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Enter to WIN an 8fit Pro Membership and Get in Shape!

8fit giveawayDoes this story sound familiar to you?

“I have a 5 year old son and I have a demanding job as a project manager. I used to be very fit and watch what I eat, now I mostly eat takeout at my desk. My definition of exercise is doing housework and running errands. I want to get back in shape!”

As a mom, you don’t have always have time to care for your well-being. The 8fit app creates personalized, quick workouts that are practical for the modern women. Most of the exercises can be done in under 20 minutes in any environment, so you can complete them while getting ready for work, during your lunch break or before you pick up the kids.

The goal of 8fit is to help people get fit without making a huge time commitment, or have to rely on any facilities and expensive solutions.

Go ahead, try it out yourself. Don’t neglect your health because you’re too busy looking after your family.

The Prize:

8fit is giving away 5 x 1-year Pro memberships (valued at $60) to deserving women who need extra support in achieving their fitness goals. As a Pro member, you can expect the following:

  • personalized 2-week programs consisting of 10-20 minute sessions that can be done in any environment
  • progress tracking on metrics such as weight and body fat %
  • meal plan generated based on your goals and diet exclusions (nutrition is 80% of your results)
  • a personal trainer who provides one-on-one coaching via app


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Are Business Cards Old School?

Are Business Cards Old School? By Dawn Berryman

What do you consider your most important piece of marketing material? Your catalog? Your packaging? Your advertisements? Your social media accounts? How about your business card? Is that still as important as it once was or has it been replaced with LinkedIn and other contact apps?

Historically, your business card has often been the first impression of your company and yourself. Although they may not always be a first impression any more, with so many of us ‘meeting’ and networking online; I would argue that they are still a critical part of your marketing arsenal.

Things change, business evolves, and the world keeps turning. This is also true with business cards. Their presentation and strategy may have changed, but their purpose is still the same. They are no longer always the first way to exchange contact information. However, they now have much more potential.

I’ve always advocated for attractive and accurate business cards. Now, it’s even more important that they make a good impression because they are much more than just a card with your phone number on it. They really are an extension of your brand.

That being said, make sure that your cards mirror the brand you are portraying everywhere else. Make sure the colors match, the look is the same, the wording and taglines match up. The last thing you want to do is create a disconnect. Your card should match your website, social media channels, and other marketing materials. (more…)

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Actionable Tips For Dealing With Mental Health Issues at Work

Actionable Tips For Dealing With Mental Health Issues at WorkBy Robert Palmer

I’ve struggled with severe anxiety and depression over the years. For me, it’s been something that I can control fairly well. However, when I jumped into the world of a professional chef, those fronts I put up in every other place of work ceased to exist. Anxiety and depression hit me hard. During those month, my confidence plummeted and so did my overall self-worth and well-being. I began to notice myself spiraling into a state of repetitive depression and was experiencing unhappiness in many ways.

This does not have to be the case for everyone! Living with a mental health condition is definitely not easy but it can be manageable. After working in a make or break type of workplace, I have identified many things that I did incorrectly that were causing me more and more grief. Consider the following tips as my way of sharing what I learned through this process.

Take your breaks, even on your busiest days.

No matter how busy you are, it’s important to use all of your break time. Realistically the harder you work, the more your mind and body need a break. I used to work up to thirteen hour shifts at restaurants without taking a break. (more…)

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How Self-Trust is the Secret to Success

How Self-Trust is the Secret to SuccessBy Kelly Robbins

Your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship you have. It is, in fact, the foundation of every other relationship you form. Relationships with family, clients, friends, business partners, children …

The level of self-trust you have is particularly important when you are an entrepreneur creating fresh tracks in this world – making an impact in the life of yourself and others.

Being a successful work at woman is one constant course correction. There is no step-by-step, absolutely guaranteed formula for success. If there were everyone would be a successful business owner. The truth is the journey is different for everyone and success looks different for every woman. When you create something from nothing you must use your intuition – which requires you to trust your gut – and you have to know yourself in order to do that successfully.

If you don’t trust yourself you will ebb and flow with other people’s agenda’s and not be creating from your power. You won’t be tapping into your divine and unique gifts.

Here are 5 Personal Self-Checks to Help Clarify if You Don’t Trust Yourself:

1. You find yourself creating self-perpetuating cycles of stress and anxiety, never getting to a place where you are happy and satisfied; you don’t trust yourself. (more…)

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37 Ways to Make Money Selling Photos

37 Ways to Make Money Selling PhotosBy Holly Reisem Hanna

Are you a blogger who takes high quality images for your blog? Do you enjoy snapping photos of the world around you? Then you can start earning money by selling stock photos online.

The great thing about selling stock photos is you don’t need any special training, the opportunities are plentiful, and you don’t need a website to get started.

As long as you can provide images that have good lighting and color, a captivating moment, and correct composition — you can make a decent amount.

Like anything else, the better equipment you have, and the more experience and knowledge you have – the better your images will be, and the more lucrative this opportunity will be.

If you’d like to make money selling photos, here are some of the various types of gigs, where to find them, and how much they pay.

Stock Photo Sites: 

1) 123RF – Earn 60% commission when someone downloads your image.

2) 500Prime – Make money by uploading and selling your photos on 500Prime. Payments are made via PayPal. (more…)

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