking the Bank

How to Ramp up Your Business’s PR This Summer without Breaking the BankBy Deborah Sweeney

Summertime is just around the corner and for many businesses; this time of the year is an easy one to feel like you can coast on by. Maybe you’ll run a sale here or there, or an extra promotion for one of the holiday weekends, but you’re likely to be more relaxed on all of your marketing initiatives all around especially the PR ones.

Rather than rely on the coupons and offers to do all the work for you, stay focused and passionate this summer by concentrating on taking the PR for your business up a notch in the following areas.

Expand your blog.

If you already have a company blog, great, and if not, don’t worry – there’s no deadline for ever starting one by a specific time. Spend your summer focusing on keeping that blog as updated as possible on a near-daily basis with deals from your business, tips and advice within your industry, and a look behind the scenes at what you’re working on next. Make sure your content is engaging and tailored for the season too. Give your blog a summer twist by bringing on guest interviews with entrepreneurial experts or partners with your company and including posts with summer-friendly themes. For example, if you run a fitness app, you can discuss a little more about the best kinds of healthy smoothies to try making or tips for how runners can get in their extra miles and still beat the heat outside.

Have you checked out HARO? (more…)

Interview With Deborah Sweeney – CEO of MyCorporation

Deborah Sweeney, CEO MyCorporation.comTell us a little bit about yourself and your entrepreneurial journey.

I am an attorney by trade. I was a partner in a law firm based in Los Angeles and MyCorporation.com was one of my clients. After having my first son, I was given an opportunity to go in-house at MyCorporation and jumped at the opportunity of having more flexible schedule and more time to spend with my son. Within one year, the company was acquired by Intuit. I was originally legal counsel at Intuit and was thereafter appointed to run the MyCorporation.com division. It was an incredible opportunity to work with phenomenal experts in their field. Intuit was an incredible place to work with highly talented people – I learned a ton.

When the economy was rough, there were a number of divestitures at Intuit and I saw an opportunity to potentially purchase the business out of Intuit. In 2009, Intuit agreed to sell the company to me and I took over running the business outside of the corporate framework. I became 100% owner of the company and we really had to right-size the business. It was quite a journey in that we spent a number of years re-assessing needs, allocation of resources and focusing on profitability. It’s always a ‘journey’ when you are an entrepreneur. Every day of that journey is fun and a learning process as we continue to grow and thrive as a business. (more…)

How Great Writing Helps Expand Your Brand

By How Great Writing Helps Expand Your BrandDeborah Sweeney, CEO of MyCorporation.com

The Internet has revolutionized marketing forever. Ads were once expensive, and had to be in your face or no one would pay attention to them. Today, you don’t have to slap potential customers over the head with pictures of your product or slogans in order to get them to recognize your brand. However, you still have to take an active role in advertising, and writing is a great way to do just that. According to HubSpot’s 2013 State of Inbound Marketing report, 82% of marketers surveyed attested to finding new customers through daily blogging. Strong, well-written content will grow your brand, but if you aren’t writing or blogging regularly, consider do it for the following reasons.

Good writing reaches new audiences

The nature of my industry puts me in contact with a lot of other small business owners, and I’m told time and time again that they regularly see my name show up online. I blog with other businesses and outlets whenever I can, even if they aren’t directly connected to my target market, because every blog puts me in front of a new audience. Businesses and owners I never thought of working with have sought me out because I wrote for a popular blog within their industry. Everyone who reads your content becomes aware of your company, and your brand effectively reaches new audiences.  As long as you write solid, custom, tailored content, you’ll see a positive response, regardless of where the article gets posted. (more…)

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