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Change Your Vocabulary to Better Your Life

Change Your Vocabulary to Better Your LifeBy Carrie Severson

As an entrepreneur of two businesses, I’m too familiar with the word enough. For years, I used that word as though it were my business model.

I would show gratitude for a check that came in that was enough to cover a bill. And then I did it the next day. And the day after that. All I manifested was a financial flow just enough to cover what I needed to be covered.

My first business is a nonprofit, and I hit burnout pretty hard a few years into it. When I finally stopped running and gave myself permission to accept burnout, I had to also accept the fact that I was solely responsible for my burnout. I was solely responsible for my patterns and behavior. And our patterns and behavior in life all starts with our language.

During my recovery, I had to examine my very own operating system to understand how I manifested burnout. As a storyteller turned entrepreneur, I finally decided to look at my language. I went back through my journals and read old entries. I was utterly shocked by my words.

I had created my own burnout in my daily journal entries. The word enough was everywhere. I tossed it around like confetti.

Our vocabulary acts like a powerful magnet. The words we use attract their definition to us.

Merriam-Webster defines enough as equal to what is needed.

Merriam-Webster defines need as a lack of something necessary, desirable or useful.

Self-improvement is our greatest opportunity in life. We’re all on a journey and our choice to grow and better ourselves is one we have the chance to make each day.

We are unable to grow as women and as entrepreneurs when we use the word enough. The word itself means equal. There’s nothing greater than within the definition of enough. When we proclaim anything in life as enough, we simply draw in just enough to equal what we currently have or do not have.

And yet, so many of us use enough. Or better yet, so many of us use the phrase, “It’s not enough.”

I stopped using the word enough, and the word need three years ago.

I replaced the word enough with the word goal.

My goal is to bring in financial resources to cover all my bills.

Let’s move over to the next negative word that so many of us use.


The definition of need points out something we desire. So when we’re using it, all we’re doing is proclaiming ourselves as unsatisfied. So all we’ll attract back into our lives is more to need. We’re in a constant state of dissatisfaction with the word need.

I replaced the word need with welcome. I welcome your help.

Look through your journals, notes, emails and thoughts. Write down three words you’re using on an ongoing basis that are attracting negative results into your life and business.

What words can you replace them with today? You may have to shift your entire sentence around just to avoid using a word like enough or need. It will be worth though in the end.

When I stopped enoughing, I allowed what I really welcomed into my life! As a result of changing just a few simple words in my vocabulary, more money flowed into my business, I met amazing connections and a second business came to me! I attracted an ease to life that I hadn’t had the previous three years.

Your vocabulary can attract many possibilities to you. You’re worthy of all of this and more. Get to shifting your vocabulary and watch what changes in your world.

Wondering what other words should you banish from your vocabulary? Check out this great advice from Michael Hyatt.

Carrie is a two-time entrepreneur and writer. She trains inspired entrepreneurs how to share their stories to better their own brand and can be found at

Change Your Vocabulary to Better Your Life

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2 Responses to “Change Your Vocabulary to Better Your Life”

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    Michael says:

    Hi Carrie,

    Yes, words are very powerful and they shape our lives. I would also add “Thank You” is very powerful.

    Many people don’t take the time to pause and say “thank you” to people who are a blessing around them.

    By saying “thank you” you impact the lives of those you are thanking and yours as well in a positive way.


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