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Are You Ready to Launch Your Fall Fashion Career?

CAbi ScoopBy Holly Reisem Hanna

On July 18th, I had the pleasure of attending the CAbi Scoop in Denver, Colorado, where they launched their fall collection, BeautiFall Me. Ever since I was introduced to CAbi back in 2010, I’ve had an obsession with the brand. From the fabulous clothes and the highly anticipated events — it’s a fun company with an infectious enthusiasm. But beyond the clothes and good times, it’s a company with a huge heart and a solid reputation.

If you’re looking to launch a home-based business this fall, here’s why you should consider CAbi.

Fashionable Clothing.

Not only do CAbi’s clothes look good on the models, but they look good on all body types and ages. It’s always fun attending their events and seeing the creative ways the consultants mix and match the items. I have purchased A LOT of items over the years, not only are they stylish, but they’re high quality pieces that flatter most shapes and sizes.

Fabulous Events.

CAbi is the only direct sales company that I’ve considered joining and here’s why … Yes, the clothes are amazing, but the events are so much fun! The runway shows are high energy events with music, lights, and tons of enthusiastic women who love what they do! Oh and did I mention, the Shopping Event?! At each Scoop you can purchase past CAbi lines for up to 70% off — what a perk! (more…)

The Key To Repeat Sales: Follow Up

The Key To Repeat Sales Follow UpBy Deb Bixler

Do you want your direct sales business to be a success?

If you do, repeat sales are the answer.

Of course, you have to start with new clients. With a steady stream of new clients to keep your business moving forward then …

The real key to lasting success and continued prosperity is to make those new customers become repeat customers.

One of the best ways to retain customers is to follow up.

When you pay attention to a customer’s needs quickly, they will be more likely to feel a sense of loyalty.

Follow Up = Loyal Customers

Loyal customers are repeat customers. There are four important ways to follow up with potential and existing customers

1. If a customer sends an email or leaves a voice mail message, it is crucial that you respond as quickly as possible.

Responding through email is very easy; there is no excuse for not replying to an email immediately. (more…)

Interview with Mindy McHorse — Freelance Copywriter

Interview with Mindy McHorse -- Freelance WriterTell us a little bit about yourself and your freelance journey.

I’ve always loved writing, even as a child. But I always thought of it as a hobby – not something you could ever make a living at (unless you wanted to be the ill-fated “starving artist,” and I’m a lot more high-maintenance than that!).

So I wrote for fun and subscribed to writer magazines, but I took the traditional college route, focusing on pre-med, and then got a master’s degree in public administration. My plan was to go on to medical school and then work in public health.

But a funny thing happened on the way to that plan. I had a lot more fun writing my thesis – a 90-page behemoth – than I did actually researching the topic. I realized I didn’t really want to be a doctor, which was a tough epiphany. It was the death of a dream I’d had since I was 12.

I went on to get a cushy job in program management at a medical school, since I had a degree that got me there. But making thrillingly complicated spreadsheets wasn’t my idea of excitement, and I had a boss who tried to nitpick and control everything I did – to the point of trying to dictate emails I was supposed to write.

I spent a few months looking for other jobs, but the clock was ticking on my ability to stay sane. That’s when I got a letter in the mail from American Writers & Artists, Inc., that introduced copywriting as a viable freelance writing profession.

I’d made it all the way through grad school without ever having heard of copywriting, so I was plenty skeptical. But I researched it and found nothing but good news. (more…)

Want To Make More Money Online? It’s Time To Get Specific

Want To Make More Money Online It’s Time To Get SpecificBy Angie Nelson

Regardless of your service offerings, you can benefit from specializing. Freelance writers, graphic designers, virtual assistants and even social media managers are able to niche. That may mean working with a specific type of person or on a specific type of project. The possibilities are endless. And the reasons behind getting specific are plentiful.

Why Should a Freelancer Specialize?

It’s difficult and expensive to market to everyone for everything.

And let’s not just think of the monetary investment but the time involved. And with no focus how will you ever make a meaningful connection? Chances are good that your message is coming across as vague because you aren’t willing to commit. The end result: all of those people you are trying to talk to really aren’t sure whether you are a good fit for them or not.

You can demand more money.

It’s all about perceived value when a customer makes any kind of purchase. We automatically value the opinion and product of a specialist or an expert more than a jack of all trades. Clients want someone with industry experience. If I am hiring a blog assistant for my beauty blog it makes my job much easier if the person I am hiring is already involved in this niche. They know what readers are looking for, they know the active communities and etiquette and they know where to go to get the job done without much training or hand-holding. That is value. (more…)

Is Your Website Set Up To Grab Clients?

Is Your Website Set Up To Grab Clients?By Danielle Buffardi

In this digitally-driven world, it’s imperative to have an eye-catching website. Unfortunately not every company has one of those, and if you’ve ever come across one – I bet you remember your experience with it quite clearly. Either it was set up to busily, or you couldn’t find what it was you were looking for, perhaps you were simply turned off due to the colors that were chosen. Whatever it was that made you click the “X” in the top right corner, left a sour taste in your digital mouth – and I’m sure you won’t be recommending the company or their product to your friends any time soon.

1. Clarity:

This is so important when it comes to not only designing your website, but writing the copy that goes on it. Potential clientele can make a decision about your brand within five seconds of landing on your web page. If they turn away, it will be mighty hard coaxing them to come back. But if you can entice them to stay from the start, then keeping them will be that much easier. Have clear and concise motives when it comes to your site – know your product in and out and know how to write about it in an appealing way. (more…)

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