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5 Companies That Can Help You Make Money By Designing T-Shirts

5 Companies That Can Help You Make Money By Designing T-ShirtsBy Kimi Clark

So you’ve thought of it … taking your design ideas and putting them out there for everyone to see.

But you have questions.

    • Does it cost a lot of money to get started?
    • Do I have to use my own designs?
    • Can I set my own prices?
    • Where will I sell my T-Shirts?
    • How much money can I earn?

Well you’re in luck, we have answers!

Below you’ll find 5 companies that can help you make money online designing T-Shirts.


Partnering with TeeSpring is like crowdfunding with T-Shirts! It’s 100% free to design your shirt. Simply use the online designer to create your product by either uploading your own design or using clip art from the site. You’ll have to set a sales goal or tipping point, which is the minimum you need to sell in order to have your shirts printed. Then share your campaign via email, your own website, or your favorite social media networks. Your customers won’t be charged unless your campaign reaches the tipping point. Once your campaign ends, shirts are printed and sent out and you’ll be sent a check for the profit.

There are many factors when figuring exactly how much you can earn with TeeSpring, and it varies depending on everything  from the text and design you use to your choice of t-shirt. Just so you can get an idea of possible earnings with TeeSpring, you can start with a basic shirt that costs $5.75 and add a design and text for a total cost of $7.40 per shirt. You can choose your retail price, but say you choose to sell your shirts for $12.00 each and have a goal of selling 50 shirts. That would give you a profit of $229. Of course the more shirts you sell, the higher your profit.


You can join Zazzle as a designer and upload and sell your artwork on t-shirts and many other products. Open a FREE designer store (you even get to choose your store name), choose a product to add your design to, and post your designs for sale. Zazzle has a large selection of  products: T-Shirts, coffee mugs, wall art, office supplies, electronics accessories, and much, much more! Even pillows and jewelry!

There are no upfront costs, and you set your royalty rates yourself that can be anywhere from 5% to 99%. Zazzle produces the products and ships everything directly to the customer.

Don’t have killer design skills? Become a Zazzle associate! Link and share your favorite shops and items made by others, and still earn a commission!

At Zazzle, t-shirts are priced a little higher right out of the gate, but you can still earn a decent profit, plus there isn’t a minimum amount you have to sell.

Again, there are many variables here. An example would be, you can create a simple design and the t-shirt will run you $19.95, then you set the percentage of your royalty rate. So if you choose a 20% royalty rate, your shirt will sell for $23.95, earning you a profit of $4.55 per shirt after the 24 cent transaction fee (which only applies when your royalty rate is set at 20% or above). Sell 50 shirts, earn about $227.


5 Companies That Can Help You Make Money By Designing T-ShirtsSpreadshirt allows you to upload a design to the Marketplace and sell to the Spreadshirt audience, or open your own online shop  for FREE and sell your designs directly to your target audience. You set  your own commissions. At Spreadshirt, accounts are free forever and you control your profit margin.

With  over 150 products for you to choose from  there’s sure to be something for everyone!

If you’ve got mad design skills, you can create your own designs and earn anywhere from $1.50 and up on each design sold (which means another creator purchases and uses your design on their product).

You can also create your own tees, either with your own designs or the designs of others. I created a simple t shirt that cost $14.20, then added a design for $4.50 so the cost to make the shirt was $18.70. At that point you can tack on your commission, basically whatever amount you’d like based on what your design is and what you think you can earn. I would stick around the same pricing as the other sites to stay competitive, so I chose a commission of $4.00 per shirt, bringing the selling price up to $22.70. Selling 50 shirts would net me a profit of $200 dollars.


At Skreened, it’s simple … create a shop, then create your shirt. (Note: They do have to approve your designs, which could take up to 24 hours).

They have a really great section of tips and tricks to help you with not only setting up your shop properly, but also with your promotion and marketing. Payment is via check or PayPal.

Skreened sets aside a portion of their profits for charities and fundraising campaigns, such as funding micro-loans through

With an environmentally friendly printing process and many of their garments made in the USA,  you can feel good partnering with Skreened to design your T-Shirts.

You can also set your own commission at Skreened, up to $10 per item, but they recommend $4.00 or under. So again, selling 50 shirts would  net you about $200 bucks.


See your artwork on t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, posters and bumper stickers. You can sell in the Cafepress Marketplace for free or set up your own branded online shop to sell on your own website for  anywhere from five to ten dollars a month, depending on the options you choose.

