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Career Coach

By Holly Reisem Hanna

A Career/Life Coach is a person who been professional trained to help others develop their career or life goals.

A Career Coach may help an individual with such tasks as updating their resume, assisting them with a career transition or helping them find a career that they are passionate about. A Life Coach may assist an individual with relationships, techniques to create a work/life balance, and/or building self esteem.

Many training program only take a few months to complete, and they can cost as little as $900.00 and as much as $10,000.00. Career/Life Coach generally makes $50.00 – $200.00 per hour. Besides making a good income, Career and Life Coaches can work from home, and can specialize in variety areas, such as, time management, motivation, stress management, diet, weight loss, and numerous other areas.

If you have a desire to help others, are dependable, a good listener, and are non-judgmental, a career as a Career or Life Coach may be the perfect work at home job for you! Check out our resources and articles for more information about this work at home opportunity!


Career – Life Coach Resources

Assessment Generator - Great resource for coaches, you can build your own assessment tools, quizzes and coaching forms. They also offer free articles for coaches.

Business offers business coach training. Program is 4 days long and cost $9995.00 for the live training and $6995.00 for the live video training. They also have a business coach blog, forum, products and resources. Sign up for their free newsletter.

Career Coach Academy – Become a certified career coach. Program runs 15 weeks, must be able to devote 2 hours a week to a weekly phone class. Cost is $1995.00. Free newsletter and quiz: is coaching right for you?

Career Coach Institute – Become a certified career coach. Program is 12 weeks long and cost $1295.00. They also offer 3 monthly payments of $435.00. Read their blog or sign up for their free Career Coach News.

Career Trainer serves professionals in the career development fields. This site offers books, articles and assessments. Sign up for their free newsletter.

Certified Coaches Federation - Become a Certified Coach Practitioner (Life or Business) with their two day seminar for $979.00. If you register 28 days in advance you can save $100.00 off tuition. Sign up their free newsletter & receive a free copy of Healthy Wealthy and Wise by Derrick Sweet.

Coach Start offers tips and advice on how to accelerate your coaching practice. Manual costs $96.00. Sign up for their free e-zine, interactive quiz and reports.

Holistic Learning Center offers certification courses for life coaches and spiritual counselors that range from $2,950.00 – $13,640.00. Sign up for their free life coaching and spiritual counseling newsletter and quote of the week.

International Coach Academy offers 120 hours of training for $4,350.00, free newsletter & tips. Free Quiz: Is coaching right for you. Scholarship programs are available.

iPEC Coaching – Earn your Core Energy Coach Certification, the course is delivered over a 3 day weekend and follow-up tel-seminars. The cost for the course is $1,495.00. Read their blog or sign up for their free iNSPIRE newsletter.

The Ultimate Career Guide – Become a licensed Ultimate Career Consultant, course cost $4,500.00.


How to Become a Career Coach for Profit

By Randy Wilson

A career coach could be simply defined your job seeking partner. A career coach could be a career management coach, who helps you in managing your career or a career marketing coach, who helps you build contacts, posts your resumes, tries to find the best jobs for you and helps you secure the best jobs. He basically tries to market you effectively in the job market.


Start-up costs could be around $3000 with website hosting, a computer and other promotional materials included.

Financing Sources:

Banks are forefront in providing start up loans

Business loans from the government

Business organizations which will consider your initiative and possibly give you start up loans. Loans from government sponsored self employment programs are helpful to start up as well as develop your skills as a career coach.

Loans from venture capitalists and angel investors are also effective. Both will help you financially but expect a higher rate of return. The angel investor is personally interested in the growth of your business.

Pricing Guidelines for Service:

In today’s competitive job market, you have to price your service effectively be it career marketing or career management. Career coaches bill by the hour. Charges range from $50 to $200 an hour with an average of $100-150.

Advertising and Marketing Methods and Tips:

You can advertise in regional or national newspapers and even post ads in colleges and universities.

You could promote your ‘career coaching’ in social clubs, parties, get-togethers.

You could print and distribute your business cards.

You could write and distribute press releases locally or online which could include stories with ideas and advice which have worked for students and people in general with their career problems.

Equipment Needed:

Typical home personal computer with database software, word processing software and access to research sites through internet.

Income Potential:

Billing at the average of $100 per hour, working part-time you would earn from $8,000 and up. Full-time would be from $16,000 and up if you charged the industry average of $100 per hour.

Target Market:

There is a big market where there are a lot of people who are at a crossroads in their career. There are lot of teenagers and young people who make wrong career decisions without introspecting themselves and making a decision based on peer pressure and the ‘trends’ in the job market. A person who changes his or her career goals for whatever reason and is now uncertain about the ways to achieve success in that field, would need the services of a career coach. There are a lot of people who need support and motivation at every stage of their career be it an interview or during a promotion. Job search is a billion dollar industry.

Success Tips:

There are a lot of career coaches out there. To be different, upgrade your skills and focus on the entire personality development of the student or the person seeking career coaching. Groom him or her in etiquette, presentation and communication skills as well. Even if you charge a little bit extra, the person seeking your help will hugely benefit from your invaluable guidance.

© Copyright Randy Wilson, All Rights Reserved.

Randy has dozens of home based business articles such as Best Home Based Businesses and Batting Cages Business.

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Entering the Field

So you’re considering a career as a life, business or corporate coach, but wondering what’s the best way to enter the field?

Do I need to do a training course? Do I need to get accredited? Where will I get clients, and do I have what it takes?

Most coaches agree on the best way to begin a coaching career: Work with someone who already is a coach! Simple eh?

In other words, work a month or two with a Coach; someone who has already built the type of business or career you want to have, and who can then help you do the same.

Only faster and more efficiently!

Here are the key steps:

1. Interview 2-3 coaches to find out more about the career and lifestyle you would be getting into. They can tell you the good and the bad; how easy, or difficult it is, and …… how they got started.

2. Hire a coach and experience coaching for yourself. But don’t get coached on Becoming a Coach. Not just yet. Be coached on something else you want to achieve, or something you want to alter in your life. This will give you the best feel for whether or not this is the career for you.

It’s actually the best training you can get. Training from a live course, teleclass or book is great. But there’s no substitute for the experience of personally being coached, and seeing how an experienced coach moves you forward.

For a list of mentor coaches and links to their web pages, visit

3. Once you’ve decided to go ahead, consider professional coach training. This will give you resources, insights, tools and support. It will also help you to build your coach network; other coaches you can call on for help and advice. We’ll profile coach training schools in a later issue. For now, suffice it to say you should pick a school which has happy, successful coaches.

Do you require face to face training, or want the flexibility of teleclass (phone conference calls) training? And shop around – prices vary. For a list of training schools, visit

4. Work with a coach to build your practice. Some people skip Step 3 and jump straight to working with a coach to enter the industry. People in this category are usually those with existing transferable skills (e.g. counseling, or a lot of personal development training), or people short on cash, and wanting to generate some revenue from coaching before they invest in a proper training course. A coach can help you avoid common mistakes, and build your practice faster, and with less effort than you would on your own.

5. What business systems do you need in place? Where will you find clients? How will you keep your clients? And how do you keep your chin up when you lose three in one day!?

David Wood is a Professional Life Coach, and author of the powerful Free Download: ‘50 Life Coaching Questions to Take Control of Your Life and Help Your Clients‘. He helps coaches, consultants, speakers and trainers to build their businesses via his popular ebook: “10 Super Coaches Share Their Secrets” and his audio ebook: “Getting Your First 50 Clients“.

“David Wood is a personal and business coach, and an original founder of the International Coach Academy – a global coach training school”

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