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Growth: From Accidentally to On Purpose

Personal Growth for the work at home womanBy Christy Schutz

Currently I am privileged to be part of a terrific mastermind group (with some really smart people and a wonderful facilitator), and together we are studying the personal growth book, “The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth” by John C. Maxwell. His book really can be called “invaluable”— the personal growth tips I’ve picked up so far are life changing and I highly recommend you consider checking it out.

As I have attempted to ponder and process what I’m learning these past several weeks, there is one particular principle that has bubbled around in my head. And that is the idea that one has to get really intentional about growth (or, as Maxwell terms it, “The Law of Intentionality”). If you want to keep growing and advancing, whether that applies to your business, your industry, your relationships, your fitness, your knowledge base on a given topic—whatever—you have to actually plan to grow! It is not just going to happen automatically. (more…)

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From Zero to Abundance in 15 Seconds

From Zero to Abundance in 15 SecondsBy Tami Gomez

I’m an information junky. The more info I can cram into my head, the more information I can share with you. The problem with information is that unless we put what we learn into action, it’s useless – plain and simple.

I try to spend at least 30 minute each day expanding my knowledge of Personal Development. I might spend that time researching the latest news in my industry or testing a new philosophy that I’ve come up with. I split my time between running a full-time company, coaching clients from around the world, fulfilling speaking engagements and spending time with my family. Sometimes it’s a challenge just to find a few extra minutes for myself but I make sure I find the time because if I want to continue to manifest all of the things I want in life, I have to be disciplined in my efforts.

So what do I do with those few extra minutes? You’ll have to keep reading to find out. (more…)

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