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From PJ’s to Pumps – What to Wear When Working From Home?

 From PJ’s to Pumps – What to Wear?? By Cathi Nelson

If you are a work from home women like me, it is likely you spend a good part of your day in yoga pants, sneakers, and a comfy sweatshirt. In fact, my partner and I work remotely and many days we laugh that it is four o’clock and we are still in our pajamas, working away on our computers. We both dread when clients ask us if we want to Skype because that requires lipstick, makeup, and styled hair.

As much as I love working from home, I have found that when it is time for me to attend a conference, networking meeting, or business event I suddenly feel insecure about “what am I going to wear”.  Gone are the days when I had to choose an outfit each day, now it more like once a month so I am essentially out of practice. In addition, I don’t have the time or desire to study the latest fashions trends. I want to focus my time and energy on growing my business, not worry about what to wear.

When I was preparing for our 4th annual conference this spring I found myself facing the same dilemma. Our conference was in Orlando, Florida and I had been living in warm fleece throughout our cold New England winter. I asked Jane Pollak, a business coach I admire who helped her with her outfits and she told me about Scarlett De Bease, a professional Image and Style Coach who specializes in working with women over 40 who are tired of stressing about dressing. I called that day and hired her for a half-day styling session. It was the best investment. (more…)

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Actionable Tips For Dealing With Mental Health Issues at Work

Actionable Tips For Dealing With Mental Health Issues at WorkBy Robert Palmer

I’ve struggled with severe anxiety and depression over the years. For me, it’s been something that I can control fairly well. However, when I jumped into the world of a professional chef, those fronts I put up in every other place of work ceased to exist. Anxiety and depression hit me hard. During those month, my confidence plummeted and so did my overall self-worth and well-being. I began to notice myself spiraling into a state of repetitive depression and was experiencing unhappiness in many ways.

This does not have to be the case for everyone! Living with a mental health condition is definitely not easy but it can be manageable. After working in a make or break type of workplace, I have identified many things that I did incorrectly that were causing me more and more grief. Consider the following tips as my way of sharing what I learned through this process.

Take your breaks, even on your busiest days.

No matter how busy you are, it’s important to use all of your break time. Realistically the harder you work, the more your mind and body need a break. I used to work up to thirteen hour shifts at restaurants without taking a break. (more…)

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37 Ways to Make Money Selling Photos

37 Ways to Make Money Selling PhotosBy Holly Reisem Hanna

Are you a blogger who takes high quality images for your blog? Do you enjoy snapping photos of the world around you? Then you can start earning money by selling stock photos online.

The great thing about selling stock photos is you don’t need any special training, the opportunities are plentiful, and you don’t need a website to get started.

As long as you can provide images that have good lighting and color, a captivating moment, and correct composition — you can make a decent amount.

Like anything else, the better equipment you have, and the more experience and knowledge you have – the better your images will be, and the more lucrative this opportunity will be.

If you’d like to make money selling photos, here are some of the various types of gigs, where to find them, and how much they pay.

Stock Photo Sites: 

1) 123RF – Earn 60% commission when someone downloads your image.

2) 500Prime – Make money by uploading and selling your photos on 500Prime. Payments are made via PayPal. (more…)

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5 Questions to Consider When Moving to a Home Office

5 Questions to Consider When Moving to a Home OfficeBy Christy Schutz

My husband and I are in the midst of moving our business and transitioning our traditional office space to a home office. Basically, we weighed the pros and cons (and ultimately the costs) of retaining our leased space and it just makes the most sense to move our operation home. As a result, I am learning some important lessons that might help others as they consider whether a work from home option would work for them. Here are five questions to answer before moving your business home.

1. Do you have the technology resources needed to accommodate your business?

Our business needs an internet connection, dedicated fax line, and at least two phone lines (that can roll over to the next line should the first be busy). In addition, and most importantly, we have to keep our two toll-free numbers. The toll-free numbers were the deal breakers! Our business has legacy (we have been in business for 73 years), so changing the numbers would have adverse effects on our customers’ ability to reach us. Facilitating these changes at our home was harder than it might seem and ended up being the most complex part of our move.

I’d recommend you map out what you must have, and then call up your local provider to talk over the options. Depending on your provider and the area you live in, there may be some services that are not available to residential customers that you cannot live without. Scope this out early in the process so you can determine whether or not the move is feasible. (more…)

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Summertime Productivity Hacks for Work at Home Moms

Summertime Productivity Hacks for Work at Home MomsBy Jan Pinnington

A wall calendar, an egg timer, and a handful of water balloons helped this work-at-home mom stay productive during the hazy lazy days of summer.

Months and months of carefully planned schedules, routines, and systematic living abruptly ends, and as exciting as summer break can be for both you and the kids, it’s also a time of year that can wreak havoc if you work from home. Gone are the days of quiet, serene, and reflective “alone time” where you can retreat back home from the carpool line to a full pot of coffee and daily to-do list.

Instead, hello summer! It’s a busy time for entertaining energetic kids, friends, pets, and projects all while managing the chatter, excitement, and constant activity that happens steadily through your slamming front door.

No wonder the summer is the least productive time for women who work from home. Our momma gene kicks into high gear as each of us strains to balance work life with family life. We don’t want to miss a single work related deadline OR magical milestone in the life of our children, and summer break puts extra special challenges in our way.

But working from home can be a blessing in the summertime, especially if you have the tactics to not only survive, but to thrive.  Take it from this work-at-home mom – yes, you can have your watermelon and eat it too. (more…)

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