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Home Tutoring

Work at Home TutoringBy Holly Reisem Hanna

A tutor is a person who offers individual instruction in a given subject. Tutoring can be a wonderful home-based business opportunity, especially for those people who have an extensive knowledge of a subject; such as a college student who is majoring in English, a school teacher, or a person who is fluent a foreign language. There are also some good online courses that offer tutor training and certification that can prepare you for this type of work at home career.

Starting a tutoring business cost little to nothing to start up; you’ll need some basic school supplies, a few helpful reference books, and a website with Internet access. Word of mouth is a great way to promote your business to teachers and schools, along with posting flyers, and creating a website where can showcase your background experience, credentials, references, testimonials, and rates.

Tutors generally charge by the hour and can make anywhere from $10 – $75 per hour. So if you have an extensive knowledge of a certain subject, a positive attitude, a passion to help others, and you enjoy working with children — tutoring may be the perfect home-based business for you.


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Charge For Your Expertise:

Expertory is an online platform where experts can sell their knowledge through live online video chat. Often referred to as “The eBay of Learning”, Expertory gives professionals a platform to market, schedule, accept payments, and instruct individuals all in one place. Totally free to join, you decide when and where to teach, and how much you’ll charge. Expertory doesn’t take a cut until you’ve been paid and fees will vary depending on where the referral comes from.

Udemy is an online teaching platform that allows individuals to teach on a variety of subjects (business, design, art, education, music, etc.) Instructors create their content, publish it on the site, and then promote it. As an instructor you’ll set your rates and promote your classes for which you’ll receive 100% of the revenue. If a class is promoted through Udemy and a sale is made, they keep 50% of the revenue. Using Udemy is free, except for a small processing fee for accepting payments. According to their site, most instructors make an average of $7,000 annually. Udemy has been featured on Mashable, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times.

Check out this article for more sites where you can sell your expertise.


Online Teaching Jobs:

Connections Academy in an online public school system that hires virtual teachers, product consultants, school support communications managers, and curriculum writers. Positions require a Bachelor’s degree and active teaching certification for teaching positions.

Educate-Online hires online instructors to teach in a variety of subjects, grades K – 12. Must have a Bachelor’s degree with an active state teaching certification.

K12 offers individualized and tuition-free online public schooling and has a variety of job openings for virtual teachers grades K – 12, in varying disciplines.


Teach English as a Second Language (ESL Classes):

Cambly is an online, foreign language, tutoring platform that lets individuals practice their language skills with a native speaker. Online tutors make 17 cents per minute ($10.20/hour) talking to paying Cambly users. To get started you must be a native English or Spanish speaker, you must have a webcam and Internet connection. Payments are made via PayPal.

English Hunt is an online platform that hires individuals to teach ESL courses. Prior teaching experience is not required and compensation is determined on a case-by-case basis. All payments are made via direct deposit.

ISUS hires online, ESL, telephone teachers. Applicants must be a native English speaker, IT literate, and have prior experience with ESL or other education qualifications. Pay rates are competitive and quoted when you’re hired.

Tutor Group hires individuals to teach English as a second language (ESL) classes. Applicants will be requires to have a college degree, as well as computer skills and knowledge. The Tutor Group is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Teachers will be required to teach a minimum of 15 classes per week. ESL teachers are paid a base rate for each class taught and rates are determined by experience and other qualifications.


Tutoring Jobs:

Class of 1 hires remote-based tutors to teach English, math, science, as well as it offers assistance with homework. To become a tutor individuals must have a college degree and be comfortable using a computer.

Kaplan hires remote-based tutors and teachers for a wide range of subjects and areas from after-school programs to test preparation, higher education and professional training. They are looking for experts to teach finance, accounting, business, insurance, IT, real estate, legal, and healthcare courses. Average pay is around $21 per hour for individuals with experience.

SmartThinking hires home-based tutors. All tutors must successfully complete an online training program that focuses on skills and online instructional practices. Tutors must work a minimum of 9 hours per week and are paid by the hour.

Sylvan Learning hires online tutors to teach math and reading. Applicants must have a current teaching certification, be computer savvy, and have a high speed Internet connection. is a company that offers online tutoring services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To become an at home tutor you must fill out an application and pass an extensive screening test. Tutors can work anywhere, but work work a minimum of 5 hours per week. Tutors are paid monthly and rates are based on the number of subjects tutored and the subject.

Tutor Vista offers online tutoring services; you can also apply to become an online tutor. Qualified candidates will be a post graduate in your subject, have a computer, and be able to work a minimum of 4 hours per day.


Tutoring Resources and Education:

ESL Employment is an online job board for individuals who are looking to teach ESL classes. The sites offers job listings, resources, articles, an education corner, as well as a forum.

Home Tutoring Business (HTB) offers a complete business package to get you started with your own home-based tutoring business. Starter package cost $1,495 and the complete package cost $2,990. HTB has been featured in Woman’s World Magazine,, and Home Business Magazine.

International Tutoring Association offers membership that includes free training, certification, text-books, and other applicable amenities.

KinderSigns offers a home-based business opportunity program for baby sign language instructors. The premium kit with website costs $249, and basic course costs $89.

The Tutor House is a blog about starting your own home-based tutoring business. Contains tutoring ideas, business tips, articles, as well as an online shop with templates, e-books, organizers, and more.


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