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How Great Writing Helps Expand Your Brand

By How Great Writing Helps Expand Your BrandDeborah Sweeney, CEO of

The Internet has revolutionized marketing forever. Ads were once expensive, and had to be in your face or no one would pay attention to them. Today, you don’t have to slap potential customers over the head with pictures of your product or slogans in order to get them to recognize your brand. However, you still have to take an active role in advertising, and writing is a great way to do just that. According to HubSpot’s 2013 State of Inbound Marketing report, 82% of marketers surveyed attested to finding new customers through daily blogging. Strong, well-written content will grow your brand, but if you aren’t writing or blogging regularly, consider do it for the following reasons.

Good writing reaches new audiences

The nature of my industry puts me in contact with a lot of other small business owners, and I’m told time and time again that they regularly see my name show up online. I blog with other businesses and outlets whenever I can, even if they aren’t directly connected to my target market, because every blog puts me in front of a new audience. Businesses and owners I never thought of working with have sought me out because I wrote for a popular blog within their industry. Everyone who reads your content becomes aware of your company, and your brand effectively reaches new audiences.  As long as you write solid, custom, tailored content, you’ll see a positive response, regardless of where the article gets posted. (more…)

The 5 Tax Deductions Home-Based Businesses Can Claim

The 5 Tax Deductions Home-Based Businesses Can ClaimBy Deborah Sweeney

According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, nearly 2/3rds of all businesses are started in someone’s home and, interestingly, 59% of the 3+ year-old businesses surveyed continue to operate out of the owner’s house. Operating out of your home, though logistically challenging, can save you a lot of money, so it makes sense that even the more established business owners choose to work out of their house.

However, this practice also blurs the line separating our personal and work lives and when tax season rolls around, it’s easy to get confused as to what, exactly, you’re allowed to deduct as a business expense. Does using work equipment, like a computer or iPad, outside of work disqualify it from deduction? In order to be deductible, a business expense has to be both ordinary and necessary – that means it has to be commonly found and appropriate for your business. Home-based businesses heads up – here are five common deductions you’re able to claim. (more…)

3 Surefire Ways to Make More Money with Your Small Business

3 Surefire Ways to Make More Money with Your Small BusinessBy Deborah Sweeney

We’re a couple weeks into 2014 and already I’m seeing different forms of progress on those New Year’s resolutions. Some were quickly given up on while others are off to a strong start, and then there are a few new resolutions even being thought up and made to this day (better late than never!). But something that holds true for all small business owners is that their goal is to make more money this year, which, really, should be an entrepreneur’s resolution every year.

Whether you’re off to a rocky or smooth start with the small business owner’s most popular resolution, here are three tips on how to get your business on the right financial track this year.

1. Up your customer service game.

Creating a positive environment for your customers (even via phone and email) is so important in building a strong, returning customer base. (more…)

How an Online Business Can Bring in New Customers in 2014

Online Business Bring in CustomersBy Deborah Sweeney, CEO of

When it comes to the success of an online business, visibility is what ultimately sets it apart from the crowd. Online competition is fierce, and there are hundreds of other Internet-based companies in your industry clawing for the same set of customers. Leading them to your business, then, becomes a game of staying at the forefront of their minds and knowing how to give them what they want.

Social media marketing has made it much easier to stay in touch with your customers, but it isn’t enough to occasionally update your Facebook feed, send out e-newsletters, and rely on a few hashtags to do the job for you. The upcoming New Year offers people a chance to re-examine themselves and set goals for their businesses in the next year. Don’t wait until 2013 ends to do the same for your business – make it your mission to attract new customers in 2014 by trying out the following initiatives. (more…)

3 Places to Avoid Sitting at When Working From Home

3 Places to Avoid Sitting at When Working From HomeBy Deborah Sweeney

Mastering the art of working from home requires, among many things, the ability to be disciplined, self-motivated, and focused on the assignments at hand and reaching deadlines. For better or worse, a large chunk of this kind of work is also concentrated on sitting for long portions of time too. While you may not have the extra noise of people chattering in the background that comes with working from a desk job, distractions can just as easily be found in remote work too– namely, where you sit.

Here are a few of places to avoid parking yourself at for a few hours and better sitting alternatives to ensure you’re more productive.

1) The Bed

How tempting and easy is it to pull the laptop into the bed with you in the morning and get to work while remaining cozy in your pajamas? While working in bed is definitely comfortable, productivity expert Laura Stack shared with the Wall Street Journal the pitfalls that come with bed work, namely that it’s bad for your personal productivity. According to Stack, the act of working from your bed disassociates the sleep patterns you have from the bed and activates your energy levels in bed, (more…)

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