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Travel Blogging – The Ultimate How To Guide

Travel Blogging - The Ultimate How To GuideBy Ally Biring

If you are a work at home woman, you should understand that you are simply not constricted by the four walls around you – or more to the point, you are not confined to your house, town, state or even country. Since the birth of the Internet people have been blogging about everything under the planet; from coffee to mothering advice.

Have you ever considered that you do not have to be sat in front of a desk at all?

You could be sat by the Great Wall of China or on the stunning Tra Co Beach in Vietnam, imputing your discoveries onto an online blog. Simply put; all you need is a laptop – and a burning desire to taste, feel, see, experience and a will to learn new things all from around the World.

Starting Point – Working Out Where You Want To Go:

First up, and most importantly, decide where you want to travel to. Is your journey going to be a round trip of the UK visiting all the different counties? Inter-railing though every major city in Europe? – Or a full out quest to visit every country in the world? Why not visit all the countries? Anil Polat is doing precisely that in his blog FoXnoMad. Anil used to be a computer hacker, but decided to put down the digital weaponry and now travels the world – being able to financially support his adventure through blogging about it.

The Blog:

You will need a name for your travel blog which is short, catchy and that people will remember. Within this name you need to sum up what the ethos of your blog is. For example, ‘Nomadic Matt’ is short name which connotes that he perhaps doesn’t really have a permanent home and blogs about many different places.

Establish your blog on a popular blogging website such as WordPress or Blogger. These websites have great tools to help you customize your blog and make it personal to you. The advantage with WordPress is you can really get to grips with making your blog look unique. Have a look at a few different blogs created with WordPress here & here. On top of this, use social media sites to promote your blog to friends and family – always a great starting point to obtain a key group of followers.

Supporting Yourself Financially:

It is not recommended to stuff your laptop into your bag and be on your way around the World without solid planning. There are many factors you can utilize to harvest revenue through your blog. Here are a few.

Write Travel Articles for Other Blogs/Sites:

Some websites pay good money for articles that have been written about your travels. You will always have downtime on your journey, so writing a few articles to generate a bit of income is an easy option! Check out this site which offers $50 per article.

Setting up other Affiliate Blogs:

The market of affiliate blogs is huge. There is much money to be made if you are constantly on the blogosphere – so why not invest in an affiliate scheme. There are plenty of courses to attend which give great advice on how to create steady income from all around the world from these schemes.

Google AdSense:

Use Google AdSense to your advantage, placing adverts on your website that are relevant to your content. The more people that view your blog, the more the adverts will be seen and clicked on. However, making a lot of money with this will come from your blog being really popular – and that will take time. On top of this you can apply to ‘banner ad’ websites to feature on your site, which will create a slightly higher amount of revenue. Having an understanding of SEO (search engine optimization) can bring far more people to your site – and is often overlooked by bloggers. There are many books on SEO spanning different levels of difficulty.

Free Stuff:

You would be surprised at the amount of freebies & discounts that people/companies would be willing to give if you give them a positive write up. Have a look at this article for a prime example.

Other Titbits of Information:

Remember one thing; you are not alone. There are many people who have a plethora of advice and are willing to share it with you. There’s nothing wrong for asking for advice, it goes a long way in the travel blogging game!

Post regular interesting content on your blog. This can be done via sound, text, pictures or even video. The more specific it is to something, the easier it will be for an audience to latch onto.

The main reason you should be writing the blog is for yourself. As a woman, you should not be scared of the world and what it has to offer – it is there for the taking. All you have to do is have the guts to throw the boring 9-5 paperwork out the window in an effort to do something completely different with your life. Wouldn’t you like your office to be right here?

Travel Blogging; The Ultimate How To Guide was researched and written on behalf of Singapore; where budding travel bloggers can find somewhere to write, relax and sleep.

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2 Responses to “Travel Blogging – The Ultimate How To Guide”

  1. 1
    Nicola Pitt says:

    Great article! I’ve been keeping a travel blog the last year and a half about my experiences living in Mexico City. My one tip to others would be to NOT use Blogger. Although the new templates look really nice, it’s incredibly hard to add features to Blogger.

  2. 2
    Alison says:

    Thanks for pointing that out about the features aspect on blogger. I think wordpress is probably the best as you can start there and always migrate your site to a different server at a later stage and there is a lot of information out there to help you as well.

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