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5 Tips for Getting Through a Busy Day Feeling Great

Tip for Getting Through a Busy DayBy Laurianna Murray

What a crazy time for me right now! I am working full time doing consulting – creating eLearning for large corporations – running my own Weight Loss and Lifestyle Coaching business AND planning a wedding! (Only 30 days left!) All this craziness means I am constantly trying to ensure I have enough energy to get through my checklist every day.

We all go through periods in our lives where we are on the move! We go from dropping the kids off at school, to a networking meeting, to client sessions, to working in your home office, back to school to pick the kids up, dinner, soccer… it goes on and on and on.

How do you keep up your energy and your strength? There is no ONE right way to do it, you each have to figure out what works best for you, but I can give you some ideas of what works for me and has worked for some of my clients. Try these tips and I am willing to bet, your energy will increase and help you get through that busy day feeling great!

1. Get enough sleep.

I know, I know! Who has TIME to sleep? However, your waking hours will be more productive if your mind and body have had time to recover from the day before. Trust me!

2. Drink more water. 

I know I sound like a broken record, I probably write this in all my blog posts – but it’s true. Water cleans out your system of toxins that end up in slowing you down and making you feel sluggish. The more you drink the better you will both feel AND look!

3. Eat your veggies.

It’s easy to toss a few veggies in your morning eggs or make up a big salad at lunch. Eating your vegetables is not only something you tell your kids over dinner – it is important for you too!

4. Exercise.

This may seem counter-intuitive, but it works. If you spend time moving your body and making it do the work it was made to do, it will thank you! You will feel stronger, more flexible and have more endurance. Endurance isn’t just for marathons – it is necessary for the marathon of life!

5. Avoid sugar and caffeine!

These two substances will slowly break you down. When you drink a coffee or have a tasty sweet, you are forcing your body to borrow from its reserves.  You aren’t using true energy. It’s like withdrawing money you do not have from the bank. Eventually you have to pay it back – and it is never easy to do!

As I speed through the countdown to my wedding, working long hours and trying to stay focused on what’s important – I am trying to make sure that keeping up my energy and strength  is one of my top priorities. I want to be healthy and happy as I move into my new life with my sweetie!

What reasons do YOU have for wanting to stay full of energy? What do you do that helps keep you going and working through those checklists?

Laurianna Murray is owner of Laurianna Murray Wellness and author of The Curvy Life blog.  After making a total life transformation and learning that being healthy can truly become a lifestyle, she is passionate about helping other women lose weight, have more energy and learn how to change their own lifestyle once and for all. She also has a desire to help people in the Bariatric surgery process be fully successful on their journey. She offers in person and telephone health coaching, cooking classes, meal planning and more.  You can follow Laurianna on Twitter @LAMwellness and @thecurvylife.

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One Response to “5 Tips for Getting Through a Busy Day Feeling Great”

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    John says:

    Hi, thanks for the tips! I also love to exercise before I start working in front of the computer, it is very helpful to make myself awake all day long. Aside from that, when I clock in for work, I have to set aside all the distractions so when my boss asks me to submit my reports I can do it in just a second. Perhaps what has been taught on this blog really helped me become more productive and focused at work.

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