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5 Hot Work at Home Job Trends for 2013

5 Hot Work at Home Job Trends for 2013By Holly Reisem Hanna

With the unemployment rate at a staggering 7.7% and companies looking for ways to save money during these difficult financial times, freelancing and telecommuting are becoming more popular than ever.

According to Rich Pearson, Chief Marketing Officer for Elance, the growth of the virtual office means that employment is no longer contingent upon where you live, which is mutually beneficial for both job seekers and employers alike.

So what are some of the top ways to work from home for 2013?

1. Tech Specialists: Do You Speak Geek?

Technology Specialists are highly skilled and trained individuals that are familiar with core technologies such as PHP, JAVA, HTML, flash, mobile application development and much more. Not only do they diagnose and repair technical issues related to various computing network operations, but many create, design and mold the technology that we use. (more…)

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The Pros and Cons of Telecommuting

The Pros and Cons of TelecommutingBy Liz Krause

Telecommuting from home is not for everyone, but as IP technology such as IP phone systems and mobile apps continue to improve and gain popularity in businesses, more employees are finding themselves in a position to choose telecommuting as an option in the workplace.

A friend of mine recently told me of a conversation she had with her boss about possibility changing the company structure to allow all employees to work remote. Although she would have loved to work from home, she oddly enough found herself advising that he not do so at that particular time.

When I asked why, she simply answered, “The employees are not ready for telecommuting, it would do more harm than good.”

This got me thinking of the overall concept of working from home beyond my own personal experience. Having been self-employed with my husband for over 10 years, working from a home office is something I personally treasure – but this is not the case for everyone.

Here are some considerations to take in mind when thinking of telecommuting: (more…)

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How to Search for a Work at Home Job

How to Search for a Work at Home JobBy Holly Reisem Hanna

Many people want to work from home, especially moms that want to be readily available for their children; but they don’t know where to start. Just like any other job search, you will need to put in some time and effort, but once you do, you’ll be happy to find that there are a lot of work at home opportunities out there. Here are three tips to get you started with your work at home job search.

1. Search Major Career Job Sites.

Start by searching the major career sites like Indeed using the terms: “work at home”, “work from home”, “home based”, “remote”, “virtual”, “telecommute”, and “telework”. Because companies are trying to save money in this tough economy more and more businesses are hiring people to work from home.

Just for fun I’ve searched on Career Builder for “home based” positions, and I’ve come up with many pages of results. Yes, you’ll need to take the time to scavenge through these, but the opportunities are there for the taking. To help you get started, I’ve created a Job Board Page to assist you with your search. (more…)

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