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Interview with Carly Fauth — Head of Marketing for Money Crashers

Carly FauthTell us about Money Crashers and your functions as head of marketing.

Money Crashers is a personal finance website. It’s goal is to educate its readers and followers on ways to better manage money, including articles on saving for retirement, investing, cutting monthly bills, and budgeting, among many other topics. I’m responsible for all general marketing responsibilities including content marketing, creating strategies to boost online traffic, and improving SEO. I’m also head of our website’s guest posting campaign.

How were you able to bring your current position home?

I connected with the CEO of Money Crashers in the past when I was at my previous position through a guest posting relationship. I decided I was looking for a role with more responsibilities, and after a few conversations, I was able to do just that. Both positions were work from home, so I really didn’t have to do anything regarding that.

Are there any tips you would recommend to people who want to do the same?

If you’re currently working a traditional career at the office of your employer, try to identify some of the tasks you might be able to complete from your home office rather than going in each day. (more…)

How These Two Women are Making Money from Travel Writing

How These Two Women are Making Money from Travel WritingBy Holly Reisem Hanna

When I talk to individuals about their dream work at home job — it always revolves around travel. After all, who wouldn’t want to travel the world and get paid for it?! But what does it take to be a travel writer? How much can you really earn? And how can you get started as a travel writer?

Last week I had the opportunity to chat with Anja Mutic and Holly Johnson and here’s what they had to say about working from home in the travel industry.

Name: Anja Mutic

Website: EverTheNomad.com

Twitter: @everthenomad

Tell us how you got into travel writing.

At a point of transition in my early career, after just moving to New York City in 2000, I sat and thought about what to do next. At the time I had an entry-level job in publishing, as an editorial coordinator. While it was fine for my first New York City job, it wasn’t fulfilling. After some soul-searching, I realized I’d love to combine two of my passions – writing and traveling. Once this realization came to me, a job opportunity followed – through an ad in The New York Times. It was for an online editor for Rough Guides (a British guidebook publisher that had a New York office back then). I applied, interviewed and got the job. (more…)

What I’d Teach My Kids About Working at Home

What I’d Teach My Kids About Working at HomeBy Christy Schutz

Last week I clicked on a funny link on Buzzfeed called “38 Things Only People Who Work From Home Will Understand.” There are several examples that definitely ring true, like our insanely awesome commute or the sad fact that we rarely get to enjoy office Christmas parties. There were a couple of other examples of how others might be a tad bit confused about what we are really doing at home, even our family members. As I reflected on that fact, some interesting questions popped into my head. Will any of my children choose to work at home during their professional careers? Are there some important things I need to teach them about working remotely? As a result, I compiled the following list of things I’d like to teach my children about working at home.

1. You will be able to stay more connected to your family.

The flexibility telecommuting typically offers and a physical presence at home is what gives remote workers the edge in this instance. And this point alone may be enough to entice the next generation into considering arrangements that allow them to work from home, particularly when considering the career goals and needs that research shows are most important  them. For example, according to a study done by the Cooperative Institutional Research Program (CIRP), which has been surveying incoming freshmen at U.S. colleges and universities for the past 50 years, 73.6% of kids who participated in the 2012 study reported that they considered “raising a family” to be an “essential” or “very important” aspect of their future lives. This work situation can help you to keep your family a priority. (more…)

5 Ways to Reduce Loneliness When Working From Home

5 Ways to Reduce Loneliness When Working From Home   By Cathi Nelson

One of the rituals I enjoyed most while working in an office was the daily walk to the coffee shop. Every morning a group of us would line up ordering our favorite latte or cappuccino chatting the entire time. The conversation was light hearted; what we had for dinner, a review of a favorite TV show, a morning wardrobe malfunction or our plans for the weekend. When I resigned to spend more time with my newly adopted son and work from home, I found myself out of sorts, feeling sad and lonely. Even though I loved working from home, something was missing. I eventually realized it was the “conversation around the water cooler”! Over the years, I found solutions to help combat the loneliness.

Here are 5 ways you to can find connections and community even though you work from home.

Get Out Often:

One day I realized I was going to the grocery store almost every day and it wasn’t because I needed anything, I just needed to be in a place with other people. Now I schedule a daily lunch break with myself. I run an errand, go to the post office, grocery store, take a walk or meet a friend for lunch.  Even if I don’t speak with anyone, I find this  break crucial to my emotional health.

Attend a Small Business Conference: 

Every year I attend at least one small business conference. (more…)

Three Virtual Assistants Who Have Taken Their Businesses to Six Figures

Three Virtual Assistants Who Have Taken Their Businesses to Six FiguresBy Holly Reisem Hanna

When I first started my work at home quest, I was excited to learned about the Virtual Assistant (VA) field. Not only did I possess many of the traits that VAs need (enjoy helping people and good time management and organizational skills), but it’s a profession that allows you to cash in on the skills and knowledge you already have. So if you’re good with numbers, you can focus on bookkeeping, or if you’re a social butterfly, you can focus on social media marketing — the services you can offer a truly endless.

But how do you go from making minimum wage rates to six figures a year?

We have three VAs who are sharing their stories today. Let me introduce to you our superstar VAs. We have Michelle Dale of Virtual Miss Friday, Sherry Carnahan of Total Office Inc, and Michelle Mangen of Your Virtual Assistant LLC. Not only are these women sharing how much they make, but they are dishing the dirt on how they do it. (more…)

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