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How to Find Job Listings Through Social Media

By Lisa Swan

There are so many ways to find job postings these days, and social media is one of the fastest-growing methods of doing so.  So which social media sites should you use, and how do you find where the jobs are? Here are a few tips:

Start with LinkedIn

LinkedIn seems to be where many of the job listings are. Not only are there a variety of job listings on the site, but recruiters scour the site each day, looking for potential employees for positions. So if you do not have a LinkedIn account right now, you should set one up right away.

In addition, you should use the title, the summary, and the skills sections, as well as the traditional resume part of LinkedIn, in order to emphasize what you can do. This way, you could potentially be more appealing to recruiters searching on LinkedIn.

It is also recommended that you put a photo on your LinkedIn profile – some recruiters say that they will not reach out to any account without a picture. It is unclear whether that is a prevalent sentiment, but you may want to put a professional-looking photo on your profile anyway, just to be on the safe side.

In its “Jobs” section, LinkedIn will show you listings based on your current skills. But if you are looking to change careers, you can also look for jobs outside your present job just by doing a search in the section.  You can apply online at the site at the click of a mouse. LinkedIn also offers something called the Job Seeker Premium Account, where for a monthly fee, you can directly contact hiring managers, and be featured on their site as a job seeker.

Don’t Forget Other Social Media Sites

The other two social media sites you may want to pay attention to when it comes to job seeking are Twitter and Facebook. You can set up a Twitter account, list your skills in your profile, and then “follow” recruiters, job search listing accounts, and companies who would like to work for to see what is out there. You can also do Twitter searches to find job listings in your field. In addition, you can network on the site and make contacts who could help you with your job search.

Facebook is another place to search for jobs – some companies will run their listings on their pages. You may also find good networking contacts through the site for your job search. However, Facebook simply does not have the breadth of job listings as LinkedIn and Twitter do, because it is a more socially-oriented site.

Stay Connected

In closing, it is critical to be connected and active in social media when it comes to looking for a new job, but you may want to spend more time and energy on the sites that offer more in the way of job listings than the others do.

Lisa Swan is a representative of Institute for Coaching, a premiere life and executive coaching company.

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