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Are Women Dominating the Social Media Realm? (Infographic)

By Holly Reisem Hanna

Recently, Forbes published their infamous list of The Top 30 Under 30, and like the majority of top lists that are published on the Web, women were underrepresented by a huge margin, specially in the categories of technology and social media. While these specific lists seemed to focus on technology creators (where women are making considerable contributions) these lists all too often forget the fact that women are the dominant users and adopters of technology and social media.

In fact, the ever so popular Pinterest, boasts a 97% female user rate here in the United States. I could rattle off stats all day, but instead, I’d like to show you this awesome infographic.

Displayed for you in a visual montage, are some highlights about Women’s social media usage, specifically focusing on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Yelp, Bebo, Ning, Blogs, Forums and few more.

Take a look at this information and let us know what you think about these stats. How is women’s dominance in the social media realm allowing women to call the shots? Are there social networks where men are dominating? Look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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