Big brands are also using Cafe Press, you’ll find the likes of ABC, Paramount, Sprout, and National Geographic among the shop owners.

Cafepress also offers crowdfunded custom t-shirts and apparel through their own platform, Tfund. There are no upfront costs, just design your product, create your campaign, set a goal, and sell t-shirts! Spread the word via email and social media and once you reach your goal,  collect your profits.

Selling through Tfund  allows you to create your own pricing as well, and the more you sell, the more you make. Prices vary to create a shirt depending on your design and text, but I created a simple shirt with text and a graphic and listed it for $20. You can earn profit even with as little as 10 shirts ($63.10) and selling 50 shirts would net a whopping $410! (And remember, that’s on a $20 shirt!) This seems to be a really great option if you’re looking to crowdfund.

Hopefully these 5 companies that can help you make money online designing t-shirts will offer you the inexpensive start up you need to make your t-shirt designing dreams a reality. Know of any other good t-shirt designing resources? Let us know in the comments!

Kimi Clark is a career stay at home mom turned writer and blogger for hire with a passion for business. She specializes in posts about writing, blogging and entrepreneurship, as well as all things parenting and motherhood. Owner & Founder of The Mom Shopping Network, you’ll find her there writing, hosting giveaways, and supporting moms in both their business and motherhood journey. She’s also a devoted wife and mother of four who loves the beach and her early morning coffee.

This page includes affiliate links. Please be aware that we only promote advertising from companies we feel we can legitimately recommend to our readers. Please see our disclosure policy for further information.

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20 Responses to “5 Companies That Can Help You Make Money By Designing T-Shirts”

  1. 1
    Judy Lee Thurber says:

    For t-shirts, Represent and Society6 are websites I’ve patronized.
    If one is doing other sorts of art, DeviantArt is a possibility for prints, mugs, mousepads and such.

    Thanks for an excellent article. I appreciate your research.

  2. 2
    Gunshi Saha says:

    I trust FreshMonk for selling custom t-shirts. Making money by designing t-shirts has become the latest fad, and this sudden interest is truly justified too, considering the profit and creative satisfaction this field provides.
    Thank you for this informative listicle!

  3. 3
    Victor says:

    Great list, but it has been rumored that Cafepress exploits its designers. In fact, a petition has been made in concern with their greediness.

  4. 4
    Ebon says:

    Question can i spread out my designs amongst all these sites

  5. 5
    Mrs Candelaria says:

    Thanks for this article! It is very informative & useful. I enjoy designing & crafting things, & I have been really thinking about tshirt designing. I have heard of & seen some of the sites mentioned but I never knew they provided these start-up opportunities. Wonderful ideas! :)

  6. 6
    Arissa says:

    You can also check out for cool t-shirt designs :)

    • 6.1
      Erin says:

      Please. No. This is spec work. This is anti-designer. Sites like 99Designs explout working creatives. No way to make a living there. Boycott.

    • 6.2
      Robert Pugh says:

      Absolutely avoid sites like 99 Designs. Like Erin said spec work (not paid unless your design wins contest against other “designers”), and anti-designer.

  7. 7
    Kerry says:

    Thanks for the great article! Just a few quick questions. So, is around $3.00-$4.00 a pretty reasonable royalty price? And, when I upload my designs, are they still my designs? …as in, I still have the rights to them?
    Thanks so much!!

  8. 8
    Tom Vann says:

    Holly, I would love to hear what you think of our site

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


  9. 9
    Hex says:

    Thank you so much for sharing all the reserch! Here are a few factors that are important to me as well.

    -Design placement range. I like to put my logo on the upper back, far enough up to clear a full back image. I think Cafe Press didn’t have the template for this, but Custom Ink did. Alas, Custom Ink has no plans for opening up personal stores.

    -Black shirt print quality. Cafe Press and Zazzle fell far behind on this one when I experimented.

    -Personal store name. I would love the ability to choose an easy to remember web domain, and even the ability to have category subdivisions.

    So far, I’ve been the most impressed with TeeSpring as far as design capabilities are concerned. I just wish Custom Ink would join this personal market trend!

  10. 10

    gReally a very nice post, Teespring is doing a great job its a great income opportunity to earn from tee income. Thanks for sharing your experiences here. Facebook advert. is a good way to get sales and good percentage of ROI

  11. 11
    Lola says:

    This is a stupid question but if you already have a design and everything for tee spring who prints out the shirts.

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