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How to Make Money as a Retiree – Interview with Carolyn Wainscott

How to Make Money as a Retiree - Interview with Carolyn WainscottTell us a little bit about yourself and your entrepreneurial journey.

I am a 75 year old widow of 3 years after 55 years of marriage whose main focus in life has been my family and homemaking. I love designing, creating, and repurposing. I was very involved with my children and their activities, then my grandchildren, and now with my great grandchildren.

I count everything as a learning experience whether a success or not – from making my kid’s Halloween costumes to covering and upholstering our furniture, to designing my first quilt to send to my grandson who was in Hawaii. That was over 30 years ago and that design is now one of the patterns I’ve converted and sold online. I designed costumes and praise banners for our church’s Easter and Christmas productions – some of those will soon be making their way into pattern form too.

I jumped into online marketing on eBay – writing descriptions to catch customers’ interest, taking attractive photos, setting up my PayPal account, and dealing with customers via the Internet. Having to adhere to eBay’s strict customer satisfaction rating was a great experience and I still have a 100% approval rate. I’ve sold handmade items and vintage things I picked up at auctions. I loved it for a while, but have the attention span of a 2 year old and got tired of the packing, wrapping, and hassle of shipping.

In the late 80s while flipping through TV channels, an announcement came across the screen on one of the public access channels on learning to produce your own TV show and since that was something I hadn’t done, decided to call and give it a try. (more…)

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How to Become a Successful Party Plan Consultant

How to Become a Successful Party Plan ConsultantBy Angie Nelson

You’ve just signed up as a party plan independent consultant and you’re excited and eager to get going on what you hope will be a lucrative career in direct selling. You’re impressed by the business plan and believe in the income potential that could be yours in exchange for hard work and determination. You’ve probably invested some money in the products you’ll be selling, in marketing literature and in product training. But what do you really need to know during those first, few critical months to help you establish a solid business in direct sales?

Here are a few ideas to help you.

1. It’s essential that you like, believe in, use and be seen to use the products you’re selling.

If you don’t, then you’re never going to convince potential customers to buy and, more importantly, to keep buying and recommending the products to others.

2. Prepare thoroughly for your first party presentation.

Write out your presentation, practice delivering it, and think of all the questions you may be asked. Pay particular attention to any aspects of the product that may attract negative comments or difficult questions and have answers ready. (more…)

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Can You Make Money Online Using Product Report Card?

Can You Make Money Online Using Product Report Card? By Kimi Clark

Product Report Card- maybe you’ve heard of it. But the big question is, can you make money online using Product Report Card?

Let me share a little info with you so you can decide for yourself.

Product Report Card is a site that allows you to sign up to receive paid survey invitations via email. It takes less than five minutes to sign up, and it’s 100% free.

Once you have signed up, your first survey should arrive in your inbox within 24 hours. You get paid for each survey you complete, so yes, the more surveys you take, the more money you will make.

You won’t qualify for every survey, and some do require a purchase or some sort of sign up, but not all. I completed a LinkedIn survey and earned $2.50, I didn’t have to sign up for anything, and it didn’t take much time at all.

You can choose to be paid in cash, in free products or in gift codes to redeem for products. (Note that there is a $25 threshold for payout).

You can start earning money with Product Report Card right off the bat by filling out different profiles. These profiles will help the company know which surveys you’re more apt to qualify for, so I would recommend doing as many of these as your time allows. (more…)

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How to Become an Event Planner – Interview with Candice Coppola

How to Become an Event PlannerTell us a little bit about yourself and your entrepreneurial journey.

My name is Candice Coppola and I am the creative force behind Jubilee Events. When I opened this company in 2007 I had two objectives: to give my clients an unforgettable experience while planning their parties and to create beautiful, innovative events that clients and their guests would never forget. I have the amazing opportunity to work one-on-one with extraordinary people as they host a monumental occasion.

I gained my experience in design from studying art and art history at Central Connecticut State University. In 2007, Jubilee Events was created after discovering that the area was missing a fresh, young, and unique perspective on event design and planning. We launched our destination brand in 2014 after working with several clients across the world on their unique weddings. I moved to Barbados permanently after living on this beautiful island off and on since 2012.

At Jubilee Events, we provide an unparalleled level of service to each of our clients with our unique and fun planning experience. Our primary focus is bringing to life your incredible love story and vision through design, organization, and planning.

Our work and voice can be seen in many publications, but most recently and most notably in a new inspirational coffee table book I co-authored entitled, The White Dress: in Color — Inspirations for the Modern Bride. (more…)

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Adding Additional Services Can Increase Your Income

Adding Additional Services Can Increase Your Income By Cathi Nelson

As a work at home women, you’ve likely developed many skills that can be added to your existing businesses. Thus, if you’re looking to increase your income, consider adding a niche. Offering a more specialized service can expand your clientele, diversify your company, and increase your income. For example, if you are a massage therapist, consider learning and adding nutritional counseling, or if you’ve developed strong social media skills, offer these services to help businesses.

In particular, professional organizers are finding that offering a photo organizing service is a way to reconnect with past clients and meet new ones. Even if you have no prior experience with photo organizing, the Association of Personal Photo Organizing can teach you the skills you need to please your client.

I interviewed three professional organizers who found that adding photo organizing to their businesses helped them expanded their existing network of clients.

Here’s the inside scoop from three established professional organizers.

Standolyn Robertson – Professional Organizer – 15 years


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