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6 Spring Wardrobe Essentials for the Work at Home Woman

6 Spring Wardrobe Essentials for the Work at Home WomanBy Holly Reisem Hanna

One of the many perks of working from home is that you don’t have wear formal business attire. But just because you have a casual dress code doesn’t mean that you should lounge around in your pajamas all day. In fact, research has shown that how you dress when you work affects not only your mindset, but also your productivity and mood.

The key when purchasing clothing for your work at home wardrobe is to keep things simple, yet versatile. That way your wardrobe can function both for your relaxed home office days, and your more formal days when you meet with clients or colleagues.

Here are 6 wardrobe essentials that every work at home woman should have in her closet.

Dark Trouser Jeans:

Trouser jeans are perfect for dressing up, yet causal enough to be worn daily. When you purchase denim, try to purchase the darkest wash possible. Not only do darker washes look slimming and more refined, they last longer than lighter shades and they look good with every shoe color.

CAbi – Zoe Jean

White Blouse:

Who said white blouses have to be boring? Choose a white blouse with a simple pattern or a unique cut. Not only do they go with everything from jeans to skirts, but you can wear them all year around. (more…)

Love Entertaining? Work from Home Hosting Food Parties

Love Entertaining? Work from Home Hosting Food Parties - The Work at Home WomanBy Holly Reisem Hanna

Food, it brings us together, it nourishes our bodies and delights our tastebuds. But did you know that Americans alone spend $478 billion dollars a year on groceries (USDA)?! Now wouldn’t you like to get in on a piece of that action?

If you answered “yes” to the question above, I’ve found the perfect home-based business for you. Last summer I was contacted by Tastefully Simple to work together on a campaign called Project Simplicity. While I’d heard of Tastefully Simple, I had no prior experience with them. Being a foodie myself and an advocate of empowering women to live life on their own terms — I jumped at the opportunity to find out more. (more…)

Standing Proud with Global Telework Week

Global Telework Week By Christy Schutz

March 3 – 7, 2014 is Global Telework Week. Now in its fourth year, Telework Week is an initiative by Mobile Work Exchange designed to encourage workers to work virtually for one or more days during the designated week (which has been observed the first week in March since 2011). Those who have agreed to participate come from a wide range of entities, like government agencies, private/public companies, and even individuals who have simply said they will take advantage of their particular flexible work arrangement and work from home some or all of that week.

I have had the privilege of being a remote employee for many years. In addition, I have stayed focused on the aspects that benefit, promote, and limit the world of telework due to my contributions to The Work at Home Woman. Despite all of this, I have never heard of Telework Week! I, for one, am excited about ANY movement that helps promote the benefits of working from home!

So, I’m joining the band wagon and dedicating my post this month to help promote it. (more…)

Snow Day Ideas for the Work-at-Home Mom

Snow Days Ideas for the Work-at-Home MomBy Jill Hart

As a kid I used to LOVE snow days. Living in the Midwest we got our fair share of snow days. As the years went by I got married, started a family and had kids of my own who look forward to snow days. I also work from home, which means, unless there is a power outage or the Internet is down, I am technically able to still work from home. Unfortunately, this takes time away from my children who want to have some mom-time after frolicking in the snow making snow angels and, of course, having a snow ball fight.

What’s a work-at-home mom to do?!

Here are some ideas I trust will help keep your snow days productive and memorable. (more…)

20 Waking Actions to Stay Productive All Day

20 Waking Actions to Stay Productive All DayBy Katie Elizabeth

When you work from home it can be tempting to sleep in and get a slow, mellow start to your morning. Most of us however, also like the idea of day-long productivity, and the best way to meet your goals is to start your morning right. If you do that, the rest of your day will flow much more smoothly.

Here are 20 things you can do first thing in the morning to help you stay productive for the rest of your day.

1. Lose the snooze.

Once your alarm goes off, get right up. Drifting off to sleep for a couple more minutes serves no purpose, since you won’t be getting any deep, restorative sleep. If you’re waking up groggy, set your alarm a bit later or go to bed earlier.

2. Stretch it out.

It’s important to stretch your muscles first thing in the morning, especially if you sit at a desk for long amounts of time. This will improve your circulation and your posture. (more…)

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