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How to Find the Perfect Work-at-Home Job

How to Find the Perfect Work-at-Home JobBy Reelika Tiik

It is a dream of many moms to stay at home with their kids. Unfortunately, living on one income can be tough or sometimes even impossible. Therefore, moms are often looking for ways to make some extra money or earn even a full-time income from home.

Finding the perfect work-at-home job can be challenging, but it is definitely doable. Following these simple tips can help you on your way to finding your perfect work-at-home job.

Tip # 1 – Get Clear Whether You Need a Part or Full-time Job

Create a budget for your family and track your income and expenses. Discuss with your partner whether you need to find a full-time work-at-home job or you just want to make some extra cash. A good way to do it is to calculate the potential amount of income. Is your part-time income enough or do you need full-time income?

Tip # 2 – Brainstorm Your Passions and Skills

Write down all of the things you enjoy doing. These could be anything, including communicating with people, being online, writing, cooking, taking care of the kids, etc. Now underline those that you are most passionate about. Create another column for all of the skills you have. Remember, everyone has some kind of skills and skills can be developed as well. Maybe you are really good at helping people out or perhaps you have wonderful multitasking skills. Be very specific and take some time to brainstorm.

Tip # 3 – Be Specific about Your Job Schedule

What would your perfect work-at-home job look like? Do you see yourself working the entire day, a few days per week or a few hours per day?  Be specific whether you prefer setting your own schedule (perhaps even during early mornings or while kids are sleeping) or you have the flexibility to accommodate the hours that your customers need. Write down whether you prefer to have your kids with you while working (for instance opening a home daycare) or you would need to work when they are playing or sleeping. Be realistic about your plan.

Tip # 4 – Clarify Whether You Need a Temporary or a Long-term Job

It is not always easy to determine how long you are going to stay at home. However, do your best to estimate. Most likely you still have an idea whether you will stay at home for a few months or a few years.

It helps you better understand what your perfect work-at-home job should be. Temporary jobs don’t necessarily require that much extra time or any new skills. However, if you plan to stay at home for a few years and maybe even homeschool your children, you might want to think how to take your stay-at-home job to the next level. Or perhaps you would need to learn new or improve some specific skills. Some good examples include starting out with occasional babysitting and turning it into a home daycare. Also, many bloggers begin their career as freelance writers, but then turn their blog into a real online business. Both of these examples require much more work than just temporary customer service or freelance editing job.

Tip # 5 – Be Specific about Your Ideal Customers

You are in charge of deciding who you want to work with. First, look at the big picture. Do you prefer to work with your clients personally or would you rather do some work for any particular company? Now narrow it down. Do you prefer to work with children? Or maybe working with online customers is best suited for you, like being a virtual assistant, web designer, or a writer? Think about what works best with your personality and how many customers you are able to serve.

Tip # 6 – Do Your Research

One of the most important tips of at all: Make sure you do your homework about your potential work-at-home job and learn more what specific skills are needed. You need to research about the need for your service, ways to reach your customers, and the pay for your job. Also, look up different reviews of your competitors and compare customer opinions. One great way to learn some more is to type in the job you are looking for with “wanted.” This way you can easily end up on websites where people are already looking for your services!

Tip # 7 – Be Bold on the Job Market

Don’t be afraid if you are still new to your perfect job. Everyone has to start somewhere. The idea is to get started and to be determined. Network as much as possible with the industry influencers and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. If you don’t have that much experience yet, you could also consider taking on a few first customers for free and use this experience to establish yourself. Then you can start charging money and possibly have a couple of clients.

Working at home has so many benefits and can be a dream come true for you too. It will not only benefit you or your family, but also your customers who need your skills and/or product. Follow these seven tips to find your perfect work-at-home job and start living your dream!

Reelika Tiik is an entrepreneur and the founder of She provides inspiration, tools and resources to moms to better plan, budget and manage their finances without sacrificing the needs and dreams of their families. She will launch an Online Business Course “Start Your Business, Change the World!” soon. She holds a B.A. with honors in Economics and Business Administration and has worked in Fortune 500 company. You can also find her on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.

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