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Top Work at Home Jobs

Top Work at Home JobsBy Holly Reisem Hanna

With unemployment on the rise, companies looking to get leaner and individuals looking to achieve better work-life balance, working at home is becoming more popular than ever.

Even though the Internet has made it possible for more and more people to do their jobs from home, not all jobs translate well to this arrangement.

So what are some of the top work at home jobs?

Take a look below at the different career paths for working at home and the top jobs in each category.

Do you love your current job?

Telecommuting Proposal.

If you already have a job that you adore, perhaps you can take it home by writing and submitting a telecommuting proposal. Start by checking your companies telecommuting policy and then do your research and write up a flex time or work-at-home proposal. Make sure your proposal includes all of the benefits to the company – including the cost to recruit and hire a new employee to replace you if you decide to leave.

Some ideal jobs for telecommuting would be …

Do you want to be your own boss?

Become an Entrepreneur.

With the explosion of the internet, starting your own home-based business is easier and more convenient than ever. One of the biggest challenges for many aspiring entrepreneurs is finding the perfect business idea, but with a little brainstorming and inventory taking you can find the perfect fit.

Here are some hot trends right now…

Do you need to make money now?

Telecommuting Job.

To find a company that hires home-based employees, start by searching the major job board sites using the terms: “work at home”, “work from home”, “home-based”, “remote”, “virtual”, “telecommute”, and “telework”. If you have a little money to spare, a FlexJobs membership is well worth the price.  Not only are they a member of the Better Business Bureau but they hand screen all of the jobs before posting you can rest assured that you’re dealing with reputable companies.

Some of the top jobs in this category are…

Are you a natural sales woman?

Direct Sales.

The direct sales industry has come a long way in the past 20 years; now offering products from major designers and well-known corporations – the opportunities are endless. Here’s how it works, for a small start up fee the direct sales company gives you everything that you need to start selling their products. And for every product that you sell you’ll earn a commission.

Here are a few companies that have unique opportunities…

Do you have money to invest?

Home-Based Franchise.

If you have money to invest or you’re willing to take out a loan, a franchise can be a low-risk and lucrative way to work-at-home. The nice thing about a franchise is that all the hard work has been done for you; you basically pay for the franchise and fees and you’re given a detailed road map on how to replicate the business exactly. Many franchises also have well known and established brand names, so you spend less money on marketing and advertising your business.

Here are some affordable home-based franchise opportunities…

Go here to see the Top 10 Home-Based Franchises for Women.

Need more work at home ideas? Make sure to check out or list of 99 work at home career ideas for women.

Do you work at home? What industry do you work in? What opportunities do you think are hot right now?

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15 Responses to “Top Work at Home Jobs”

  1. 1
    C Johnson says:

    I work for a company that hires work from home independent contractors. The company has an A+ BBB rating but it is still hard to convince people that it is not a scam. I’ve been doing it for two years and love it.

  2. 2
    Stesha says:

    I’m a fellow blogger, but I love the other jobs that you’ve listed. A few of my friends are virtual assistants and love it!

    Hugs and Mocha,

  3. 3

    I have worked at home home 4 years! :)…My company is also hiring independent contractors to take inbound customer service, teach and sales calls :)

  4. 4
    nychic4 says:

    I found that working from home is a very hard thing to do, most people think they’re attaching themselves to a scam when they do some of these things.

    I was lucky to find one that is legit and im reaping the benefits from it now. I thank my friend who helped me find it, and she’s been doing it for 3 years now. I found it through this

    Find the freedom of living your life not working it away.

  5. 5

    i’ve been sharing these opportunities on Facebook and twitter…thank you so much for taking the time to research and share reputable work-from-home jobs.

  6. 6
    JR says:

    I started working at home a year ago when a friend referred my to an online company that pays you to do advertising. Very legit and I am glad I did it. Here is the link to help you get started

  7. 7
    R says:

    Hi Holly.

    I was able to work from home by tutoring English to nearby foreign students. Conversational. It was pretty easy to get started. Felt like writing a guide too:

    Although, it was a bit of a problem getting people to visit who lived far away.

    Thanks for the post!

  8. 8
    Charlie says:

    I work for Peabody Chase. You will not find a better work at home position I have work for arise teleperformance and a few others. PC allows me to have a very flexible schedule while allowing me to make great money!! On the interview I was told they care more about the quality of the work more than the hours you put in. From what I know there is no company that come close to them wen it comes to earnings.

    • 8.1
      Janet says:

      I would like to learn more about Peabody Chase and what you actually do. I work at home and I am trying to find a second work at home job.
      Thank you,

  9. 9
    katie says:

    I found a great company that focuses on green living and staying with kids. Take a look at

  10. 10
    Nicole B says:

    I know you can find many of these job positions on a search engine specifically for work at home and telecommute jobs.

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