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5 Ways to Start an Online Fashion Boutique for Free

5 Ways to Start an Online Fashion Boutique for FreeBy Holly Reisem Hanna

I’ve often daydreamed of owning my own fashion boutique … with piles of designer denim, trendy new tops, and stylish jewelry hanging from eclectic jewelry stands. But where do you begin? How do you become a wholesaler? And my gosh, what are the startup costs!?

For the majority of the population starting a brick and mortar fashion boutique is simply out of the question. But guess what? Technology has made it possible for you to open your own online fashion store. And better yet — you don’t need any experience or money to get started!

Check out these FREE business opportunities for fashion lovers!

Keaton Row

Is a FREE business platform that allows you to create personalized style books for women that you know. For each item that is purchased from your website or look books you’ll earn a commission. Besides your monthly sales commissions and incentives, stylists can earn trips, exclusive access to fashion shows, and additional cash bonuses. Stylists are given a free website, along with marketing tools and training opportunities. Payments are made via direct deposit. Keaton Row has been featured on Forbes, TechCrunch, and NY Mag.


NUMARI is a FREE online boutique that allows women to create custom tailored dresses and scarves. Style Ambassadors can earn 30% commission on all items sold, unlimited team commissions, and personal discounts on clothing. Clothing can be sold online or via in-home shopping parties. Their site doesn’t have a lot of details, so contact them for additional information.


Open an online store (FREE for Beta members) and make 40% commission on all items sold through your shop. Personalize your boutique and promote your fashion finds using the social media. Earnings are transferred on the 16th of each month to a Zindigo debit Master Card. Zindigo stores are created using Facebook Business Pages. They also have options where you can make 25% for sharing gift card offers with friends and you can earn 3% by referring others to the Zindigo platform. Zindigo has been featured on Mashable and Venture Beat.

Brick & Portal

With Brick and Portal you can build your very own online fashion boutique for FREE. Choose items for both men and women from a large variety of brands. For each item that you sell — you’ll earn points ($1,000 in sales = 1000 points). Points are converted into cash (100 points = 1 dollar). While this isn’t a lot of money, Brick & Portal is providing shopping data to brands and retailers, so they can identify influencers for further reviews and collaborations. Payment are made via check, direct deposit, and PayPal.

Lea Black

This opportunity is currently on hold, as they are restructuring their website. Stay tuned for additional details and a relaunch.

Is a FREE Facebook Boutique where you can sell skincare products, fashion jewelry, accessories, and glamorous handbags. With this platform you sign up for free on their site and then set up a Facebook Business Page. Once you’ve completed that step you’ll add the Lea Black store to your Facebook Page and sell products from there. On each product that you sell you’ll earn 20% commission. I couldn’t find any information on how payments are made or how often … in fact this opportunity is very new. However, Lea Black herself is a mother, wife, philanthropist, author, television personality, political fundraiser, entrepreneur, and reality show housewife — and she too sells these products through her own website.

These opportunities were free, but have since closed their doors or changed directions. If anything changes or new opportunities arise, I’ll let you know.

5 Ways to Start an Online Fashion Boutique for FreeKitsy Lane

Kitsy Lane won’t be restocking their boutiques with new jewelry. Instead they are transferring operations to their sister business, Chelsea Row. Unfortunately, this opportunity isn’t free.

Kitsy Lane is a FREE e-commerce platform that allows you to create and curate your own online jewelry and accessories boutique all at no cost, completely risk free. Customize your own online storefront, choose pieces you want to sell, give personal shopping advice, and promote fabulous finds across your social networks. Earn up to 25% in commission for every item you sell and earn additional commissions on sales from your team. Payments are made monthly via check and direct deposit. Kitsy Lane offers a free website, marketing materials, and training videos.

Style Owner

Sadly, Style Owner has closed their doors. I’ll keep you posted on other free opportunities I come across.

Is a FREE platform where you customize your online store, choose different items for your store (clothes, shoes, jewelry, skincare products, makeup, gift items, and more) and sell them online. For each product that is sold through your store front you’ll earn 10% commission. Featured retailers include Lord and Taylor, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Shoe Buy. Style Owner has been featured in InStyle, WSJ Blog, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Fast Company. I couldn’t find any information on when or how payments are made. To sign up request an invitation on the website or email with questions.

Check out this article for more FREE business ideas.

Remember, whatever business you decide to start you must have a passion for what you are doing. Without enthusiasm and excitement, you’ll likely become bored and ultimately it will fail. Just because it’s FREE doesn’t mean that it’s always a good fit.

Disclaimer: While all companies are believed to be legit, they have only been soft checked, meaning a quick search was completed to see if there were any negative reviews or ratings. As is always the case, you need to do your own due diligence (research the opportunity extensively) prior to enrolling in any business opportunity or applying for any job.


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29 Responses to “5 Ways to Start an Online Fashion Boutique for Free”

  1. 1
    Angie Nelson says:

    A few of these are new to me. I’ll definitely have to check them out. Thanks, Holly!

  2. 2
    Whitney says:

    I’m definitely gonna research Keaton Row, I have a fashion flair and I would love to represent women over 50. Wish me luck. BTW, you and Angie Nelson both rock!

  3. 3
    Danielle says:

    I’m going to look into these. I’ve been working from home for a while and I’ve been interested in opening an online boutique. I wan’t even aware of some of these on this list. Thanks a lot for this.

  4. 4
    Daphney Mokoena says:

    I like fashion and i also like working from home, i want to start my own fashion boutique but i dont have money to fulfill my dream. Thanks for the ippotunity Daphney

  5. 5
    Roxci says:

    Im out of America arnt there any more sites for non Americans. I love fashion…

  6. 6
    Chelle says:

    Hi I am interested in Keaton Row, but I see no where on their site to sign up to be a stylist. Great article by the way and extremely helpful!

  7. 7
    Rura says:

    iam in zimbabwe and would want to start my online boutique. Know of any that I can try?

  8. 8
    Zaini says:

    I am from pakistan guide me hw can i start my own boutique

  9. 9
    Josie says:

    Hi I have a brick and mortar retail store and I am trying to start a online store to help with the cost of owning a small business is there any one who can help. . Thank you Sencerly. . A broke mother/ business owner

  10. 10
    CeeCee says:

    All of these look relatively interesting. I started an online boutique a few months ago and things are going well so far. Of course, the expense was a bit more than I budgeted for but I’m certainly hoping it balances out and tips toward green in the future. I’ve learned so much, as it relates to fashion and hope to continue to do so

  11. 11
    CeeCee says:

    Thanks for sharing. I’m an online boutique owner and had no idea all these opportunities were out there. I must say after almost a year in its a lot of work and man hours but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

  12. 12
    Deepika says:

    Hii..i m vry much interested to open up my own online boutique.. could you plzz suggest me some good ideas on how to open an online boutique in india.??

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