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My Open Casting Call Was Exactly The Shark Tank Experience I Imagined

My Open Casting Call Was Exactly The Shark Tank Experience I ImaginedBy Jan Pinnington

The self- employed are never far from the television when the investors are swimming in the Shark Tank. It’s become an addiction for those passionate entrepreneurs looking to take their businesses to the next level with a little help from the Sharks.

I am no exception, finding myself glued to the television imagining myself in front of the shrewd investor panel tuning my ears off to the words “I’m out”. Because it’s just not possible to believe that these Sharks don’t share my passion and vision.

But why just sit around like the countless masses dreaming about my opportunity between commercials? I have decided to throw my hat in the Shark Tank ring and take a chance on becoming the NBT (Next Big Thing)!

So my husband Greg and I loaded up the truck and drove to Tennessee! Casting calls were the next day so we thought we’d swing by and familiarize ourselves with the area the day before.

We soon came upon a line of eager Shark Tank hopefuls vying to be one of the first 500 entrepreneurs guaranteed to be seen by the Shark Tank Casting team.

The entrepreneurial spirit was manifested when a young “go-getter” offered to call us when the line got to 100 people for a mere $20. My husband promptly rejected the offer with a curt “I’m Out”!  Even though this strategy may have afforded us some much-needed sleep it really didn’t matter because we didn’t sleep a wink that Thursday night. (more…)

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Making Money as a Professional Organizer – Interview with Angela Ploetz

Making Money as a Professional OrganizerTell us a little bit about yourself and your entrepreneurial journey.

I have been an entrepreneur from a very young age. Growing up I made a variety of items and sold them. I even sold things out of my window to the neighborhood children. After graduating from college, I worked from local government for several years and after having my first child I knew I was going to have to make a career change. That was when I looked at what I loved and what I could do that would allow some flexibility. I sought out training in Professional Organizing and joined my local NAPO chapter. Soon after that I quit my full-time job and started my business full time.

Do you have any special training?

Yes, I felt it was important to get training before I took my first client. I didn’t want people to think that one day I just decided to be a professional organizer and therefore I WAS one. So I went to training to learn about becoming an organizer and I got certified in the FreedomFiler paper filing system. After a few years in the business, I studied and sat for the exam to become a Certified Professional Organizer, CPO ®. I really believe training is important in building your own confidence and letting your clients know you are serious about your business.

What types of services and products do you offer?

I offer Professional Organizing and unpacking services for clients who have just moved. My team and I can help someone get out of moving boxes and get their home set up in a matter of a few days rather than the months or years it often takes. (more…)

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Etsy vs. eBay for Reselling: How to Choose

Etsy vs. eBay for Reselling How to ChooseBy Emily Belcher

One of the most common questions that people have when they are interested in selling online is where they should set up shop to sell their items. While there are several other online platforms to choose from, most people debate whether to choose Etsy or eBay for their work at home business of reselling.

eBay is very well known for the array of unique and rare to popular items for sale on their site. If someone is looking for a deal, they are most likely going to check eBay for the item in question first.

On the other side of the ring, there is another favorable haven for sellers: Etsy. Etsy isn’t just a spot for crafters to sell their handmade items. There are plenty of Etsy shops booming in the vintage or craft supplies businesses as well.

Here are 3 things to consider when choosing where to sell your items:

1. What to Sell

The first decision is what you want to sell. Most people “test the waters” with selling items that they no longer use or need from around their home. If all goes well, you’ll run out of items and need to consider what you think you could make a profit on by reselling. (more…)

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3 Signs That You Could Be Signing Up For An SEO Scam

3 Signs That You Could Be Signing Up For An SEO ScamBy Liz Lockard

If you’ve had a website up and running for any amount of time, you may have found more than one of these in your inbox at some point …

SUBJECT: How To Increase Your Website Ranking And Traffic

Dear Sir/Madam,

We can get your website on top of search Engines. All work will be

done as per Google’s guidelines (Panda, penguin and hummingbird).

Please reply on this e-mail for more info. (Guaranteed Results)



Okay, maybe they sign the email with a more legitimate name, but you get the idea.

And it can be pretty tempting, because as a website owner – of COURSE you want more traffic to your website and that whole SEO thing can be pretty freakin’ confusing at times.

I hope for your sake that you have *never* replied to one of these emails or engaged them in any sort of SEO services. 99% of the time, these are spam pitches from faraway agencies who are using sketchy tactics to make it appear as though you may or may not have more traffic. “Sketchy” meaning they’re sending fake traffic or doing things that’ll end up getting you a spam violation from Google later. (more…)

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Goal Setting for Work at Home Moms

Goal Setting for Work at Home MomsBy Deb Bixler

Many women who start working from home do so because they have children and plan to supplement the family income without taking time away from the kids. The work at home moms (WAHM) who actually succeed, do so because they have established clear goals for their home-based business.

Work At Home Goal Setting

The key to achieving your work at home goals is simple. It boils down to only one question.

  • What is enough?
  • Are you scheduling enough time to accomplish your goals for your business?
  • Are you giving yourself enough time to manage your business?

It is really not about time management. It is more about commitment management!

Most people completely underestimate the time required for a project or necessary to achieve the desired results from their business. There are all kinds of projects, or activities that we underestimate all the time. (more…)

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