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Men, Women and Workplace Flexibility

Men, Women and Workplace FlexibilityBy Christy Schutz

Here at The Work at Home Woman, we obviously tend to focus on how flexible work arrangements impact women. But, as I brainstormed for this post, I wondered what the trends looked like for today’s men in the workplace. Turns out men are seeking flexible, work arrangements from their employers, too, but the facts may surprise you.

I came across one study done in 2013 by Catalyst, the nonprofit organization focused on expanding opportunities for women and business. They polled more than 700 “high potential” men and women – MBA grads around the world from a variety of industries – about their perspective of and history with flexible working arrangements. This study was done after several high profile companies like Yahoo made their controversial announcements that they were ending their flexible work arrangement programs.

Some key findings the survey uncovered included:

  • 81% of those surveyed reported that their companies provided flexible work options (defined as including telecommuting, flexible start/end times for the work day, flex time, compressed work weeks, reduced work/part-time and job sharing).
  • It is just as common for men as it is for women to utilize their company’s flexible work arrangements.
  • The type of flexible work arrangements men and women were most likely to take advantage of, however, were different. (more…)

Standing Proud with Global Telework Week

Global Telework Week By Christy Schutz

March 3 – 7, 2014 is Global Telework Week. Now in its fourth year, Telework Week is an initiative by Mobile Work Exchange designed to encourage workers to work virtually for one or more days during the designated week (which has been observed the first week in March since 2011). Those who have agreed to participate come from a wide range of entities, like government agencies, private/public companies, and even individuals who have simply said they will take advantage of their particular flexible work arrangement and work from home some or all of that week.

I have had the privilege of being a remote employee for many years. In addition, I have stayed focused on the aspects that benefit, promote, and limit the world of telework due to my contributions to The Work at Home Woman. Despite all of this, I have never heard of Telework Week! I, for one, am excited about ANY movement that helps promote the benefits of working from home!

So, I’m joining the band wagon and dedicating my post this month to help promote it. (more…)

Business in the Front, Party in the Back

Business in the Front, Party in the BackBy Angelo DiGangi

So you’ve decided to host a holiday gathering in your home this year. That sounds like fun! But if you’re wondering how you’ll keep your home business running in spite of the festive chaos that ensues when family and friends come to town, you’re not alone.

These days, many people telecommute from their home office and require both living and working space, particularly during the holiday season. It is possible, with some planning, to harmoniously do both within the four walls of your house – even if yours is a modest abode.

Let Guests Know That You Work From Home and Where Your Office Is (more…)

Interview with Blossom Braemer – Co-Founder of Posh Coworking

Blossom Braemer Posh CoworkingTell us a little bit about your entrepreneurial journey and how you came up with the idea for Posh Coworking.

For Blossom Braemer, co-founder of Posh, being an entrepreneur is in her blood. From a very early age, she knew that she would be in charge of her own earnings. At 13 she was a babysitting broker. In college she started an interior decorating firm. After the birth of her first daughter, she opened a boutique décor company that catered to the needs of Walt Disney World’s “Destination Wedding” clients. In 2009, she moved half way across the country, and continued her love for entrepreneurism when she launched a home based, boutique wedding floral company. It was great! She believed in what she was doing for brides on such an important day.

At first, working from home was wonderful! The kids were getting more attention, she set her own hours, and worked on her terms. There was another side that she never considered though–it was lonely! She felt isolated and unfulfilled. There she was, brand new to Austin, no friends, no accountability partners, no community. She felt as if she were dying inside. She started thinking about other work from home professionals and said to herself “surely they struggle with this too!” That was the moment she knew that she had to find a solution. Not just for herself, but for all us. Something had to change. (more…)

19 Places to Find Legitimate Work at Home Job Listings

Find Legitimate Work Job ListingsBy Holly Reisem Hanna

There are many paths to the work at home lifestyle — from joining a direct sales company, to telecommuting for a large corporation or even starting your own business. And while I can offer advice on polishing your resume, how to prepare for a job interview, or tips for finding the right products to sell from home — the biggest challenge for most women is finding legitimate work at home jobs postings.

To help you with the most difficult part of your job search, here are 19 reputable resources where you can find legitimate work at home job postings.

The Work at Home Woman

Let’s start with the obvious, here on The Work at Home Woman we have tons of pages with work at home job leads. The only problem was that they were all scattered around, because they were posted as they were found — so here they are all listed in one convenient place. (more…)

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