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Maternity Leave: What It’s Like When You Work From Home

Maternity Leave: What It's Like When You Work From HomeBy Anum Yoon

Being self-employed can be incredibly liberating. You are allowed to follow your passions and make your own rules. Being self-employed can also be incredibly burdensome. If you aren’t working, you aren’t making money.

When it comes to taking long periods of time off work, like maternity leave, self-employed women must be more prepared than women who get employer-paid time off. It’s not impossible, but it does take some careful consideration.

Here’s how to make the best of your maternity leave when you work from home.

Save, Save, Save 

Some states offer paid family leave for self-employed women, but most don’t. If you don’t live in a state that offers this kind of disability insurance, it will be up to you to save money prior to your leave. Decide how much time you’d like to take away from work then plan your savings accordingly. Also consider your future medical bills.

Everyone has heard the old adage a penny saved is a penny earned, but I’ve got a new one for you: a penny gifted is a penny saved. In other words, be smart about your baby shower registry. Yes, those frilly dresses and miniature tuxedos are adorable, but they are not practical or necessary. Ask friends and relatives for baby items that require a constant supply – diapers, wipes and creams. The less money you have to shell out for daily expenses, the further your saved dollars will stretch. (more…)

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The Work at Home Woman’s Guide to Consistently High Profits

The Work at Home Woman’s Guide to Consistently High Profits By Kelly Robbins

No one wants to spend their time scrambling for new clients – ever.

Yet being in front of people that need your services is the only way to make money and grow. Successful marketers know that there are two ways people buy.

One is they buy when they first find you. They have a problem and they are actively looking for a solution. Now. This is the prospect that picks up the phone and calls you or sends an email to schedule a consultation today.

The second way a prospect buys is when they are in the research or exploring phase and they run across your information – they really aren’t ready to buy yet. They are thinking and comparing and learning.  (more…)

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Anatomy of an Ecourse That Yields 50K+ Per Launch

Anatomy of an Ecourse That Yields 50K+ Per LaunchBy Helene Caura

Nikki Elledge Brown was a Park Ranger in Hawaii. She was good at communicating clearly to an audience. She decided to make an online course about it, and targeted website creators. She sold 1,000 of her $300 course during her very first launch.

Nick Stephenson teaches authors how to improve their marketing efforts and build their platform, and made $130,208 with his first launch, in one week.

In my first article, I researched why more and more coaches and experts are excited about creating e-courses. Kathryn Hocking, an Australian ecourse expert and launch strategist, sums it up very well: “It is a leveraged way to share your gifts with your ideal clients and make a greater global impact than 1:1 work alone, and it can allow you greater flexibility and freedom in your coaching business.

If you’re interested in learning how to design and develop your own online course, in today’s article, I’d like to:

  • Show you 5 things that happen behind the scenes that make successful courses.
  • Share with you objections I generally hear from experts who are interested in creating their first ecourse, but can’t get started.
  • Give you with tips and suggestions on how to overcome your invisible scripts, so you can launch your ecourse.


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How Businesses Should Approach the End of The Year

How Businesses Should Approach the End of The Year By Deborah Sweeney

According to the Kauffman Foundation, after falling for five years, the amount of new entrepreneurs as a percentage of the population finally picked back up. That means, for many, we aren’t just approaching the end of the year – we’re also approaching the end of their first year of business. And as exciting as that is, a lot of new entrepreneurs aren’t quite sure what they should be doing to prepare for the new year. Sure, most know they have to get their books in order for tax season, but many are still asking “what else?” Honestly, the answer varies from business to business, but there are a few, generic end-of-the-year tasks that can help nearly any new company heading into 2016.

Review Your Company’s Staffing Needs

The vast majority of small businesses do not have any employees – 79% of all small firms are non-employers, according to the Small Business Administration. So you shouldn’t feel like you need to hire someone in 2016. (more…)

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Make Money From Home with VarageSale

Make Money From Home with VarageSaleBy Holly Reisem Hanna

I’ve been a reseller for a LONG time. Even when I was little, I would clean out my toy box to see what toys I could sell at our neighborhood garage sale. This tradition stayed with me throughout my college years and well into my adult life. I’ve sold used clothes, books, shoes, baby gear, CDs, toys, and jewelry through consignment shops and pawn shops, through online classified sites, and via social media sites like Facebook. And while I’ve had success with these options, there were three things that always bothered me:

  • You don’t earn much at pawn shops, consignment shops, and garage sales.
  • Online classified ads can be scary, because you don’t know who you’re selling to.
  • Social media selling groups can be filled with drama and off topic conversations.

As it turns out, I’m not the only one who has these sorts of complaints. Tami Zuckerman was disappointed with the text-heavy classified sites and the limitations of the social media sites for selling, so she asked her programmer husband to build a better platform. To get a better idea of the current challenges faced by administrators of seller communities, Tami conferred with a leader of a local seller group. From there they were able to create a streamlined platform for both sellers and admins. Today VarageSale has over a million members across the US and Canada. (more…)

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