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5 Unique Ways in Which Emotional Intelligence Can Aid the Work-at-Home Woman

By Sara Fletcher

Working at home is a common goal for many women, who are attracted by the freedom and flexibility provided by the opportunity. However, it is not for everyone – it takes a great deal of personal strength and initiative in order to make it truly successful. There are a variety of qualities that determine whether the work at home woman will succeed or not, but one that stands out above others is emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is defined by the ability to perceive and manage the emotions of oneself and others. Made popular by Daniel Goleman, more and more groups are recognizing the importance of emotional intelligence and its connection with performance and success. The benefits of emotional intelligence can be extended to nearly any individual, from C-level executives, customer service employees, and especially work at home professionals. The following are unique ways in which emotional intelligence aids women who work from home:

Focused Attention

Working at home can be both a blessing and a curse. While the individual is able to work at their own pace in comfort, they are also subjected to various distractions and interruptions throughout their day. However, emotional intelligence provides women with self-management skills, allowing them to stay control of their emotions and manage their behavior. With a heightened awareness and sense of control, women can better handle the demands of working at home.

Decision Making

When it comes to decision making, an endless variety of factors can prevent individuals from making a sound verdict. Temptations to choose the easy way or to give up quickly can be all too alluring. However, emotional intelligence allows individuals to keep track of their main goals, and not be easily swayed by their emotions. With the ability to keep their urges and desires in check, work at home professionals can make clear choices that benefit their business as a whole.

Make Better Connections

For women working at home, it can be difficult to find the opportunities to meet with other people. However, emotional intelligence can aid women with this endeavor, providing them with skills that allow them to better connect with people. One core component of emotional intelligence is relationship management, which allows individuals to pick up on the emotions of others. Using this awareness, emotionally intelligent individuals are more likely to manage interactions, increasing the chances of forming a successful connection.

Conflict Resolution

Working at home doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re working by yourself. Oftentimes, work-at-home professionals have to collaborate with a variety of individuals in order to get a project done. Therefore, women are most likely to run across a conflict or two throughout their career. However, emotional intelligence equips professionals with the skills needed to manage and overcome any situation. This quality enhances interpersonal skills, allowing work-at-home individuals to quickly emphasize and diffuse tricky conflicts and bring about a speedy resolution.

Customer Service

If your business focuses on e-commerce or providing a service, you need customer service skills in order to succeed. Luckily, emotional intelligence can help professionals market to their audience, because they are more likely to emphasize with them. They are better able to listen to others, understanding their motivations and providing them with the appropriate response. With the ability to emotionally connect with their customers, work-at-home can provide a satisfying experience for both themselves and others.

Sara Fletcher is interested in emotional intelligence at work and understanding how it correlates to the results of her eq test. She loves to explore psychology, business, and sports in relation to her emotional intelligence.

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    I have worked from home for nearly 10 years. I’d like to learn more about Emotional Intelligence as I’m sure I must have adopted it on the way to have survived this long. Thanks for sharing this post on

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